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Chapter 24: The Better Meal

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[Im dying of laughter. They only know how to eat.]

[These three are really nimble and have a huge appetite. Im starting to worry for Feifei, hahahaha!]

[The only time their eyes shine is when food is around, hahaha!]]

Su Feifei quickly rubbed a dry wooden stick against another dead branch. Soon, a small wisp of smoke floated out, accompanied by the strong smell of burning wood. Su Feifei sped up her movements and dug deeper into the hole. She didnt stop until a fire appeared.

She protected the heat with both hands and put the burning fire into the prepared pile of dry grass. The dry grass crackled as it burned, and then she stacked wood from small to large on top of it, and a pile of fire rose up.

In tropical weather, if she started a fire at noon, she might get a heat stroke, so Su Feifei simply delayed her meal time by three hours.

“Captain!” Tiantian suddenly appeared behind Su Feifei.

Su Feifei was stunned for a moment before she reacted. “Whats wrong”

“When are we eating” Tiantian smacked her lips in embarrassment.

She was really hungry. The bowl of snake soup last night had aroused her taste buds, but in order to give more meat to her three new members who were doing hard labor, she chose to drink the soup for breakfast.

In addition, she had worked very hard in the morning to pick the herbs, and now her stomach was growSu Ling.

“Soon enough.”

Su Feifei immediately stood up and placed all the kitchenware she had just exchanged in front of her. Then, she began to process the fish. She cut open the stomach and chopped it into pieces.

The items exchanged this time were all related to cooking. There were pots, bowls, ladles, basins, and all kinds of seasonings. Su Feifei had been in the army before. She could endure everything except for a little desire for food. Thus, she had also learned good cooking skills.

The fish had a strong fishy smell, and the wild vegetable she had asked Tiantian to pick this time was wild ginger, which came in handy.

The rest were just various spices that she had exchanged for when she roasted the rabbit last time. She just had to sprinkle some other seasoning and she was done.

A dish of stewed fish with wild ginger was made very quickly, and everyones stomach growled.

The fish soup was milky white, and the fish meat looked tender!

At the same time, in Renbos camp.

“Renbo, youre too strong! Ive exchanged nearly two hundred points this time!”

“No way.” Renbo laughed, “Its all because you guys put in a lot of effort.”

Although he was smiling on the surface, he was worried in his heart.

These five people had only picked 200 points.

When he was alone, he could already collect 100 points. At that time, he only needed to take care of his stomach.

However, now, he had taken on a lot of work... But in front of the camera, he could only clench his teeth and not show his disappointment.

“Director Liu, Id like to exchange my points for sausages,” Renbo said into the microphone.

“One sausage for 20 points.” Director Lius emotionless voice sounded.

20 points... Although it was within his expectations, Renbo still felt his heartache.

There were five people, so they should at least have one each, right

The rations that these five people gathered had been directly exchanged for sausages! Only sausages!

Not to mention that one sausage was not enough for each person. He still had to use his share of work to pay 20 points to buy bread for them...

Renbo suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and exchanged for the sausages and bread.

Everyone received the sausages and immediately cheered, “Wa! Renbo, you are the best!!”

“Renbo is the strongest!”

“We should really let Su Feifei take a look!”

When Renbo heard these words, his expression became better.

“Yeah!” The little sidekick remembered. “Su Feifei should be having lunch now, right”

“Lets go, lets go show off!”

Renbos side didnt have any comments.

Most people were watching Su Feifeis live broadcast room. However, at this moment, in Su Feifeis live broadcast room, many comments were suddenly mentioning Renbo.

[Everyone, hurry over to Renbos side, something funny is about to happen...]

[Its really funny...]

[Friends, are you ready to eat I suggest you prepare an extra belly to avoid laughing too much]

At the same time, a large number of comments started to flood into Renbos stream.

Renbos phone started to ring.

Everyone was excited!

“Renbo, there is there are more than five hundred people in the stream! Ive never heard it before!”

“Thats right, Renbo. Its better to follow you. The number of people has increased so quickly!” Another person said excitedly.

Renbos brows rose up, his lips tilted up, trying to act like he was used to it. In fact, it was his first time experiencing it.

It seemed that the audience loved watching them go to see Su Feifei and battle.

In this line of work, popularity and traffic were all that mattered.

Everyone who had risked their lives to participate in this show had the same thought.

As long as there was traffic, it would be worth it!

Thinking about this, Renbo puffed up his chest and the smile on his face became more real.

“Dont say that about Feifei. Shes just a straightforward person. Lets go see how shes doing and see if she needs any help. If she really needs it, I dont mind sharing some of the food with her.”

[Dont worry, she doesnt need it.]

[Dont go over. This is a friendly warning.]

[Youll just be asking for trouble.]

[Renbo, get ready for some tea.]

[Fine, do whatever your fans say. You dont know what it is that brought funds into the group.]

[Im dying of laughter. Can Su Feifeis fans not be an eyesore here]

[Cant you just watch quietly Must they fight Is it that hard to get along with each other]

There were still a lot of people openly berating Su Feifei.

However, the wind had already started to change.

Before Renbo and the rest even arrived, they could smell the fragrance of the fish in the air.

“Whats that smell” Renbo stopped first.

The little sidekick frowned. “The production team is probably cooking something.”

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Renbo sighed, “If thats true, I really want to be in the directing team...”

At this moment, a staff member of the production team who was holding a lunch box had nothing to say!

[Hahahahaha, dont sigh. The production team is eating an even cheaper lunch than you would expect.]

[This lunch box has two meat and one vegetable. Im laughing at it. Its not as good as Su Feifeis meal…]

[Lets go and see Su Feifei. Shes more fun to watch than this guy.]

[The funniest incident of the year. A player eats better than the director]

[Director Liu, can we have a camera on you Please, Id really like to see the look on your face right now.]

[At first, I really hated Su Feifei, but now… look how the tables are about to turn!]

[This comedic effect is perfect!]

In the midst of the beautiful comments, Renbo arrived at Su Feifeis temporary camp.

At first glance, they only saw Su Feifeis figure, it was as if she was busy with something behind the tent.

There was something fragrant in the air, but they didnt think much about it.

He saw three strong men sitting alone, their six eyes filled with desire.

Was she starving them

“That is a pity,” Renbo said softly.

“Su Feifei, didnt you say that you were going to buy them food” The little sidekick came out and shouted, “Wheres the food Take yours out and show it off!”

With that, he pulled out his one jumbo sausage. With a longing and devilish smile, he deliberately bit into it in front of the camera!

“Mhmm,” a soul-shaking sigh came out of his nose. “Its delicious! This fragrance, this meaty taste...”

[I advise you to retreat now. Its not too late!]

[Im dying of laughter, look at that fool. Hahahahahaha, I shouldnt have opened this live broadcast room while drinking water!]

[I bet she thinks that hes a fool.]

[Your interpretation is correct my guy. Hahahahaha]

The production team was also at a loss for words. They looked at the screen and could not bear to continue watching.

This... Even a bloody case in the human world was better than watching this...


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