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Chapter 11: Hes The One I Love The Most

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Meanwhile, while Su Yayan sat in the car, she heard the notification prompt once again.

[Congratulations, Host. You have gained Likability 21. Youre one step closer to levelling up. Please continue to work hard.]

She did not have to guess who gave her those Likability points. Was he already missing her even though she just left

Su Yayan could not stop smiling and anyone could see how pleased she was at the moment.

“Whats with that stupid smile on your face”

“Hicc...” Su Yayan was so surprised that she hiccupped. Faced with her mothers stern and suspicious gaze, she inexplicably felt guilty. “Nothing.”

Cheng Xiuqin was not easy to fool. “Nothing The corners of your lips are almost reaching the back of your ears! Tell me the truth. Whats going on with you and Mr. Huo”

The three Su family members still did not understand when their baby daughter (sister) got acquainted with Huo Chenhuan and even developed their relationship to the point of her wanting to marry no one else but him!

“About that... Its a long story.”

“Then make it short.”

Su Yayan chose her words carefully. “It was love at first sight with him, and he has liked me for a long time too.”

“Hes liked you for a long time” Cheng Xiuqin frowned. “How did you know that Did he tell you himself”

“No, I found it out by chance. Mom, the decision I made in front of you and the Huo family was not on a whim, but as a result of careful consideration.”

After hearing that, the look on Cheng Xiuqins face eased up a little, but her brows were still tightly furrowed. “But his legs... Even if you like him, hes still a...”

“Mom!” Su Yayan knew what her mother was about to say, but she did not want to hear those words from anyones mouth. “Hes the one I love the most.”

The short sentence shook the hearts of everyone there.

A few seconds later, Cheng Xiuqin snorted with jealousy and said awkwardly, “So you dont care about your mother anymore after getting a new fiance How long did you even know him And hes suddenly the one you love the most I guess I wasted all my time raising you, I shouldve just gotten a wooden mallet. My daughters all grown up and wont listen to us anymore!”

Mr. Su, “Hmph!”

Su Yuxuan, “Hmph!”

While Su Yayan received the sad and condemning gaze from her own family, the corners of her lips raised slightly.

She hugged Cheng Xiuqins arm coyly and said, “You guys are always going to be the family members that I love the most, while hell be the husband that I love the most. Its not the same thing, so theres no conflict here. You cant just lump it all together…”

Cheng Xiuqin glanced at her daughter suspiciously and still had some trouble believing her. “You really like him that much”

“Mom, hell be the only one I love in this life. There wont be anyone else.”

The whole family was defeated by Su Yayans insistence and Cheng Xiuqin threw her hands up helplessly as she said, “Fine, fine. You can make your own decisions about your lifelong partner, but dont come back to us crying if he hurts you in the future!”

Su Yayan leaned closer to Cheng Xiuqin and smiled brightly.

After getting a new life, she must never repeat the mistakes of her previous life.

Even if she did cry in the future, they would be tears of joy!

She was lucky enough to be given a second chance to get engaged with Huo Chenhuan early on. Su Yayan was so excited that she could not sleep for the whole night and the next morning, she woke up bright and early in the morning and waited for Huo Chenhuans driver to pick her up.

When Cheng Xiuqin saw how excited Su Yayan was, she felt some regret that her daughter did not live up to her expectations. “A girl should be more reserved. If anyone saw you like this, they might think that you could not wait to get married and leave your family!”

Su Yayan continued smiling and shot back to her boldly and reasonably, “Of course I cant wait to get married, theres no point second-guessing whether I do or not!”


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