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Chapter 27: Was She Wrong

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Su Feifei pulled her hand away from Su Lings and lightly said, “I see.”

[Cant Su Feifei get lost Shes blocking me from looking at the beauties.]

[Emmm, I dont think sisters should be like this.]

[Su Ling! I love you!!]

[Hubby, look at me!]

[Su Ling, I love you!!!]

The screen was instantly filled with heart-eyed comments, and there were many actions to control the comments.

In the beginning, everyone found it rather fresh. After looking at it for a long time, even Director Liu felt that the comments were foul.

[After looking at Su Ling and Qiao Hefengs fans, I realized how high-quality Bos fans are.]

[Yeah, Bos fans are several times better than these twos fans, but Ive never seen anyone flood the screen like this.]

[Do you guys think that youre awesome This is so annoying, cant you guys take a break We passers-by also want to watch the show in peace.]

Director Liu looked at the screen and immediately sent out a message. In the end, a few fans came out to apologize, saying that it was the result of the fans impulsiveness and that they should idolize their idols.

At this moment, in Su Lings fan group, everyone was having a meeting.

The ones who spoke were all Su Lings long-time fans. This time, Su Ling took on the program at the last minute, so they didnt have much time to prepare. When they heard that it was a survival show on a deserted island, they immediately became vigilant.

“Su Feifeis recently become popular because of her show. If Su Ling goes over now, wouldnt that id*ot be trying to leech off our Su Lings popularity That was impulsive of her to join this show!”

“I think the show is very popular right now. Its not a bad thing for Su Ling to go.”

“In short, well be ready at any time something bad happens. Su Feifei and our Su Ling have always been like oil and water. If Su Feifei does anything, well bring her down! Well avenge Su Ling!”


On a deserted island, Su Ling was stunned for a moment and frowned.

It seemed that Su Feifeis personality had really changed.

She must know that she was a little popular now, right Was that why she was acting this coy

This b*tch!

It was her mistake that she didnt kill her sister with her own bare hands the first two times.

Before, when she got her into the deserted island program, Su Ling was fully prepared to become an only child.

The werewolf was arranged by her, and so was Shen Ruoqing. Originally, there was a third person, but after watching the two live broadcasts, she felt that Su Feifeis behavior was very strange. If she didnt come to see it herself, Su Ling would not be at ease.

Sure enough, Su Feifei had changed drastically.

This time, Su Ling would never let Su Feifei return to the Su family!

This family should only have one daughter.

If Su Feifei didnt know her place, Su Ling would just show her herself!

Su Ling squinted her eyes and changed her expression. Soon, she smiled at Su Feifeia gain and said, “Its fine if you dont want to hold my hand. You probably dont want the dirt to stick one me, right”

After saying that, she put on a sad look again.

[Oh my, what an angel!]

[Im bursting into tears! Su Ling is such a good person. Whoever dares to bully her will have to get past me first!]

In the past, as long as Su Ling did this, Su Feifei would feel guilty and apologize and again. This time, she even brought Qiao Hefeng, so Su Feifei would definitely grovel at her feet.

Thats right, Su Ling thought.No matter if its Su Feifei or Qiao Hefeng, they can only follow her lead!

One second passed…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Su Ling silently counted the time in her heart. Until the tenth second, Su Feifei still didnt say anything.

On the other hand, Qiao Hefeng, who was behind her, took a big step forward. “Su Feifei! What kind of sister are you Cant you see how sad your sister is”

Su Feifei shot him a cold glance.

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She wanted to retort, but she suddenly felt uncomfortable and frowned.

Memories made up a persons entire being. Even if she had no feelings for him now, when she faced Qiao Hefeng, she subconsciously carried the original bodys emotions and thoughts.

[Sure enough, Subo Potters, wake up. The Subo Pot ** is sinking. Su Feifei still likes Qiao Hefeng.]

[Didnt she hire people to follow Qiao Hefeng before How much do she like him]

[Su Feifei, get lost, okay Look at what youre doing to your sister!]

[The Subo Pot ship will never be a slave! Feifei, stand up for yourself! Wheres the energy that you had when you faced a Bo!]

The corners of Qiao Hefengs lips curled up arrogantly, and his tone softened a little. “You have to change when you know youre wrong. Youre the older sister, why dont you comfort your younger sister”

“What did she do wrong” Bo Silin suddenly spoke and stood beside Su Feifei, facing Qiao Hefeng.

[Oh my! The best actor is protecting his wife!]

[I dont understand Su Ling. Why is she making a big deal out of it]

[Su Ling has a heart of glass. Doesnt Su Feifei know that Isnt she clearly targeting her Are Bo Silins fans brainless]

[Im speechless. Yes, yes, yes, everyone has to take care of your Su Ling. Whatever shall we do with that glass hard… haha whatever.]

[Its fine to spit on Su Feifei, but dont drag Bo along.]

Su Feifei took a moment to recover. She then reached out and pulled Bo Silin back.

What kind of logic was there for her subordinates to stand up for her

However, this action was seen differently in everyones eyes.

Bo Silins eyes darkened as he stared at Su Feifei. His gaze slowly moved from her face to the hand that was holding him.

[Oh my gosh its happening!]

[He looks disappointed, look at his eyes! He was standing up for her, but she was stopping him from touching another man! I cant watch a sadistic love story!]

[Sigh, just give up. Su Feifei isnt good enough for you.]

[The ship is sinking…]

Qiao Hefeng looked at Su Feifeis expression and raised his eyebrows smugly.

I watched the live broadcast before I came and thought that Su Feifei had changed a lot. Now, not only did she become prettier, but she also became strange.

Wasnt she still the same Crazy

Just like before, she was a flower-crazy id*ot who would wave at him and would wag her tail like a dog. He scoffed in his heart, but he did not show it on his face.

“Thats enough. Just apologize to Su Ling, and Ill...”

“Apologize” A cold voice came from those red lips.

Qiao Hefeng was stunned at being interrupted. At the same time, Bo Silin also looked up at Su Feifei in surprise.


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