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Chapter 5: Dislocated Jaw

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The entire place was silent, waiting for Bo Silins answer.

Bo Silin squinted his long and narrow eyes. His amber eyes were filled with laziness and coldness, and his lips were curled up in his usual smile. However, he did not answer Su Feifeis question.

He remembered the plot in the book.

Here, Su Feifei was supposed to be handing Bo Silin water, but in fact, she gave him a strong drug. After he drank it, he and Su Feifei had a live erotic scene. Now, it seemed that the item he was given had changed from water to rabbit legs.

As expected, it was just an accident when the previous things happened. Now, it was time for the real plot to move.

“No need, Im not interested in rabbit legs.” Bo Silins thin lips parted slightly.

Su Feifei was baffled.

She never mistreated her subordinates. Since this man was in the same team as her, he was her subordinate. This had always been her habit. Why was this man still taking advantage of her

“If you dont want to eat, then dont eat. Just stay hungry.” Su Feifei said directly.

Everyones jaws almost dropped to the ground as they wondered if this woman was crazy! How could she speak to him like that!

On the other side, Su Feifei was as steady as an old dog and had already started to eat her second rabbit.

The more she ate, the more satisfied she became.

Bo Silin was speechless.


[This woman is a little arrogant.]

[Shes so capable after catching a rabbit.]

[Its too much to watch baby Bo suffer like that!]


Bo Silin quickly regained his senses and fixed his gaze on her face.

There was no drug in the rabbits leg... It must have been placed somewhere else. He turned around, walked out of the crowd, and returned to the rest point.

Shen Ruoqing stood at the front. The bread and grilled fish in her hands suddenly did not smell as good as they did.

She angrily threw the grilled fish in her hand to Renbo, her tone was also a little agitated, “Feifei, where did the rabbit come from You didnt get one, did you”

Su Feifei ignored him.

Shen Ruoqing was so angry that she forced out a smile. “Director Liu, does the production team particularly favor her because she was the only one that got food”

Director Liu frowned. “Dear guests, please take note. There is no cheating in this show.”

“Is that so” Shen Ruoqings eyes were bright as she said softly, “I thought that her physical fitness wouldnt allow her to hunt a rabbit on her own. It seems like Ive underestimated her.”

[Yeah, how did Su Feifei get the rabbit]

[Thats shady business!]

[There must be a script!]

[This id*ot is hunting rabbits How!]

[Ill be honest. Shen Ruoqings expression is a little scary...]

[Can she be more terrifying than Emperor Su]

[You must have spent a lot of money on organizers right]

The bullet screen was full of curses again.

Su Feifei finished half of the rabbit and warmed the other half over the fire.

She glanced sideways. “Who said I hunted”

“If its not hunting, then what is it” Someone shrieked, “Dont tell us that it was the rabbit that ran into you and died”

Su Feifei spun the rabbit leg around. She glanced to her side. The photographer caught her gaze and walked forward with his camera.

“Its a trap,” Su Feifei was too lazy to say more.

The camera moved closer. On the screen, there was indeed a trap full of sharp spikes. It was neat and well-arranged, and it was obvious that the person that made it was skilled.

[F*ck Was there really a trap Su Feifei made it herself]

[Thats awesome. Shes so good at acting]

[Su Feifeis team is confirmed]

[That is a trap, theres even blood and meat stuck on it...]

[This woman is so scary!]

[No way. Do you guys really believe it If you dont use your brain, I suggest you donate it to the hospital.]

[To be honest, that meat should be for baby Bo only.]

[Maybe its for him, but this woman got to it first]

[Indeed, I think its possible. I suggest you read Su Feifeis entertainment industry scandals, again and again, to remind yourself of how much a snake she actually is.]

Director Liu wanted to cry but had no tears.

The Assistant Director told him that Su Feifei had been really hunting them by herself. There was indeed a script and food for her, but they were all arranged for Bo Silin and not Su Feifei.

Unfortunately, Director Liu didnt pay much attention to this small list star before, so he didnt arrange a special photographer to follow her. Now, she had really caught his attention.

The public relations team all cried out for her innocence, but no one believed them.

Bo Silins fans took the lead and directly rushed to the official site of the Festival Group organizing company, and there was a lot of scolding below.

The livestream room wasnt any better.

[Requesting for fair treatment, speaking for other guests!] filled the screen.

No one cared about the truth. They only chose to see how unfair it was.

The show was once again at the top of the hot search list, and this time, Director Liu did not want it at all.

He was the only that could only take the blame.

When it was dark, the group gave out tents.

Su Feifei started a bonfire near the rest point. Since they were in the same group, Bo Silin and Su Feifei were placed together. Bo Silin was there, so of course, the little assistant was there.

When the three of them met, Bo Silin used the last of his points to exchange for hand wash and was carefully wiping his long, white jade-like fingers.

Su Feifei passed by and tutted.

The man stopped and looked over. Then,Su Feifei pulled the tent package towards Bo Silin! The entire tent was coming his way. With a crashing sound, it covered Bo Silin entirely.

“Do your own work!”

Xiao Hes mouth immediately formed an o shape.

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[What is wrong with her!]

[Very good. Its another day where my jaw is dislocated.]

“This, this, this...” The assistant quickly stepped forward and pulled down the tent hanging on Bo Silins head. “Ill do it, Ill do it!”

“Whoever sleeps in it does it themself.” Su Feifeis eyes were like daggers.

Xiao He turned his head and was met with her piercing gaze. For a moment, he did not dare to move and could only look at Bo Silin with a trembling gaze.


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