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Chapter 16: The Misery of Poverty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Herbal medicine ingredients The plants on these three cards are herbal medicine ingredients”

[Yes. Tests revealed that these three herbal medicine ingredients have long been extinct in your world. These three herbal medicine ingredients are given to you for free as a big starter gift pack. As for the rest, youll need to take the initiative to go to the mall to buy and convert.]

As soon as System spoke, a shop-like page appeared in front of Su Yayan. It had rows and rows of cards similar to the previous herbal medicine ingredients.

At the bottom of the cards, prices were ranging from a thousand Likability to tens of millions of Likability. When Su Yayan saw that, she shuddered with fear and for the time being, she closed the mall and focused on the three Chinese medicine ingredients.

“How do I grow this Do I directly take the seeds and scatter them into the soil”

[You can take the seeds and plant them in real life or you can plant them directly inside the Lotus Pond Farm provided by the system].

Immediately, a small farm with fifteen plots of land with a small pond beside it appeared in front of Su Yayan.

[The fertile soil in the farm and the silt in the lotus pond increases the effectiveness of the herbal medicine ingredients and reduces the maturation time of the seeds. In addition to that, you can also improve the soil quality of the farm by using Likability and improve the effectiveness of the herbal medicine ingredients.]

When Su Yayan heard that, her eyes could not help but darken.

Likability! Again with the Likability!

Leveling up required Likability, converting herbal medicine ingredient seeds required Likability, upgrading the soil to improve the quality of the herbal medicine ingredients also required Likability! She was in a serious shortage of Likability!

Su Yayan had been born with privilege and never had to worry about money, so this was the first time she felt the misery of poverty in her life.

If she could only use the goldmine which was Huo Chenhuan for the Likability she needed, but it was much too little. After all, mines eventually run out after digging for a long time.

She had to think of other ways to develop target groups. Even if the quality could not keep up, she could at least make up for it in terms of quantity.

When Su Yayan thought of that, an idea popped up in her head—livestreaming.

She could collect Likability through livestreaming and…

Su Yayans eyes narrowed slightly. If she remembered correctly, the original female main character of the book, Wen Jingping, was also an emerging talent in the livestreaming world.

According to the original description, Wen Jingpings family had an ancestral recipe book. When Wen Jingping could not afford the expensive tuition and living expenses after going to university, she got the idea of making money via livestreaming.

In an age where most people could only take vitamins and supplements, Wen Jingping relied on her excellent cooking skills. With the boost of her golden-touch, she soon became the strongly recommended up-and-coming youngster in the gourmet food scene. That was how she was able to bear all the future hardships without complaints with her backup plan number one, two, three, four, five...

Su Yayan was curious to know if the book she had, The Complete Book of Chinese Medicinal Cuisine, was better or worse than Wen Jingpings recipe book.

When Su Yayan thought of that, she clicked on the three herbal medicine ingredient cards. Then, the cards flipped over and revealed the description on the back.

Chinese wolfberry: Sweet in taste, mainly used to nourish the liver, kidneys, and moisten the lungs.

Chinese motherwort: Bitter in taste, mainly used to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and regulate menstruation.

Chinese hawthorn: Sour but slightly sweet in taste, mainly used to promote digestion and improve appetite.

Improve appetite Su Yayan seemed to have thought of something and looked at Gu Shaoyang, who was driving in the front seat. “Did Chenhuan encounter any trouble recently I think his appetite was bad during lunch.”

Gu Shaoyang did not expect that Su Yayan would suddenly ask about Huo Chenhuan. He was stunned for a few seconds before he said plainly, “Young Master has been busy recently. He often works late into the night and has a poor appetite.”


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