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Yi Zilan frowned.

From the moment Yang Yi started talking, he felt that it was extremely ridiculous.

Usually, he would have lost his patience since he was not interested in listening to stories.

But now, he just listened quietly, but his heart was already in turmoil.

“That day, when I woke up, I realized that the room was a little different.

Beside me was a servant girl.

In the room, there was a smell of alcohol.

I was furious and thought that it was the servant girl who seduced me.

The servant girl knelt down and begged for mercy.

Only then did I notice that she was calling me Second Young Master…”

Yang Yi closed his eyes.

The memories that were hidden in his heart surged up.

He was the son of a minister.

His parents taught him well and had high hopes in him.

He had always been a hardworking person.

How could he sleep with a servant girl If his parents knew, they would be disappointed.

Therefore, he stumbled to the main courtyard without even putting on his clothes.

He knelt down, apologized, slapped himself, and begged his father to forgive him.


Yang looked at him and reproached him coldly.

“I dont want to care about what you did.

Get out of here.

I dont want to see you.”

Hearing his fathers cold words, he panicked.

He looked up and saw an extremely terrifying scene.

He was still standing behind his father.

If he was standing behind his father, then who was he

He was extremely shocked and pointed at the person behind Mr.

Yang, trembling.


Yang snorted.

“When can you be more like your eldest brother I dont care what you do as long as you dont get us into trouble.

Go back to your courtyard.

I dont want to see you.”

At that moment, he couldnt think straight.


Yang turned to the person beside him and said gently, “Yi, go and wash up.

Well eat together.”

The person who looked exactly like him smiled at Mr.

Yang and said, “Okay, Father.”


Yang left without looking at him, but that person walked to his side and squatted down to poke his face.

“No wonder no one liked me, this face is ugly.

But from now on, this face will belong to you.

Brother, are you used to it”

He felt like his mind had been struck by lightning.

His eyes widened and he asked in disbelief.

“Yang, Yang Cheng”

“No, no, no.

Im Yang Yi now.

Youre Yang Cheng.

Brother, our identities have been swapped.

Enjoy your new identity.

Im leaving.

I dont want to keep Father waiting.

I advise you not to make a fuss.

Its useless.”

He felt his body go weak.

He was Yang Yi, but his body no longer belonged to him.

That familiar face was getting further and further away from him.

He wailed, and the servants frowned and avoided him.

He refused to accept the reality and shouted loudly that he had swapped bodies with Yang Cheng, but in return, what he received was cold snorts and reproach.

Yang Yi started enjoying a glamorous life, which made him indignant.

He couldnt accept the truth at first and almost died in bed.

Two years later, he finally came to terms with the fact that he had become Yang Cheng.

He told himself that he was different from Yang Cheng.

They had only changed bodies, but their brains hadnt.

His knowledge would definitely be valued by his father.

However, he had forgotten the difference between a legitimate son and an illegitimate one.

He was now the illegitimate son, so his status was much lower.

In addition, Yang Cheng, who had become Yang Yi, could not tolerate him.

The Minister of Finance only had one legitimate son, and that was Yang Yi.

Therefore, he would do everything to prevent Yang Cheng from stealing his thunder.


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