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Chapter 29: Rare Herbal Medicine Ingredient

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Su Yayan squinted after reading the message. She knew that this day would come ever since she decided to collect Likability through live streaming.

If something was rare, it would be valuable. The herbal medicine ingredients that she was holding onto were something ancient that had gone extinct. It was unavoidable that people would cast their covetous eyes on it.

She had always had a strong family background, and now she had someone as impressive as Huo Chenhuan as her fiancé. She was not afraid of these matters but she would not want to get into trouble either.

Su Yayan muttered out loud, “System, can you do something about personal information privacy”

[Yes. Dont worry, Host. System has already adjusted your personal information settings to be strictly private and confidential. Based on the technology in this world, you would not be able to inquire about your profile without the Hosts permission.]

Su Yayan set aside her worries. However, she could not just give away her things at any rate.

“I can give you the Chinese hawthorn, but youll have to send me your grandmas health report. Although the Chinese hawthorn can be made into meals, it is still a type of medicine. It cant be taken randomly and not everyone is suitable to consume it, as it varies from person to person. Ill need to understand your grandmas health condition to determine the right amount thats safe for her to consume. If theres anything wrong after she ate it, I wont be able to give a good explanation to your family.”

That person did not feel offended after reading Su Yayans reply. Instead, he thought that it was very responsible of Su Yayan to do so, and he was getting more and more convinced by her.

Earlier, due to his grandmothers loss of appetite, the family brought her for a body checkup. The health reports were kept properly by chance.

Su Yayan received the specific health report shortly and looked into the grandmothers health condition.

Referring to The Complete Book of Chinese Medicinal Cuisine, she was able to measure the right quantity and figure out necessary precautions. She sent the information together with the batch of Chinese hawthorns that she harnessed earlier over to the viewer.

Su Yayan let out a sigh of relief after finishing her work. A new message popped out before her at that moment.

Su Yayan took a glimpse of the messages content. Her eyes shone a little brighter while looking at her hard-earned Likability that had reached more than a thousand, and she already knew which herbal medicine ingredient to pick and redeem next.

The next day, Lan Jiaye received a parcel filled with red fruits. It looked like there was two to three jin (TN: jin means half a kilogram) of it. He was so happy that he could have run circles around his house yard barefoot carrying those two boxes.

Lan Minghan walked down from the stairs and saw his younger brother who had that overjoyed silly look. The corners of his mouth twitched a little, and he said reproachfully, “What on earth got you so happy this early in the morning”

Lan Jiaye did not take the words into his heart, but instead he carried the box of Chinese hawthorn toward him as if he was offering a treasure. “Brother, look at this. Guess what it is”

“Whats this Fruits”

“No, its a… a Chinese hawthorn, a type of Chinese herbal medicine. I asked one of my friends who had studied historical pharmacy, apparently the ancient earth had something like this. The traditional Chinese medicinal science died off as time went by, so most of the herbal medicine ingredients went extinct.”

“Extinct” Lan Minghan caught the point immediately. “How can it be here if it had already gone extinct You didnt…get scammed, right”

“No, no, no. Ive asked my friend, this is the real deal. As for why something thats supposedly extinct suddenly came out from nowhere, the host said she got it by coincidence. Its very limited, and she even asked me to use it sparingly.”

Lan Minghan narrowed his eyes and he finally realized what it meant. “This is the fruit that increased grandmas appetite How much did you pay for a box of this”


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