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Chapter 24: Youre Cute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Chenhuan was blissfully unaware that he was drawing the ire of his future brother-in-law. Currently, he was keeping an eye on the livestream until the very last image. His expression was especially somber.

This random b*stard came out of nowhere and asked for a portion of his fiancés lovingly crafted lunch box that was specially made for him.

Huo Chenhuan was infuriated to the point of almost coughing up blood in his heart. He dearly wished he could crawl along the network cable to snatch the shared portion back.

He even briefly thought of shutting down the livestream platform and hiding Su Yayan somewhere to stop anyone else from seeing her again, let alone think of interacting with her.

Deep down, Huo Chenhuan knew that it was wrong to do so, Su Yayan would not be happy if he did such a thing.

It took some time to suppress his anger and Huo Chenhuans facial expression managed to return to normal. He spoke coldly, “Whos the owner of this livestream platform I want a sales and purchase agreement for this platform ready on my table by this afternoon.”

Yu Ziyan wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and replied awkwardly. “Young Master, this platform belongs to you. I was assigned to manage it earlier.”

So as time went by, he had already forgotten that he owned this platform

Huo Chenhuan fell silent for a moment before speaking in a strict manner, “Send someone to propose an upscale contract and sign her up at all costs. Youll be assigned to be her PR agent. Dont let anyone depreciate her.”

Yu Ziyans eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets. Him, become a website manager to be responsible for a new host who just signed up Would such a petty job not be a complete waste of his talents

Im afraid that this new host will probably get pushed to the moon.

Incidentally, is the Young Master planning to keep his mistress tucked away in his luxurious abode Didnt he just recently get engaged with the love of his life who he had a crush on for years

Its only been two days, and he has his eyes on another girl Why didnt I realize the Young master was such a flirtatious man

“Something wrong”

“No… Not at all.”

Huo Chenhuan scanned Yu Ziyan thoroughly with his fierce eyes. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, realizing that he had overstepped.

It doesnt matter what Huo Chenhuan thinks about this female host, it wasnt something followers like him should interfere with.

“I will ask someone to propose an agreement and contact her shortly.”

Huo Chenhuans facial expression lightened considerably. He thought deeply for a moment, then something came into his mind. “Create a new account for me.”


“Let me be her livestream administrator.”

“!!!” Who exactly was this girl She was already getting so much favor and support from the Young Master, and now he was even assigning himself to be her livestream admin personally!

Yu Ziyans question was instantly answered as the mysterious girl who amazed him rushed into the room hurriedly.

“Mr. Gu told me that youre not getting enough rest these days and youve been losing your appetite. I made this for you, although Im not sure if you like it or not.”

Huo Chenhuan stared at Su Yayan holding the familiar-looking lunch box. His eyes were flickering with exhilaration.

When he heard what she said his eyebrows creased again. “Just call him by his name.”


“…” Damn it, why did it have to sound so affectionate!

Huo Chenhuans face darkened. By stressing each syllable, he spoke in a serious tone. “Call him Gu Shaoyang.”

Su Yayan was stunned for a few seconds, then she finally realized that the man before her eyes was jealous of the way she was addressing someone else. She could not hold back her laughter and said, “Youre cute.”

Cute This time, it was Huo Chenhuans turn to stagger.Is she calling me cute Can someone this old still be called cute

Huo Chenhuan paused for quite a while, and eventually he decided to ask the question that had been troubling him for two days. “Do you think Im old”


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