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Chapter 21: Brag about Skills

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Although there were not many viewers, it was a good start nonetheless.

Feeling refreshed, Su Yayan started to answer the livestream viewers questions patiently. “This bowl of red fruit Im holding now is Chinese hawthorn. Its not just a fruit but also a kind of herbal medicine ingredient. Fresh Chinese hawthorn can be eaten raw. But after leaving them under the sun, they can be used as medicine instead. It has a miraculous effect in stimulating ones appetite and encouraging digestion.”

A few queries popped up on the screen right after Su Yayan finished explaining.

[For real Its both a fruit and a type of herbal medicine ingredient Sure youre not pulling our leg, host]

[You can never be sure. Live streamers these days only know how to howl and brag about skills. Only a handful have real knowledge and ability. Im leaving.]

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes as he read the livestream real-time comments flying across the screen. His facial expression was so dark that Yu Ziyan trembled with terror just by looking at him.

“Chestnuts arent chests, theyre a type of nut. This bowl of white fruits is full of chestnuts. Its named as such because of the ancient Earths dialect. The fruit has a crunchy sweet texture and its great at stimulating appetite and facilitating digestion.”

Su Yayan ignored the skeptical queries on the screen. She continued explaining as she added the Chinese hawthorn and water chestnuts into a pot, brought the mixture to a boil, then reduced to low heat and let it simmer. At the same time, she grabbed the frying pan and started to fry the carp fish.

“Fry the carp before adding it into the soup. This is to prevent the fish from breaking down in the soup. It tastes better this way too. It wont take long, just fry until both sides are evenly golden, and set it aside.”

After Su Yayan started frying the carp, the queries on the Livestream were suddenly slowing down. A bunch of new viewers came flooding into the livestream.

Frying a fish required great skill. A carp could be easily overcooked by a slight oversight. Instead, Su Yayans fried carp was golden bright after she set it aside. It looked very appetizing.

[The hosts culinary skills seem pretty good. Well, dont you add shredded ginger to improve the flavor Fuping dada always adds shredded ginger whenever shes cooking fish during her streams.]

Su Yayan was startled for a moment after she read the comment.Isnt this Fuping referring to Wen Jingpings Livestream platforms ID

“Adding in shredded ginger does improve the flavor, but the Chinese hawthorn already has the same effect. So theres no need to add ginger.”

Su Yayan added the carp into the soup pot, covered it up, and let it simmer. She took out a casserole pot at the same time.

“While waiting for the fish soup to be done, lets make another dish—Chinese wolfberry pork liver porridge. The main ingredients are Chinese wolfberry leaves, Chinese wolfberry, and pork liver.”

Su Yayan explained as she cooked the rice and Chinese wolfberry in the casserole pot dexterously. She sprinkled some shredded ginger then strained the pork liver with water to remove the impurities.

When the rice was steaming in the casserole pot, she added in the pork liver and wolfberry leaves and let it simmer until the liver was fully cooked.

Su Yayan took some time to add some seasonings into the fish soup during the process.

As time went by, the aroma of herbal medicine began spreading through the air. Dozens of chowhound viewers were drawn to the livestream.

The number of viewers entering the livestream was finally growing modestly. The viewer count skyrocketed to its peak the moment Su Yayan lifted the pot covers.

[Oh my. Whats this aroma It smells delicious!]

[This smells awesome! Unlike other culinary livestreams that just have a generic fragrant smell, this one has a trace of bitterness, sourness, and a tint of sweetness. Theres such a weird mix of aromas, the more I smell, the more excited I get. I cant help myself!]


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