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Chapter 22: Am I Old

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[The carp smells delicious. I wonder if it tastes as good as it smells. Host, youre being unfair. How can you only turn on the scent simulator, but not the taste simulator This aroma is making the kid next door cry out for food!]

[I take back what I said. Even if most livestream hosts are nothing but empty talk, at least her culinary skills are good. Im subscribing.]

Su Yayan shot a glance at the growing number of comments across the screen. The corners of her lips twitched slightly as she poured the porridge into the thermos lunch box.

“Chinese wolfberry leaves can help with restoring body deficiencies and improving eyesight. The wolfberry itself nourishes the liver, kidney, and lungs. It is perfect for those who have kidney or liver deficiency and the little cuties with poor night vision. However, those with high blood pressure are not advised to take this pork liver porridge. Pork liver acts as a liver tonic and nourishes the blood. Eating too much of it is harmful to those who have high blood pressure. Please take note, my friends whose family members have high blood pressure, and try to have them avoid eating this.]

“Chinese hawthorn and carp is beneficial to the pyretic tonification of the spleen and stomach, improves the appetite, and encourages digestion. The sweet-and-sour taste it carries is suitable for elderlies whose sense of taste has degenerated, or those who have digestion and breathing problems. However, theres something you should pay attention to. Pregnant women are advised not to make this dish, as it could harm the fetus. Medicinal cuisine acts differently compared to nutrient fluid, as it pays particular attention to a certain deficiency of the body and replenishes it. By all means, dont eat it.]


Huo Chenhuan, who had been watching the livestream since the beginning, felt like his head had been busted open by those words that popped out so abruptly.

Last night, Su Yayan had called himdaddy, and now she was calling him an old man Is he that old in her mind…!

Extremely upset, Huo Chenhuan did something he would never have done before.

He opened his phone camera, and moved the front camera near to his face, checking his facial appearance in detail.

Yu Ziyan, who had hitherto been standing at one side, was extremely terrified when he saw this scene. A rather disrespectful thought crept into his mind.

Has the Young master been possessed…


Yu Ziyans mind was wandering off with all sorts of imaginations when he suddenly heard his name being called. He was frightened to the extent that a shiver ran down his spine as he replied, “Yes, Young Master”

“Am I old”

Old Yu Ziyan almost thought that he was hearing things because of his nervousness.

Huo Chenhuan looked like he was in his twenties, his face filled with collagen, enough to be seen as a youthful man. He had a nagging suspicion that the young master might be indirectly mocking him for being older than him.

“Young master, why would you think so As the saying goes, one establishes oneself at the age of thirty. Youre only in your twenties, so you cant be considered old, right”

Establishing oneself at the age of thirty Huo Chenhuan shot a glance at Ziyan and said coldly, “Im not there yet.”

Yu Ziyan, “…” He was still the young master that he was familiar with. But somehow, today he seemed a hundred times more frightening than usual! QAQ

Su Yayan had no idea that the few sentences of explanations had caused Huo Chenhuan to misunderstand her.

She packed the two Chinese medicinal cuisines and planned to end her livestream for the day. However, she suddenly saw a glittering comment flying across the screen.

[Host, does this really help with stimulating appetite I have an elderly family member who has been losing appetite lately. My family members are anxious. If your Chinese medicinal cuisine can build up his appetite, can you please kindly share some of it with me Im willing to pay.]

As if the viewer was worried that Su Yayan would miss his comment, he sent a few more continuously. After that, he went to the gifts feature of the stream and started sending virtual gifts—dozens of big diamonds to her.

Although a diamond cost only a hundred Chinese Yuan, it was the most expensive virtual gift for live streamers who have yet to sign any contract with the platform.

This person sent dozens of gifts each time, and every little makes a mickle. It did not take long for the overall value to snowball into a considerable sum.


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