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Chapter 25: Best Porridge Ive Ever Had

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Su Yayan blinked once and gave an incredulous look similar to Yu Ziyans. She replied, “Why would you think so Did someone tell you something”

There was no way Huo Chenhuan was going to admit that he was feeling upset when he heard Su Yayans words during her livestream. He pursed his lips together and said in a soft tone, “Im considered an elder in my family.”

Before this, regardless if it was Su Yayan or her brother, those from that generation would have to address him as uncle.

Su Yayan immediately understood what the crux of the problem was and could not hold back her laughter. “Being an elder doesnt mean that youre old. I have a grand-uncle who is only 8 years old from my maternal family. Hes like a monkey running up and down with his runny nose. I dare you to say hes old with a straight face, and you can bet that hell be crying and running back home to tell on you to the old folk.”

Huo Chenhuan was momentarily stunned. He imagined that scene subconsciously and a glimmer of a smile formed in his eyes.

Su Yayan noticed the change in his expression, and the outsiders comments about him crossed her mind. She could guess what was weighing on his mind, so she took his hands and said, “Youre not old. Instead, I think youre… charming.”

He was bold and confident in front of others, steady and firm with his words. However, he behaved rather attentively before her, and sometimes he fussed about trifling matters.

Su Yayan did not dislike his inconsistent persona. Instead, the way she was being given special attention made her rejoice secretly.

Huo Chenhuans heart skipped a beat when he heard what Su Yayan said. Even though there were no changes in his facial expression, his ears were blushing red.

The amused glint in Su Yayans eyes grew more and more obvious as she looked at him. “Fine, lets not talk about this. Hurry up and let me have a taste of your soup and porridge. Its getting cold.”

After watching her livestream, Huo Chenhuan was extremely curious about the two cuisines that Su Yayan had made.

“Have some soup first. Its appetizing, go on and try it.”

Huo Chenhuan nodded and he accepted the small bowl of soup Su Yayan was handing over to him, and took a sip.

“How is it Does it suit your palate” Su Yayan was staring at Huo Chenhuan with an uneasy and curious expression, similar to how Dun Dun looked when he was asking for food this morning.

A small smile appeared on Huo Chenhuans face. “Its good.”

It was exactly like what Su Yayan mentioned during the livestream. Because of the Chinese hawthorn, there was a hint of sourness in the soup. The subtle savor of sourness mixing with the sweetness of the Chinese water chestnut lessened their taste but it emphasized the carps flavor.

The smell was slightly piercing. Still, it tasted unexpectedly mild in the mouth. It was fresh and sweet, making him yearn for more of it.

“Drink more if you like it. Heres some porridge as well, its good for your health. Youve been working day and night lately. You should replenish your body.”

Huo Chenhuan shot a glance at Su Yayan after finishing his bowl of soup as if he had relished it to the last drop. Then he tucked into the porridge.

Because of the fishy smell and the texture of the pork liver, Huo Chenhuan would usually never have eaten a dish with it.

However, the porridge that Su Yayan brought for him did not have that fishy smell. The pork liver was fresh and tender, it was completely unlike his impression of it.

“Is it good”

Huo Chenhuan was deep in thought and snapped back to his senses when he heard Su Yayans voice. Realizing that he had already finished eating the bowl of porridge, his face flushed a little, a little embarrassed. “Delicious, its the best porridge Ive ever had.”

Su Yayans eyes were gleaming, and she replied in a cheerful tone, “Im glad that you like it. I can make more for you next time. Other recipes too, of course. Ill make sure that youve never had anything like it before.”


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