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Chapter 27: A Tricky Question

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Ziyan took a deep breath, trying to maintain his smile. “Is there a problem”

“Id like to consult someone who has experience being in a relationship. I have some questions about problems that arise between couples.”

Yu Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly and answered with a hint of disdain, “If thats the problem, I could help a little.”

“You” Huo Chenhuan turned and shot him a glance, his eyes showing how much he wanted answers.

“…” Yu Ziyan fell silent.Young Master, why are you doubting me Why would I lie to you Theres no one who never took a stab at relationships when they were young, you know!

“Cough. Although I dont have one now, I was in a few relationships before. Well, I assume thats some kind of experience.”

Yu Ziyan emphasized the word—a few, which attracted Dun Duns attention while it was busy eating.

It was as if it was saying that he was such a jerk.

“!!!”Dont tell me this dog is unexpectedly smart.

Huo Chenhuan certainly did not notice that the human and dog were exchanging glances. He kept quiet for a while after what Yu Ziyan said, then he began speaking. “She called medaddy the day before, and the soup she made for me I was told that its made for the elderlies. Still, she told me that Im… cute. Do you have any idea what does she mean”

Yu Ziyan was momentarily stunned when he heard that.Daddy The future Young Mistress called him daddy Thats thrilling.

He had a feeling that the young master might not actually be looking for answers, but just had the intention of showing off how lovey-dovey they were!

Yu Ziyan, who had a lot going on in his mind, was stunned for a few seconds. He was unable to react immediately after Huo Chenhuan finished his words.

When he came back to his senses, he met Huo Chenhuans cold stare.

He shivered and replied instantly. “Young master, I think you couldve misunderstood what she meant by calling youdaddy.”


“You see, theres this trendy slang term among the young people nowadays, its calledsugar daddy. This refers to wealthy older men who offer financial or material support to a younger companion.”

“Sugar daddy” Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes.Does that mean shes hinting to him that hell have to support her for the rest of her life”

If that was what she meant, he would be happy to oblige.

Yu Ziyan took a glimpse at Huo Chenhuans facial expression. He could feel the chill seeping down his spine and he moved his gaze away immediately.

It seems like hes planning something evil!

“So, she might have called youdaddy for fun, or she was just joking around. As for the elderly that she mentioned, it could be that she was just talking off the top of her head. Thats all.”

“Fine.” Huo Chenhuan nodded after listening to Yu Ziyans explanation.

“Love is blind. Thats probably why she said youre cute.”The future Young Mistress must be blind if she thinks the Young Master is cute.

“Love is blind” Huo Chenhuans eyes narrowed even more dangerously, and he sneered. “Youre saying that Im not cute”

“!!!”What a tricky question!

No, the Young Master would never ask something like that. Such a drastic change of personality after being in a relationship with the Young Mistress!

As if he could tell what Yu Ziyan was thinking, the disdain in Huo Chenhuans eyes was getting more and more obvious and he uttered significantly, “No wonder…”

So that was why hes still single after having a few relationships. Who would fall for someone as uninteresting as you

The way Huo Chenhuan showed his unreserved contempt toward Yu Ziyan made his whole body stiffen. Being a single man, his heart of glass was shattered into countless pieces.

When it comes to professional business, no personal attacks are allowed!


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