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Chapter 20: First Livestream

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan kept her cool as she put her love on full display and took out some of the ingredients that she needed today, before doing some simple preparations.

Only then did she start the livestream. She pointed the camera at her hands to make sure her face would not be in the video.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Yanyans Kitchen. Im your host, Yanyan. Today, Im going to show you guys two Chinese medicinal dishes. Chinese medicinal cuisine is about combining herbal medicine ingredients used in Chinese medicine which can cure diseases, and natural ingredients to satisfy the bodys appetite and nourish the body.”

Yu Ziyan is the main person in charge of the livestreaming platform called Onlooker. The platform emerged only three years ago and had gotten a lot of high-profile livestreamers.

From being an unknown small platform, it was now a new and upcoming platform that was close to catching up with the bigger livestreaming platforms.

Recently, a girl started livestreaming on Onlooker livestreams food section who specialized in natural food. After less than a few months of work, she managed to attract a lot of food fans and drew in countless foreign livestreamers who saw the benefits of joining the food section, which greatly made up for the shortcomings of the food section previously.

However, most of those people were cheaters, liars, or scammers. There were not many livestreamers who had true skill and genuine knowledge to push the app to greater heights.

That day, Yu Ziyan slacked off during his shift and opened his app. He wanted to see if there were any unnoticed talents in the food section.

When he turned the app on, coincidentally, Su Yayan was livestreaming at that time and he saw hers.

Chinese medicinal cuisine Whats that Is it food

His curiosity piqued, Yu Ziyan clicked on the livestream and heard Su Yayans introduction.

Before he had time to make any comment on it, he heard his bosss cold questioning coming from behind him. “What are you watching”

Yu Ziyan was startled and felt a wave of inexplicable guilt for being caught slacking during work. “Young Master, when did you come down”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at him faintly and repeated his question. “What were you watching”

Yu Ziyans hand that was holding his phone was a little stiff. “I was just... I was watching a livestream.”

“A livestream” Huo Chenhuans eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Give it to me.”

Yu Ziyan looked at the hand that was stretched out in front of him. His heart was shaking.Is Young Master going to break my phone!

Even though it was painful, Yu Ziyan still respectfully handed over his phone in the end.

When Huo Chenhuan heard the womans voice in the beginning, he vaguely suspected that it was her, but when he saw her hands on the livestream, he was immediately sure that it was her.

The person doing the livestream was Su Yayan!

Before Huo Chenhuan formed any thoughts, Su Yayan smiled faintly and he heard her say, “Because recently one of my family members has been busy at work and has been staying up late, so his liver is quite heaty. He also has a poor appetite and wont eat much, so today I want to make two Chinese medicinal dishes to help with this problem.”

Huo Chenhuan was stunned and subconsciously thought of the messages Su Yayan had sent him yesterday.By family member, does she mean… me

“First, lets make this Chinese hawthorn and crucian carp soup. The main ingredients are Chinese hawthorn, crucian carp, and Chinese water chestnut.”

[Hey, new host. Why dont you show your face]

[Chinese medicinal cuisine Whats that Ive never heard of it. Why do weird stuff keep getting into the food section lately]

[Whats Chinese hawthorn Whats a Chinese water chestnut I didnt know you can eat chests. Is this some kind of obscure cuisine and the host is deliberately trying to be unconventional]

When Su Yayan saw the few comments popping up during the live stream, she realized that more than ten people were watching her live stream.


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