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Chapter 8: Shaking Tent!

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“You...” Shen Ruoqing weakly raised her hand and pointed in Su Feifeis direction.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows and seemed to be waiting for her to continue.

However, Shen Ruoqing did not have the time to say anything before she fainted from the pain.

“Hurry up! Get her out! Call for a helicopter! Get the helicopter here right now!” Director Liu roared.

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Soon, Shen Ruoqing was sent out.

Everyone and the comments were discussing it, and they looked in Su Feifeis direction.

“What did Shen Ruoqing want to say when she pointed at Su Feifei just now”

“Who cares what she wants to say its definitely not a good thing.”

[Its definitely related to Su Feifei!]

[It was Su Feifei who poisoned Shen Ruoqing!]

[No, to be fair, Su Feifei is indeed annoying, but she has been in front of the camera the whole time. You cant just say that Shen Ruoqing did it just because she pointed at her, right]

[Yeah, Su Feifei didnt have the chance to do this.]

[If you have the time to discuss it here, why dont you wait for Shen Ruoqing to wake up and the truth will be revealed]

Su Feifeis expression didnt even change.

Xiao He moved his lips and was about to say something when he was stopped by Bo Silins gaze.

He could only endure it.

Director Liu stepped forward and said, “Everyone, lets stop here. Youve worked hard today! Weve already sent Miss Shen out to have a good rest. When her body has recovered, she will decide whether to return to the deserted island according to her own will.”

Seeing that the crowd had dispersed, they returned to their own camps one by one.

At this moment, the live comments began to boil.

There was no other reason. Even Xiao He was looking at the tent behind him and questioning what had happened.

Night has finally fallen. Feifeis words just now were still fresh in his mind. She wanted to sleep with Bo!

Was he really going to...

“Alright, lets go to bed.” Su Feifei raised her chin at Bo Silin with the firewood in her hand.

Xiao He was speechless.


Before he could plead for mercy, Su Feifei grabbed the corner of Bo Silins shirt and dragged him into the tent!

[F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!]

[Will there be a f*cking exciting show tonight]

[For this show, the most common thing that appears in the comments is f*ck. You are all savages.]

[Where are the moderators Ask them for help!]

[What the h*ll My baby Bo is going to sleep with an id*ot]

[Charge! I only have one word left. Charge!]

[Shes ruining his reputation!]

As Su Feifeis name shot to the top of the real-time hot search list, the top five hot searches on the internet were all occupied by Su Feifei.

[Su Feifei Asked Bo Silin to Sleep With Her.]

[Su Feifei Poisoned Her.]

[Shen Ruoqing Was Poisoned.]

[Su Feifeis True Feelings of Being a Couple with the Best Actor.]

[Su Feifeis Roasted Rabbit Recipe.]

Many places took the opportunity to sell the same style of the roasted rabbit as Su Feifei.

Although there were a lot of comments, the sales of the roasted rabbit also began to climb upward, becoming the most searched product that night.

At the hospital, Shen Ruoqing was sent for gastric lavage. Before she fainted, the last thing she said was to inform someone called Su Ling.

At the same time, all the managers in front of their screens began to ask for Su Feifeis contact information.

A certain director was watching a replay of the barbecue and squinted his eyes in admiration.

“She did this all for the drama. There are stories written on her face. If she were to act with Bo Silin, she would definitely be a hit!”

“Go, quickly contact Su Feifeis management company and see when they want to terminate the contract! I want you to contact her immediately! Im definitely going to have this person!”

“But director, isnt there a lot of bad reviews of her now” The assistant asked hesitantly.

“What do you know!” The director said, “Attention means theres still traffic. As for how we turn the tables, it all depends on the operation!”

“Alright, Ill go and contact them now!”

On a deserted island, Su Feifei didnt know that she had caused a frenzy.

All she did was sit in the tent. The space was very small, and after she got in, it could only accommodate two people. They sat opposite each other at a very ambiguous distance.

Outside the tent, there were two peoples reflections.

[F*ck!! My Baby Bo!! How is he surviving inside with that bad woman!]

[Thats not right. This womans hand seems to have reached out to my baby Bo]

[Yo, your x-ray vision is at level 10. How did you see that]

Inside the tent, Su Feifei did indeed reach out her hand.

The second she entered, her fingers grabbed onto the corner of Bo Silins shirt and pulled it up!

However, in the next second, Bo Silin grabbed her wrist and exerted some force.

His pale face looked a little cold under the faint moonlight.

“Excuse you, what are you doing”

Bo Silins gaze slowly moved down and fixed on Su Feifeis hand.

Her slender fingers held a ball of medicinal herbs with green juice still seeping out slowly.

It was indeed medicine.

He had not guessed wrong.

He looked up with a smile, his knuckles even rubbing her wrist, but his hidden strength was faintly ready to be used, and there was endless coldness hidden under his smile.

“This is something that will be useful for you.”

Su Feifei answered directly and reached out to lift his clothes.

The next second, Bo Silin stood up and pulled her finger!

Su Feifei frowned and immediately blocked it.

However, this body was too weak and was no match for Bo Silins strength. She staggered and fell forward.

Bo Silin turned her around again and pressed himself on top of her. Her hands were also caught and pressed above her head.

The sound of panting filled the air as the two pairs of eyes met.

A pair of cold eyes and a pair of clear eyes sized each other up.

“Its useful” His hoarse voice rose. “Can you tell me the specific use”

At this moment, the comments were about to explode.

[Why is this tent shaking like this!!!]

[What are you guys doing in there!]

[What are you doing!]

[Baby Bo, mommy is here! Dont be afraid!]

[These f*ckers are teasing us!]

[This woman is doing something that I would never dare to do in my life!]

[What the h*ll is happening The Festival Group organizers should send someone in! Are we really not going to do anything about such a big commotion!]

Inside the tent, Su Feifeis gaze immediately followed Bo Silins chest heaved up and down. First, she looked at his collarbones, which were exposed at the neckline, then at his faintly visible abs...

She was deep in thought.

Bo Silins skill was not ordinary at all.

Had he practiced before

“Captain, why arent you saying anything” Bo Silins voice brought her back to her senses.

Su Yue frowned. “This is medicine.”

“I know,” He caressed her hand. “It must have been hard on you to hide it for so long before you were willing to take it out.”

With this evidence, he could directly kick Su Feifei out of this island.

From now on, he no longer had to face this woman all the time, which made him feel much more comfortable.

“What are you implying” Su Feifei frowned. “This was just picked. Its very fresh.”

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

She actually admitted it so generously

“Do you still want to apply the medicine or not” Su Feifei twirled her fingers impatiently. “If you dont apply medicine to your wound, it will affect the progress of the teams work.”

The wound

Bo Silins movements froze. The two of them looked at each other for more than ten seconds.

“This medicine is...”

“Its herbal medicine. Its very effective in treating bruises.”



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