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Chapter 28: Supportive Skill

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While Su Yayan was on the way back after sending her loving breakfast boxed meal, she received notifications from the system. What surprised her was that she received more than one notification this time.

[Congratulations, Host. You have gained Likability 520. Current likeability: 1314. Your amount of likeability has reached the maximum, you may attempt to redeem herbal medicine ingredients. Please proceed to the mall for redemption.]

[Congratulations, Host. You have gained Conviction Points 1. You have acquired a supportive skill—knife skill. Please check the skills tree feature.]

“Conviction Points” Su Yayan was stunned for a moment. The system did mention something about Conviction Points, but it had never been triggered. There was no clue given on how to obtain the ability either. How did she suddenly obtain one of them

[Conviction Points—the appreciation that the missions target developed for the Host.]

“Appreciation Chenhuan was feeling grateful Is it because I prepared a meal for him” That was odd.

[Test results showed that the Conviction Points were not contributed by the Hosts fiancé. It was from the viewer with who the Host shared the Chinese medicinal cuisine.]

Su Yayans eyes were gleaming. “Do you mean, the Chinese medicinal cuisine that I made was a great help to the viewer who was worried about his elderly losing appetite”


“So that means I can gain Conviction Points by lending a hand to those in need to gain their appreciation What about supportive skills”

[Theoretically correct. Under the condition that the Host must use the given skills produced by the system to render assistance to those in need.]

Meaning that she could only use the skills given by the system to help others in order to gain Conviction Points. Shortcuts such as donating money or any other social welfare were not going to help.

[As for the supportive skill—the subtrees beside the main skills in the skills tree feature are the supportive skills of the main skill. It enables the Host to master the main skill.]

Su Yayan tapped on the skills tree feature immediately after listening to the explanation. The Chinese medicinal skill branched out to another subtree skill point that was shining, displaying the word—knife skill.

This supportive skill could be useful in preparing meals and would make the facilitating of herbal medicine ingredients much easier.

Su Yayans phone screen lit up while she was discussing this whole new ability thing with the system.

Tapped on the notification on the screen, she realized that it was a personal message from the viewer earlier.

[SickOfYouWhatYouGonnaDo: Host, your soup and porridge were amazing. My grandma is finally eating!]

Su Yayan could feel his excitement through the screen.

As if she was influenced by the viewers happiness, Su Yayan got into a better mood. She gave a slight smile and replied to the viewer. “Glad to hear.”

Not long after the message was sent, the viewer spammed a few thank you image macros, making her feel a bit embarrassed.

Then, he finally went down to business, stating the purpose of messaging Su Yayan.

[SickOfYouWhatYouGonnaDo: Host, the issue was that my grandmother, whos getting old, has a poor appetite. This time was the worst case so far. Despite that, she ate an extra bowl of rice during lunch after drinking your Chinese hawthorn and crucian carp soup. Even though it was just a small bowl, my family members were so happy.]

[SickOfYouWhatYouGonnaDo: Well, I did some research but it seems like theres no Chinese hawthorn available on the market. Do you have some extra Can we… Of course, were not taking it for free. Name your price, we wont negotiate.]

He sent over an image macro of a kid begging with the wordsplease to her, which certainly did look pretty pitiful.


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