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Chapter 25: How Dare You Hit Me!

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The next second, the little follower walked in Su Feifeis direction while chewing on a sausage.

“How is it Su Feifei, youdont have any more food, right” The lackey laughed. “Renbo said that if youre really poor and cant afford food, he could help you out. Come with us. In the future, well eat and drink well, and well have as many sausages as we want...”

His voice was getting weaker and smaller as he looked around.

Under everyones gaze, Su Feifei held a leaf in her hand and carried out a pot that was three times wider than her.

The pot was filled with a big fish. The soup was milky white and glowed under the sun.

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There was a thud and the sausage in the lackeys mouth fell to the ground.

He belatedly called out, wanting to reach out to grab the sausage, but the sausage had already rolled several times in the soil.

The lackey didnt mind picking it up to eat, but he was a man of status in front of the camera. He had been hanging out with a few young lads outside of the island. He would eat and drink well, but coming to a deserted island to pick up sausages to eat from the floor... It would be a little embarrassing if word got out.

He retracted his hand.

[If Im not mistaken, that man wanted to pick it up, right]

[Im really going to die of laughter from this livestream one day hahahahaha!]

[Who is this Isnt he from the Ji family. I think his name is Ji Yun]

[youre right, its Ji Yun.]

[The Ji family is a reputable family, so why is he picking up food from the ground to eat]

Renbos expression didnt look too good the moment she brought the pot out.

He watched helplessly as the pot was placed in front of the rest. The fragrance directly floated out of the pot and entered his nose. He immediately clenched his fists tightly.

Where did this woman get the fish from There was meat yesterday, and fish today.

“Meat! Theres meat!” The brawny man laughed.

“Its super fragrant!”

“Feifei, your cooking smells so good!” Tiantians eyes were also starry, and her face was filled with admiration.

“Try it.” Su Feifei said with a smile.

The brawny man in the lead was the first to put a piece of fish into his mouth. It was so hot but he was not willing to spit it out even though he was panting.

“Its delicious! Its really delicious!” The burly man closed his eyes and savored the taste carefully. “The fish is fine and smooth without any fishy smell. Not only that, but the fragrance of various spices are tickling my taste buds! Even if I die here today, itll be worth it!”

He didnt expect the brawny man to have that many adjectives on him.

Su Feifei stood there for a while before she went to prepare the rest of the rabbit meat.

This time, the best thing to exchange the points for was oil. They didnt need to eat stew, but they still had to replenish their oil. If the human body didnt consume enough oil for a long time, it was easy for the oil-soluble vitamins to be insufficient due to insufficient oil intake, which was not conducive to health.

Therefore, the second dish today was wild ginger and fried rabbit meat.

First, she killed the rabbit and drained its blood. Since it was fresh, there was no smelly meat smell. Then, she heated the pot and poured the oil. After frying the wild ginger, she added the rabbit meat, added salt to season it, and then added all kinds of spices.

The smell of the wild ginger instantly spread throughout the camp, and it was even more fragrant than before!


[This is terrible. This scene is terrible for the sausage lads!]

[Hahahahahahaha look at Renbo, look at Renbo, his face is green!]

[Im **ing laughing my *ss off!]

The faces of Renbo and the others were stale.

Standing in place, holding the sausage that had made them ecstatic a few minutes ago, now made them feel like a clown.

At this time, the rice that Su Feifei had asked Tiantian to steam was also ready.

This meal consisted of stewed fish with wild ginger, stir-fried rabbit with wild ginger, soup, meat, and rice that they had exchanged for. It was an impressive meal.

[Im f*cking gnawing on a big bun now and am still hungry looking at that.]

[This is insane, theyre eating better than I am in the city.]

[No, is this really called wilderness survival]

[This is Su Feifeis food show.]

[Im speechless. I only know how to cook instant noodles.]

[It definitely looks delicious!]

All the dishes were served, and the aroma that wafted out attracted the people around them to come over and smell it.

The people from the other camps also came over.

“It smells so good! Su Feifei, you have fish and meat. Where did you get them”

Renbo held his breath and when he heard this, he said sarcastically, “They have a sponsor in their group, of course they can get meals like this.”

Su Feifei was not the only supposed sponsor in the group, Bo Silin was also unknowingly included in the scolding!

The comments were instantly riled up.

However, the two of them didnt have the slightest intention of caring about the others.

Su Feifei was holding a bowl of rice and eating it happily. Bo Silin was also drinking fish soup at the side.

The meat was very flavorful, and the soup was fresh and sweet!

[Theyre ignoring you, hahahahaha.]

[Is the fish soup that delicious]

[Renbos words are indeed a bit despicable. This time, the program team is following us and we all saw how Su Feifei caught rabbits and caught fish. I didnt like her love-struck look before, but there doesnt seem to be any suspicious behavior in this live broadcast, right]

[Emmm, I think so... But I dont know…]

[I think that Su Feifei is a little cute.]

[Me too!]

Suddenly, many people seemed to be on Su Feifeis side.

Within the island, Renbo didnt know about this. His jealousy had already burned to the back of his head. In addition, he had suffered such a big loss in front of everyone today. How could he tolerate it

“What is it Did I say anything wrong” Renbo gritted his teeth, “The festival Group should treat everyone equally. Its fine if its only once or twice, but to provide food for that group for a long time is ridiculous, what do you think we are”

These harsh words came directly to his side, and could no longer be ignored.

Xiao He was so angry that he put down his bowl.

This guy really affected his appetite!

He was about to step forward when Su Feifei reached out and pulled him back.

“Feifei! We shouldnt accept this type of behavior!” Xiao He stomped his feet and cried out, “Hes getting more and more insatiable!”

“I wont hold back, dont worry.” Su Feifei put down her bowl and drank the last two mouthfuls of fish soup. Then, she stood up, walked in front of Renbo, and swallowed the rest of the food in front of him.

Renbos face flushed red.

“Whats wrong Youre anxious” Renbos tone became even more sinister, “‘m not wrong, right The famousSu Feifei and the best actor Bo Si- Ah!”

Su Feifei raised her hand and punched Renbos face!

Renbo retreated and directly fell to the ground!



Everyone hurriedly went to help him up.

The director team was so scared that they even put down their lunch boxes.

Xiao He and Tiantian were bewildered.

Was this what Feifei meant by she wont hold back This was too unbearable!

Bo Silin, who was about to come over menacingly, but suddenly stopped. When he saw what happened, his eyes immediately filled with a smile.

The scene of him being flipped over on the ground that day was still vivid in his mind. Now, it seemed that Su Feifei had shown mercy the first time they interacted.

“Su Feifei!” Renbo finally reacted, covering his face and raising his head in shock.

“You hit me You dare to hit me”

“Why wouldnt I” Su Feifeis eyes were incomparably sharp, causing Renbos sharpness to be suppressed again and again, “Renbo, if you come to my camp to make a scene again, do you think Id let you slip past easily”


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