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Chapter 12: The Narcissistic Little Corgi

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Cheng Xiuqin choked. Even though she was upset, it was still pretty funny. Before that, she was still a little suspicious of her daughters confession, but now she was a hundred percent convinced.

She was just wondering what kind of charm Huo Chenhuan must possess that made her daughter so infatuated.

In contrast to Cheng Xiuqins curiosity, the two men in the house were more like two sourpusses.

Mr. Sus hands on the newspaper shook and he let out a cold snort.

Su Yuxuan, who was eating breakfast not far away, was cutting the herbal egg on his plate noisily, as if he was imagining the egg to be the scumbag who kidnapped his younger sister.

Su Yayan did not notice the hostility inside the house that was filling the room. When she was just about to go out, she felt a sudden weight on her feet.

When she lowered her head, her eyes were met with a fluffy pink ball and the little doggies big, innocent eyes that resembled two black grapes.

Su Yayan seemed to have thought of something and her eyes brightened slightly. She reached out and took the little doggie into her arms and coaxed it softly, “Good doggie, Mommy will take you to your future Dog Daddy.”

“Young master, Ms. Su is here.”

When Su Yayan arrived at the Huo familys home, Huo Chenhuan had just eaten breakfast and was sitting in the hall reading documents.

When he heard that, his hands paused. His fingers slightly curled up and straightened back again several times before he looked up at the door.

When he looked up, he was a little dumbfounded.

Su Yayan was wearing a long beige dress and her black shoulder-length hair gave her a very casual and gentle look.

However, it was not Su Yayan who stood out, but the thing she was holding. Wearing a pink lace dress and a big bow of the same color, looking around stupidly... was a little corgi!

Huo Chenhuans eyebrows twitched. As a stalker who had been simping for Su Yayan quietly for more than a decade, he recognized the narcissistic little corgi almost immediately and knew that it was Su Yayans beloved dog that she had been raising for a year.

Even though Huo Chenhuan knew that already, it was inevitable that he was shocked to see the little doggie in person.

It was just a… but she dressed it up like that. He could not help but find it quite gaudy.

When Su Yayan saw the shock in Huo Chenhuans eyes, a smile flashed across her eyes. However, she put on an apprehensive look and said pitifully, “When I left home this morning, my little cutie kept pestering me to let it come with me, so I had no choice but to bring it here. If it bothers you, Ill just send it back now.”

The little corgi seemed to understand its masters words as it wailed and looked pitifully at Huo Chenhuan.

The similar looks on the owner and the little doggies faces shot an arrow right through Huo Chenhuans heart and his willpower was shattered instantly.

He looked away uncomfortably and said coolly, “I dont mind.”

Su Yayan was relieved and also a bit surprised. After she died in her past life, her family was repeatedly met with unforeseen events and her big brother was so busy that he hardly had any leisure time for himself.

Because of that, the little doggie ended up with Huo Chenhuan, and right before Huo Chenhuan set himself on fire, the little doggie stayed by his side with no intention of leaving.

Su Yayan did not think Huo Chenhuan would be smitten with the little doggie at first sight, but she was sure that he did not hate dogs.

Huo Chenhuan looked at Su Yayans overwhelming joy and tried his best to suppress the emotions that were surging in his heart. After that, he gestured at Gu Shaoyang, who was not far away.

Gu Shaoyang understood and called all the servants to leave the house.

In a flash, the only people left in the hall were Huo Chenhuan, Su Yayan, and her little corgi.


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