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Chapter 17: Old Man Image Macros

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Su Yayan furrowed her eyebrows slightly and conjured a plan in her heart.

Gu Shaoyang waited for a long time but still did not get a reply from her. He let out his sigh of relief, but at the same time, he was at a loss.

Does Ms. Su like Young Master or not

Su Yayan returned home and planted the three types of herbal medicine ingredients on the

fifteen pieces of plots in the system.

After ensuring that she could harvest a batch of ingredients by tomorrow morning, she took out some seeds and scattered them in the garden in her yard.

After she did all of that, it was already getting dark.

Su Yayan checked the time and planned it out. She quickly ate her dinner and ran back to her room to harass Huo Chenhuan.

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [Are you there kitterollinganxiously.jpg]

When Huo Chenhuan saw her rather straightforward ID, a faint red hue appeared on his pale and sickly face that never saw much light due to his physical condition.

Huo: [Whats wrong]

YanYanWhoLovesYouTheMostInThisWorld: [I miss you. smallbearbeggingforahug.jpg]

Somehow, when he looked at the picture, Huo Chenhuans first thought was of the time Su Yayan crouched beside his wheelchair and looked at him.

Subconsciously, he wanted to reply with a hug picture, but he realized that he was an old man that never chatted with non-staff members, so he did not have any image macros!

While scrolling through his phone, Huo Chenhuans hand froze and he clicked onto another chat.


Yu Ziyan, who was sitting opposite Gu Shaoyang, pulled up the tablecloth quickly and swiftly to block it, but he still could not escape the disaster.

“Gu! Shao! Yang!”

Gu Shaoyang clutched his chest and apologized with some difficulty. “Cough cough cough. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I just couldnt believe what Im seeing. Young Master actually... asked me to send him image macros.”

“Image macros” Zuo Yanbai and Yu Ziyan glanced at each other at the same time. “Did someone steal his phone”

“Thats possible.” Gu Shaoyang nodded in agreement and warily replied, “Young Master Is that you”

Huo: [Heh]

Gu Shaoyang stood up immediately. “Look! His phone wasnt stolen. Im sure its Young Master!”

The other two, “...”

“What do I do now”

“If the Young Master tells you to send something, then send it to him. He must have his reasons. Dont ask so many questions.”

When Gu Shaoyang heard what he said, he thought that it made sense, so he sent all the image macros that he had all at once.

However, Gu Shaoyang completely forgot that in his hundreds of image macros, he had a few particularly idiotic and eye-watering ones.

When Huo Chenhuan heard his phone vibrating continuously, he knew that he was getting his image macros, so he hurriedly returned to his chat with Gu Shaoyang.

Unexpectedly, the next image macro that came into view was a gigantic, muscular, bronze spray-tanned bodybuilder barbie wearing a lace outfit, waving a small handkerchief, looking like a brothel madame as she posed seductively. A colorful line of words flashed on the side that said, “Come here, come here~”.

Below that image macro was a picture of a cartoon character with its face on the ground after pretending to have a bad fall. “Baby fell down. Ill only get up if you give me kissy, huggy, and uppy (throwing the kid high up in the air)~”

“...” The person who was usually quite reliable turned out to be like that sort of person in private.

Huo Chenhuans eyebrows trembled slightly. After searching through for a long time, he finally found a normal one out of the hundred or so image macros and sent it to Su Yayan.

Su Yayan did not receive a reply from him for a long time and started to get a little worried that she was too direct and scared him off.

When she was thinking about whether to take the initiative to say something else to make up for it, an image popped up in the chat.

It was a middle-aged man in his early forties holding his five or six-year-old daughter up high with the words kissy, huggy, uppy~

Su Yayan, “...”What kind of stereotypical old man image macros is this


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