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Chapter 18: I Left My Heart With You

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The corners of Su Yayans lips twitched slightly and she was just about to send an exasperated ellipsis when Huo Chenhuans face appeared in her mind. He must be sitting in his wheelchair seriously, trying his best to cater to her playful and cute image macros.

At that moment, she could not hold back and snorted.

Fine, since you work so hard to cater to me, Ill let you off.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [heartfingersfordaddy.jpg]

Daddy Hu Chenhuans hand that was holding his phone suddenly froze.Am I that old!!!

Su Yayan did not know what kind of impact she gave Huo Chenhuan by sending the image macros. After the initial banter, she took the initiative to change the topic and continue the conversation.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Are you done with your work Am I disturbing you by messaging you right now]

Huo: [Im done with work. Youre not disturbing me.]

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [How is Dun Dun doing Is it well-behaved today Did it give you trouble]

Huo: [Yes, its doing fine. It was well-behaved and did not trouble me.]

Su Yayan, “...”Im about to die from carrying the weight of this conversation with his business-like straight man replies.

Huo Chenhuan also seemed to realize that there was something wrong with the tone of his reply, so he hurriedly sent another one over.

Huo: [It was very well-behaved. It didnt give me any trouble when it was playing or eating. Dun Dun is very cute.]

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Do you think Dun Duns cuter or am I openupmybig Carslaneyes.jpg] (TN: a meme for a Carslan mascara ad tagline.)

Huo Chenhuan was slightly stunned and his face was once again uncontrollably flustered and red.

Huo: [Youre cuter. Youre the cutest!]

She could feel a particular persons thirst for life through the screen. Su Yayan cried out loud and rolled her face onto the soft quilt, rolling back and forth on the bed several times.

When the heat on her face cooled down a bit, she picked up her phone again and typed away cheerfully.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Can you take a picture of the Dun Dun for me It would be better if the view is from the back.]

The dogs picture Huo Chenhuan looked around but did not see Dun Dun anywhere.

After he hesitated for a moment, he tentatively called out, “Dun Dun”

Dun Dun, who had been hiding behind the curtain and clawing at the flowers and butterflies on it, immediately rushed out and scuttled toward Hu Chenhuan when it heard its name.

From a distance, Huo Chenhuan could see the badonk on its back. It was hard to tell whether it was flesh or fur as it shook side to side. He had to admit, it did look quite… cute.

Huo Chenhuan coughed lightly and raised his phone to take a picture of it.

It was as if Dun Dun recognized the thing in his hand. It thought Huo Chenhuan wanted to play with it, so it kept circling around his feet and looked at him eagerly.

When Huo Chenhuan moved, Dun Dun also followed. The man and the dog turned around in circles several times on the same spot.

Finally, Huo Chenhuan ran out of patience and scooped the silly little doggie into his arms, taking a picture of his little fleshy butt.

Su Yayan looked at the familiar peachy little buttocks on the image and the corners of her lips rose slightly.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Did you know why I put the Dun Dun at your place]

Huo: [Why]

Su Yayan replied with an image. The image was the same picture that Huo Chenhuan had sent her not long ago.

The difference was that the outline of Dun Duns little butt was traced in red and the whole thing looked like a heart shape.

The big heart was followed by a long string of smaller hearts, which were captioned: [The little hearts are for you~]

When Huo Chenhuan looked at the picture, his pupils dilated slightly, as if he instantly understood the meaning the picture was conveying.

...Why did she put the dog in his place

...Because she left her heart with him.


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