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Chapter 7: Doomsday

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[What the f*k]

[What is going on]

[Our baby Bo is sleeping with HER of all people. Are you sick or am I sick]

[Im dying of laughter. This show should be renamed as a clown show.]

Xiao He did not notice and could only look at Bo Silin timidly.

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows slightly, his long and narrow peach-shaped eyes were filled with emotion, “You want me to sleep with you”

“Yes.” Su Feifei kept her words short and concise.

Xiao He almost cried in front of Su Feifei.

Did this girl know what kind of reputation she had If he really fell asleep like this, his best actor title would be directly discounted!

He did not expect Bo Silin to nod and look up the next second.

“Alright,” he said.

[What is my baby doing]


[Best actor]

[Your first night with a woman should be with my Bo!]

[Shes crazy to say that!]

Xiao Hes jaw dropped in shock, and he couldnt find the right words to say.


“Its decided.” The smile on Bo Silins lips was very thought-provoking.

He had never liked to do things sloppily. Since this woman wanted to drug him, he might as well give her the opportunity to drive her out of the deserted island in one fell swoop, saving him trouble later on.

Shen Ruoqing — who was in the tent — had already heard the commotion over there. She walked over coquettishly and handed the glass of water in her hand to Su Feifei. Her flattery was coquettish. “Bestie, youve had a long day. I still have some points, so I bought you a drink.”

Su Feifei was indeed thirsty. She didnt talk nonsense with Shen Ruoqing. She took the water and frowned slightly.

This water didnt taste right.

“Hurry up and drink up, Yingluo. Youve been thirsty the whole day. You must be feeling parched.” Shen Ruoqing said.

His tone was a little impatient.

Su Feifei pointed at a flat open space. “Just put it there. I still have some unfinished business to attend to.”

Shen Ruoqing cursed in her heart.

Feifei must drink finish this bottle of water today!

“Bestie, just drink some right now,” she advised again.

[Im a little speechless. No matter how powerful Shen Ruoqing is, shes still not going to drink it after three or four times of persuasion.]

[This girl really thinks of herself as a puppet master isnt it]

[If she doesnt want to drink that, then she should go and drink water with parasites!!]

However, the next second, Su Feifei calmly pointed at the spot above her head.

“Theres a snake above you.” She calmly spat out those few words.

She saw a colorful little snake flicking its tongue at Shen Ruoqing.

“Ah!” Shen Ruoqings shrieks resounded throughout the campsite and she threw the water in her hand. “Take it away!” Take it away!”

Su Feifei picked up a small stone and hit the snakes vital spot. The snake was knocked out and fell down.

Just like that, the snake was slanted to the side.

Shen Ruoqing was still standing in the same place, not daring to move.

Su Feifei picked up the water and handed it to Shen Ruoqing. “Its fine now. Drink some water.”

Shen Ruoqing was so shocked that she took the water and took a few sips before she recovered.

She hadnt forgotten her purpose. She looked at Su Feifei and said, “You should drink too.”

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Su Feifei smiled and drank it.

She finally drank it… Shen Ruoqing heaved a sigh of relief.

This island was really scary. Once she got rid of Su Feifei, she would have completed her mission and could finally go out tonight!

No one noticed that the bottle in Shen Ruoqings hand was the one that had been marked.

Su Feifei serenely glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.

At night, lightning suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled in the air. Then, without any warning, a heavy downpour descended with a tropical wildness.

“Its raining heavily!” Someone shouted.

Many guests who didnt have good tents were drenched. Those who had good tents didnt put on the waterproof cover because they didnt want to feel too stuffy. There were also a few artistic youths who went to the high ground in the middle of the night to look at the stars. Now, they couldnt see the stars and were drenched.

Only Xiao He and Bo Silin were safe and sound in the tent that Su Feifei had built a long time ago.

Holy f*ck Feifei, I really… I really dont know how to describe it! How did you know” Xiao Hes eyes were filled with admiration.

“Its just a coincidence,” Su Feifei said indifferently.

[She actually got it right ...]

[Impossible! Absolutely impossible!]

[Was that a coincidence]

[Didnt Su Feifei mention that it would rain before]

The comment section was a mess, and the people outside began to curse. The scene was extremely chaotic. There were mud and watermarks everywhere, as well as people who were running away in a panic.

“Director team! Why didnt the production team tell us that it was going to rain today”

“Whos going to be responsible if we get sick You”

“Didnt Su Feifei say...” A little girl said weakly.

She did listen to Su Feifei, but because she didnt get a good tent, she was also soaked.

“Shut up!” The man said unhappily, “What does a child like you know!”

The little girl finally shut up.

It was a mess.

The tropical rain came and left quickly.

After the rain stopped, Su Feifei took off the waterproof cover, and the air around was fresher.

The three of them were sweating, but there was no rain.

After the fire was extinguished, Su Feifei took out the sparks and dry firewood she had stored and started a fire again.

Everyone sat in a circle in the camp, and the scene was actually quite harmonious.

[Its a bonfire and theyre surrounded by nature. I can only see the city lights outside the window now. Im suddenly a little envious.]

[This show is toxic. The more I watch, the more intoxicated I get]

[Even the sound of leaves rustling and water gushing calms me so well.]

[If Im sleepy, its okay.]

[If you like this scene, you can have more of it.]

“There are so many stars!” Xiao He exclaimed in surprise.

Su Feifei raised her head and looked at the sky.

The starlight hung above their heads, bright and dazzling.

The crackling fire around them warmed their body after being soaked in the rain.

She looked at the starry sky and suddenly thought of the days when she was on her favorite horse. This was how she had been with the soldiers during the war.

Occasionally, she would eat roasted meat, and sleep with the stars as her pillow. Accompanied by the sky, she would hear her comrades talk about their wives and children, about the rice at home, and the harvest in the coming year...

Feifei had always been alone.

It had always been like this ever since she became the Empress, and she was still like that now.

Therefore, after coming to this other world, there was actually not much different from her original life.

Su Feifei thought about it, retracted her gaze, and fiddled with the charcoal fire.

On the other side, a pair of eyes were faintly glancing over.

Bo Silin retracted his gaze and narrowed his eyes. Under the moonlight, her expression was somewhat charming, like a fox.

He had actually smelled the scent of his kind on that woman just now.

It was rare for her to show such a weak and lonely side.

What was so lonely about her life

The biggest problem of a love-struck id*ot was that there were too many walls and he didnt know which one to break down first.

“Ruoqing Ruoqing, whats wrong!”

A shout suddenly sounded.

Everyone immediately looked at Shen Ruoqings tent.

They saw Shen Ruoqing being carried out. She was foaming at the mouth and twitching all over. She looked like she was in a lot of pain.

[Whats happening!]

[F*ck! What was going on Thats insane, lets not make the script more and more outrageous, okay]

[It looks like food poisoning!]

[This season shouldnt have a murder so quickly, right]

[No way]

[Amazing, can you shut up if you dont know how to speak!]

Everyone was in a panic.

After Shen Ruoqing vomited, her eyes were unfocused. In her daze, she looked in Su Feifeis direction.

Everyone was busy except for Su Feifei, who was sitting as steady as a mountain. Her cold eyes stared in her direction without any fluctuations.

It was her that did this!

Shen Ruoqings chest heaved up and down as she thought of the water in the afternoon and the snake that suddenly appeared!

Su Feifei must have switched it when she was distracted!


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