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Chapter 26: Im Here!

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Her eyes were directly fixed on Renbos crotch.

It was clearly a frivolous threat, but when it came out of Su Feifeis mouth, it seemed particularly real.

[I actually felt a f*cking pain in my crotch.]

[Im a man and Im watching the live broadcast. I just turned it on. Why do I suddenly feel like Im being attacked through the screen as well]

[If you dont know, just ask.]

[Feifei, why are you so funny when you threaten people]

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[You only think its funny I think its hilarious!]

Renbo still wanted to say something but when he opened his mouth, he closed it in fear.

The thought of being hit in between the legs caused him to hesitantly take a step back. Moreover, no one doubted the truth of Su Feifeis words.

“Still not scramming” Su Feifei raised her eyebrows and looked back. The three strong men put down their rice bowls and walked behind Su Feifei, rubbing their hands in anticipation.

Renbos eyes were filled with unwilligness as he took another step back.

At this moment, the comments began to argue.

[No, what right does Su Feifei have to hit him]

[Why dont you fight back Isnt she asking for a beating]

[But thats not to the extent of hitting someone, right He only said a few words…]

[But, the one with the raised eyebrows is so handsome.]

[Hes plans to kill Bo and snatch his wife! Denfend your rights!]

[The Subo Pot ship cant be ignored!!]

The three burly men stood out. Seeing the three men with their hands crossed in front of their chests, the others left silently.

In a helicopter, Su Ling frowned and took off the soundproof earcover.

Qiao Hefeng was sitting opposite her. He had a pair of peach-shaped eyes, but they were rounder and bigger than Bos, making his originally handsome eyebrows look particularly out of place, exuding a feminine aura for no reason.

This time, she brought Qiao Hefeng as backup should anything happen. If necessary, he could kill Su Feifei in one strike.

The reason she did this was because Qiao Hefeng was Su Feifeis first love. It was also one of the reasons why Su Feifei had been criticized for so many years.

In order to pursue Qiao Hefeng, Su Feifei had hired a private detective to take photos of him. She even got drunk and harassed Qiao Hefeng, confessing her love for him with banners, and so on. When the media exposed her, her reputation was ruined.

Even though Su Feifei had harassed many male celebrities over the years, Qiao Hefeng was still her one and only.

Using Qiao Hefeng would only bring benefits and no harm.

Su Ling curled her lips. Back then, she had even sent photos of Su Feifeis bedroom and magazines. She couldnt be blamed for that. Su Feifeis bedroom was full of Qiao Hefengs posters and it looked like a shrine more than a room.

She was doing this for Su Feifeis own good. Why did she keep thinking about people she couldnt get

Qiao Hefeng sat down with a fawning smile on his face. “Su Ling, Ill definitely be able to get Su Feifei out of the show. Can you give us a chance”

Su Ling endured her disgust and tried to adjust her facial muscles. She gently smiled and said, “In that case, Ill have to thank you and think about it.”

“Hey, were here.” Su Ling saw the shape of the deserted island under the helicopter, and her smile suddenly widened.

Su Feifei, are you ready This time, Ill personally take action and Ill make sure you die with a clear explanation!

Su Feifei walked back to the dining table and sat back at her spot. The three burly men followed Su Feifei back and ate heartily.

She hadnt finished her lunch yet, so Su Feifei didnt have to go out to hunt just yet, she simply stayed behind to sort out the chopped wood.

The bark could be made into tiles through simple processing, which Su Feifei had learned from her past tutor.

It was really a nostalgic day.

Su Feifeis hands didnt stop moving while Tiantian continued to pick the herbs.

Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise at the resting point. She turned around and saw that everyone seemed to have come out of their tents.

Director Lius voice was heard through the loudspeaker.

“Everyone, lets give Su Ling a warm welcome, and our handsome Qiao Hefeng a round of applause!”

Su Ling Qiao Hefeng

Su Feifei had some impression of this name. She straightened up when she heard this. Although they were sisters, they had never gotten along well with each other.

As for this Qiao Hefeng... D*mn, could this memory be erased

The comments instantly boiled over.

[Yo! You guys havent forgotten Su Feifei and Qiao Hefeng, right]

[Theres about to be a showdown soon!]

[Back then, Su Feifei even threw her underwear at Qiao Hefeng!]

[Qiao Hefeng likes Su Ling, right The last time I saw someone hit on her, he almost went insane. The love in Qiao Hefengs eyes almost overflowed!!!]

[I love watching this drama!]

The number of people in the live broadcast room surged.

Director Liu looked at the increase in the number of people and curled his lips in satisfaction.

The broadcast system was hit, and Su Lings sweet and ethereal voice came from the receiver.

“Hello, everyone! Im Su Ling, does anyone know where my sister is”

“Over there! Bo Silin is with her!” Someone pointed the way for Su Ling. Su Ling gently looked at that person. That person covered his chest as if he was intoxicated and continued, “Can I take a picture with you I really like you!”

Su Ling naturally nodded her head. That person stepped forward, and Su Ling stood beside him. She could truly be described as slim and elegant.

After the photo was taken, the person was trembling as he walked. Su Ling was very worried, “Be careful. Dont fall.”

[Wow, wow, wow, Su Ling is so considerate!]

[Is there anyone who doesnt know that shes a gentle and generous person]

[Didnt Bo Silin act with Su Ling before At that time, the show was also very popular. If only these two could really become a couple!]

[I agree!]

[Hahaha, that person even specifically said that Bo Silin fell for her too! Time to rock the boat!]

Su Ling greeted everyone with a smile and then headed in the direction that person pointed.

Leaving the camera, Su Lings face instantly became expressionless.

“Whats wrong” Qiao Hefeng asked. “Tired”

There were no cameras here, so Su Ling was too lazy to deal with Qiao Hefeng. She turned around and said in a bad tone, “I just finished taking a photo with a fan and need to rest. Hefeng, can you let me have some time alone”

Qiao Hefeng didnt know what to do. He pulled Su Lings hand, but Su Ling shook it off and walked forward with an impatientscoff. Qiao Hefeng chased after her and apologized in an extremely humble manner.

The two of them soon arrived at Su Feifeis campsite. It was also easy to find because the people in Su Feifeis group had walked back and forth and created a small path.

Su Feifei was right in front of them... And so was Bo Silin.

Su Ling looked at Bo Silins eyes, which were filled with unreadable emotion.

Bo Silin did not notice her arrival at all.

Su Ling immediately stepped forward with a smile. She warmly grabbed Su Feifeis hand and said, “Dear sister, Im here to accompany you.”


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