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Chapter 19: As Silly As Its Master

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Huo Chenhuan, who had lived for more than twenty years and had only had his first kiss a short while ago, faced the fierce attack from his fiancee that tore his armor asunder. He threw his arms up in surrender in just a few moments.

Huo Chenhuan took several deep breaths before he could calm his thumping heart that was beating rapidly and gave Su Yayan a serious response.

Huo: [Ill take good care of it.]

When Su Yayan saw the implication in his reply, she could not stop smiling like a loon.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [I heard from the people around you that youve been busy with work lately and staying up late a lot, so your appetite isnt very good. Although work is important, your health is also very important. You have to remember that youre not just living for yourself now, so you need to take good care of your body so that we can stay together for a long, long time…

Huo Chenhuan had not received such earnest, painstaking, and long-winded advice and care for many years ever since his father passed away.

Especially the last few words, when she said a long, long time. It was a tempting phrase that immediately made Huo Chenhuans mind collapse and he could not say anything else except the word okay.

When Su Yayan saw Huo Chenhuan obediently agreeing, she did not continue to harass him because she remembered that she was going to meet him tomorrow.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Then I wont bother you anymore. Get your work done earlier so that you can rest, okay Youre not allowed to stay up late.]

Even though it sounded like a command, it was quite sweet nonetheless.

Huo: [Okay.]

She did not know that the moment she ended the conversation, Huo Chenhuans face became contorted.

His straight, long, and narrow eyes shivered after realizing he had gotten everything he had ever wanted. His eyes were filled with the joy of lovers savoring each other, the not-so-definite sense of guilt, as well as the almost insane determination to have it!

“I offered you a chance, and since you chose me, youll never be able to run away from me again in this life!”

His loss of control over his emotions more or less affected Huo Chenhuans hand movements.

Dun Dun, who was in his arms, moved uncomfortably but was not frightened by the humans terrifying appearance. Instead, it was as if it sensed his emotions.

It took the initiative and stuck out its tongue, carefully licked his fingertips, and hoped that it would make the man happy.

When Huo Chenhuan froze for a moment and looked at the little doggie with the same look of trust as Su Yayan had, the expression on his face gradually softened.

He reached out and rubbed Dun Duns fleshy butt. He scolded lovingly and said, “Silly thing. Youre just as silly as your master.”

Even though she knew being with him would spell danger, she still proceeded without hesitation and dove headfirst. He would not be able to drive her away even if he tried, and she did not try to run away either. If that was not the definition of being silly, then what was

“But its okay, Ill protect you guys.”Ill never let any of you get hurt, including myself!

When Su Yayan woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was check the herbal medicine ingredients that she planted last night.

Unsurprisingly, she saw the icon of the herbal medicine ingredients that indicated it was ready for harvest. When she collected them, she was even able to choose whether to collect them fresh or dehydrate them, which would save her a lot of work and was very convenient.

After harvesting all the herbal medicine ingredients, Su Yayan stowed them away, sowed a batch of new seeds, and went downstairs with great enthusiasm.

At that moment, Mr. and Mrs. Su had already left after having their breakfast and there was no one downstairs.

Su Yayan politely declined her house cook, Aunt Lis offer to prepare breakfast for her, and went into the kitchen.

When Aunt Li heard that Su Yayan was going to cook, she tried to stop her, but when Su Yayan told her that she wanted to cook a meal for her fiance, Aunt Li understood and did not stop her anymore.

She led Su Yayan into the kitchen with a faint smile on her face while she silently sighed in her heart. She was thinking about how young people nowadays were really sweet when they fell in love.


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