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Chapter 1: A Kiss Of Despair

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan was suspended mid-air, watching with mixed emotions as the noisy and chaotic scene unfold below.

Just a few hours ago, she was still rejoicing over the fact that she had finally clinched a sponsor for her family, solving the pressing crisis of her familys company.

Then a large truck traveling in the opposite direction suddenly crashed into her car.

After a jolt of sharp pain, everything in front of Su Yayan turned black. She did not know what happened and by the time she woke up, she found herself in this ethereal state.

Her soul seemed to be floating in mid-air, while her battered body was lying on a cold table in the hospital morgue.

She saw her parents and brother rush inside, weeping without restraint after confirming her death.

Su Yayan watched as her mother cried with anguish and cursed the heavens so manically that she almost fainted. Her father seemed to have aged a dozen years in an instant. The man was already tired and haggard but forced himself to hold everything together at that moment, while her older brother with bloodshot eyes did his best to comfort her parents.

The guilt inside Su Yayan reached its peak and her hatred for those two people and the truck driver was instantly amplified tenfold.

At that moment, there was a sudden clamor from the end of the corridor.

In the next moment, a wheelchair appeared before them.

Someone was sitting on the wheelchair—a handsome and dashing man. He had straight eyebrows with a pair of eyes like pools, deep and cold, sharp as a knife. Anyone who looked into his eyes could not help but want to look away from his sharp gaze and that could bring a person to their knees.

Su Yayan recognized the visitor in one glance. Her ex-fiance was the son of the head of the Huo family who was born during their old age. This man was none other than her ex-fiances... youngest uncle!

“What are you doing here Are you here to laugh at our misery” Su Yuxuan was the first to react, shielding his parents behind him. He glared unkindly at the visitor. “The Huo family is not welcome here, so get out!”

Huo Chenhuan did not say anything, but the bodyguards behind him rushed forward instantly, blocking the emotional Su family outside the morgue.

Su Yayan did not expect that they would make a move. Her facial expression changed slightly and she subconsciously wanted to lunge over to help, but she forgot that she did not have a physical body and found that she could not touch those people at all.

Fortunately, she soon realized that although the bodyguards stopped her parents and brother from getting close to Huo Chenhuan, they did not act violently at all.

Even when her parents and brother lashed out and kicked them, the bodyguards did not fight back and just weathered the abuse.

What exactly are these people doing here

This question suddenly popped up in Su Yayans head when she saw Huo Chenhuan maneuvering his wheelchair and entering the morgue alone.

The door of the morgue closed behind him, blocking out the roars and clamors outside the door.

Huo Chenhuan sat beside the morgue table and looked at Su Yayans body, while her ethereal form was floating mid-air, staring at him.

Two or three minutes later, Huo Chenhuan finally moved. He reached out and touched the side of Su Yayans face which was still mostly intact.

The mans icy pair of eyes were slowly filled with tenderness and fondness as pity and remorse filled his brows.

Before Su Yayan could fully register the sudden change, the man suddenly leaned forward and kissed her cold, bloodless lips.

Su Yayans pupils dilated instantly and she unconsciously clapped her hand over her mouth, as if Huo Chenhuan had really kissed her.

How could that man... How could he do such a thing to her corpse! He...

“Wait for me.” The mans voice was low and magnetic, as if a lovers murmur, intoxicating and seductive.

Wait for him She was already dead, how was she going to wait for him


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