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Chapter 30: Long Way

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Everyone turned around.

The chicken leg in Su Lings hand suddenly trembled.

She saw a few strong men carrying a rack of lamb that had been killed, shouting as they walked over.

“Waa! A whole rack!” Xiao He clapped and turned to Su Ling with a smile, “Su Ling, in fact, Feifei is also very good at cutting things. If you dont believe me, you can see later! As expected of sisters, she can do what you can!”

Su Ling lowered her head and tightly clenched the knife in her hand.

What the h*ll! Who was she, Su Feifei How dare he associate them as sisters!

How could a dog be compared to someone like her

The three brawny men threw the lamb on the table that was prepared, which scared Su Ling.

“Captain, what do you think we should do now” the brawny men asked in unison.

Su Feifei laughed at the strong mens unanimous answer, as if she had returned to her life in the military camp. Then, she raised her hand. “Give me the knife! Were eating roasted lamb today!”

The brawny men cheered.

Roasted lamb

Su Lings line of sight was fixed on the lamb.

When she went to film, she had seen people roast it. It looked simple, but in fact, the knife skills and marinating skill it required were very particular.

How could Su Feifei know about all this

It seemed that Su Feifei had chosen a st*pid way to show off!

Su Ling crossed her arms and stared at Su Feifei as if she was watching a good show.

“Dear sister, its not easy to roast whole lamb. All the best.” She said gently.

The next second, Su Feifei took the kitchen knife and waved it excitedly to her comrades.

Wherever her hands touched, where her shoulders leaned against, where her feet stepped on, and where her knees touched, the knife was inserted with a whooshing sound. The whole process was very smooth, and she even turned the knife in the middle at an extremely fast speed.

The smile on Su Lings face instantly froze.

[This is what true knife skills are like!]

[Ill be honest. This scene should be a little gory, but I think its beautiful.]

[Yes, it reminds me of a butcher dismembering an ox.]

[Shes so skilled. Its really pleasing to the eye.]

[No way, you guys can even boast about slaughtering a lamb]

[True, I dont really understand the big deal.]

[Are these two women competing in knife skills]

[To be honest, these two knife skills shouldnt be compared. Hahahahahaha. Feifei is definitely much better.]

[Are Su Feifeis fans bullying Su Ling because we dont have enough people on our side]

Tiantian immediately put down Su Lings chicken leg and ran to Su Feifeis side. Her eyes were full of stars. “Feifei, youre so amazing!”

Su Feifei smiled.

The lamb was quickly sliced, and Su Feifei began to add the seasoning.

There were more and more complicated spices in this world. She had a keen sense of smell and had a natural sense of the combination of spices. With so many spices added, it was simply like entering heaven.

Not long after, the aroma of the lamb and the cumin spread out. The oven sizzled, and the lamb was sprinkled with cumin chili. It was red and even dripping with oil, making peoples appetite increase.

The people around looked over and stopped. They couldnt help but gulp in hunger.

This was too fragrant!

[Im still f*cking eating the same steamed bun! Su Feifei, do you have a heart!]

[Thats amazing!!!! I can smell it even through the screen!]

[Im having an extra meal tonight too. I want to eat lamb!]

[Look at how shiny it is. It looks yummy!]

[I suddenly feel like living in the wild to eat that too.]

[Yeah, this scene is too beautiful.]

[Sunset bonfire beach, thats where I want to go next. Im going to save money to travel!]

Su Feifei was roasting meat when someone poked her from behind.

“Excuse me, may I… May I have a piece” A little girl poked her head out, her eyes bright.

Su Feifei nodded. “Sure.”

After that, she gave a piece of roasted meat to the little girl. The little girl put it in her mouth. Even though it was so hot that she cried, she did not spit it out.

“Delicious! Its so delicious!” Her whole body trembled with excitement. “Its much more delicious than the ones in the city! I never knew lamb could be that delicious!”

“Oh, really” Xiao He grabbed a leg of lamb and took a bite. His entire face was stunned.”My gosh...”

“Its delicious!” Tiantians face was covered in tears.

Bo Silin took a bite and paused slightly.

With the little girl taking the lead, the adults who had been watching from a distance also asked Su Feifei for a few pieces of meat to eat. The people in front of Su Feifeis stove gradually increased, and in the end, they even started to fight for it.

“Its mine!”

“This piece is mine!”

“I was here first! First come, first served!”

[F*ck, shouldnt you all be ashamed of yourself Isnt this dude from Renbos team Youre here to beg for food]

[Can anyone tell me how delicious this roast lamb is]

[Is there a need to be so sour Delicious means delicious. What else is there to say Su Feifeis team has plenty of fish and meat every day, this should be nothing for them!]

“Feifei.” Xiao He was full. He walked over and whispered in Su Feifeis ear, “They usually talk about you like that, and you still give them food”

“Can the people in our group finish it all” Su Feifei asked.

“I cant finish it.” Xiao He pouted. “But... We cant give them that.”

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“It would be a waste if we dont give it out.” Su Feifei said simply.

Xiao He was stunned and stared at the lamb thoughtfully.

Yes, it would be a waste if they didnt give it away.

He had never thought of this.

Feifei was still the kindest!

Su Feifei patted his head. “Theres no need to keep some small grudges in your heart. Theres no harm in sharing. Dont take the wrong path and leave with no overnight grudges.”

Xiao He nodded, not fully understanding what she meant.

Bo Silin raised an eyebrow when he heard that.

Has this woman ever been this generous

[Shes opened my eyes. Feifei is awesome.]

[Ill be honest with you. That woman is really generous. When she hits you, she hits you. When she pampers you, she really pampers you.]

[No, I cant accept this!]

[There are so many people having a hard time accepting Feifei as who she really is, haha!]

“But, Feifei.” Xiao He asked, “What if they keep coming to find trouble How can you not keep this in your heart”

“Just take revenge on the spot,” Su Feifei said nonchalantly.

The two men had a change of expression when she said that.

[So that was what she meant when she said to not hold overnight grudges. Good one!]

[Shell take revenge on the spot. Of course, it wont be overnight!]

[I f*king spat out the water in my mouth. Hahahahahaha!]

[I thought that Feifei had the aura of a saint today. I didnt expect that to come out of her.]

[Im really laughing my head off, good one!]

Su Feifei patted Xiao Hes shoulder.

“If theres enmity, it means theres resentment. If theres resentment, it means its unfair.” She continued, “As long as you try your best to be fair, you wont have to bear grudges in your heart.”

Xiao He mulled over this sentence and felt a little upset.

He suddenly thought of the many times when he had to swallow his anger in the workplace.

It was only after he met Bo that his situation became better.

In this circle, it was all about worshiping the strong and stepping on the weak. Many times, he hated himself for not having the courage to stand up for himself.

He had to admit that Feifeis words were exactly what he needed to hear. That was the exact moment that he decided to fully pledge his loyalty to Feifei.

[Xiao He, you look like youve made an incredible decision in life]

[Xiao He, you still have a long way to go in life. If you learn from Su Feifei, you might be able to live longer.

[Xiao He, there are some things that we cant listen to.]

[Xiao He, you should believe in her. Lets just be ourselves.]


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