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Chapter 22: Love Hint

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Good lord, if Su Ling joins, this show will be the most legendary show for years to come!

He would become a legendary director after this show, and from then on, he could rely on this live broadcast to live out his retirement!

The other party said a few words, and Director Liu nodded and bowed. He kept responding kindly and then hung up the phone.

On the other side, Su Feifei walked over to the three strong men.

The burly man in the lead raised his hand in an unusual gesture.

Without waiting for him to speak, Su Feifei raised her hand and adjusted his odd gesture into a fist. She said seriously, “If you want to say something, you must say it like this.”

[Hahahahaha, you can say whatever you want to say queen.]

[Her subtle reminder for him to look manly, hahaha!]

The burly man was a little embarrassed. He scratched his nose shyly and lowered his head as he stood still.

Su Feifei heaved a long sigh of relief and instantly felt much better.

She cleared her throat and the three of them immediately focused their attention to her.

Theyre quite sensible, Su Feifei thought.

“Todays breakfast will be last nights snake meat soup. After youre done eating, go to Xiao He and ask for an axe.”

After picking herbs yesterday, she had an extra 55 points to use. Su Feifei added up the points she had left from the werewolf and bought three axes and a tent.

With the addition of the sleeping bags that had not been completely burned, the three of them finally had a place to sleep.

However, at the same time, there was nothing to eat today, and the heavy burden of finding food fell on Su Feifeis shoulder again.

Su Feifei felt someone carefully poke her on the back. She turned around and saw Tiantian standing right in front of her.

“Whats wrong” Su Feifei was always very patient with this little girl.

“That... If there are only three axes, what do I need to do” Tiantians voice was so soft that one wouldnt be able to hear her if they didnt listen carefully.

Su Feifei restrained her strength and gently patted Tiantians shoulder. Tiantians body stiffened slightly, overwhelmed by the unexpected affection.

“You can go and pick wild vegetables.” Su Feifeis tone softened a little. “Ill pick some examples for you. Pick according to the ones I will take, understand”

[This is hilarious. Feifei is so gentle with her.]

[Shes not even this gentle to Bo, hahaha]

[Subo Pot needs to step up!]

[Is there a possibility that Su Feifei is actually pretending to be nice]

[Thats just old conspiracy!]

Tiantian nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, captain!”

Su Feifei, who had suddenly become a captain, didnt know whether to laugh or cry. She patted Tiantians shoulder and prepared to leave.

Wait, there was still one person who had not been assigned a task.

The brooding best actor.

How could she waste such labor

Su Feifei turned around and realized that Bo Silin was already looking at her. He didnt move at all. His dark eyes were deep and alluring.

She walked straight towards him and Bo Silins gaze stayed the same.

“Follow me.” Su Feifei said briefly.

“Alright,” Bo Silin replied.

[That scheming girl!]

[As expected, you want the best actor to be with you!]

[Stay away from our baby and let him be alone, okay]

Su Feifei had made a mark when she came in, so it was easy to find the way out.

When the group of people walked out of the tent, they bumped into Renbos groupd of 4 to 5 people, who were also preparing to head up the mountain to pick herbs.

Because of Renbos herb skills, naturally there were many people who wanted to form a group with him.

Overnight, his team had grown.

“Yo, whos this” Renbos little follower saw Su Feifei and immediately called her out.

Renbo looked behind Su Feifei and kept silent. Su Feifei glanced at them coldly and had no intention of replying.

The little follower only arrived at Renbos team yesterday. The matter of Renbo and Su Feifei not getting along had long spread. If he didnt make a contribution of mocking her now, when else could he wait

The deserted island was an enclosed place. Knowing this, it was easy to form groups and produce vicious competition.

“Feifei.” The little sidekick smiled. “I heard that your team recruited three strong men yesterday Was the matter of sharing meals easily solved After all, its not every day that youll have the luck to find Su Lingzhi!”

The people behind him laughed along. Obviously, they felt that yesterdays incident was a complete accident.

Even if it wasnt, how many Su Lingzhi could be picked on the deserted island

Su Feifei only got lucky once. If she spent it carefully, she could still deal with her one-month food supply, but she was so reckless that she used the points irresponsibly.

Last night, they were thinking of what to tease her with. Lets see what Su Feifei will do this time!

“You dont have to worry about this!” Xiao He glared at him.

Tiantian also mustered her courage and said, “We had a great meal! Feifei roasted rabbit meat for us last night! How about you guys”

“Thats right!” Xiao He continued, “At most, well be eliminated and kicked out of the deserted island. Weve been eating meat for a few days. You guys only survived by eating bread. How can you feel superior to us”


The other party was furious.

Xiao He raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms with a cold expression.

Su Feifei glanced at Xiao He. This young man turned out to have such a sharp tongue.

“Lets go,” she said. She waved her hand and left with her men.

Renbo didnt make a fool of himself because of Bo Silins gaze, he didnt dare to say anything and could only swallow his anger.

“Look at how smug they are!” The little follower clenched his fists and said, “Su Feifei I saw you exchange it a large amount of points yesterday. Lets see what youll feed the three pigs today!”

“Thats right. Whats there to be arrogant about Well find out who has the last laugh tonight!”

Renbo immediately cut in, “Everyone, lets have an extra meal today, after were done picking the herbs, well go exchange the points for sausages.”

Hearing the word sausage the crowd immediately boiled over.

“Renbo sure is awesome!”

“I finally get to eat meat today!”

“Tonight, Ill take the sausage and go to Su Feifeis camp for a walk!”

The laughter echoed and reached Su Feifeis ears.

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The few of them had already split up while they were being mocked. Bo Silin followed Su Feifei and walked towards an open area.

Looking at the direction, it seemed like they were going to the beach

He narrowed his eyes and followed suit.

The tide had just receded. Su Feifei looked around and took out the exquisite slingshot Bo Silin had given her yesterday.

After she took out the slingshot, she suddenly felt that her hand was burning. She looked up and realized that Bo Silin had been staring at the slingshotin her hand.

She flashed the slingshot in her hand and said, “You want to go back”

Bo Silin was speechless and was silent for a while before he answered.

“No, I didnt say that.”

Did he look like someone who did not want to be there

“Thats good.” Su Feifei didnt take it to heart and went straight to the shallow sea.

[Did you guys see the resentful look in Bos eyes]

[It looks like his wife isnt picking up the hint…]

[Can you not misinterpret Bos intention When did he say that Su Feifei was his wife]

On the other side, Su Feifei walked to the shallow water area.

There were many stranded fish, seaweed, and so on. The seawater could also be brought back to be refined into salt.

It was too expensive to always buy salt from the Festival Group, and the unscrupulous merchant would raise the price from time to time. If this was in her dynasty, he would have been executed early on.

However, there was no other way now but to make do with what she had.

Su Feifei raised her hand and gestured for Bo Silin to walk over slowly. Bo Silin slowed down and said in a low voice, “Theres no net or spear. What will you use to catch fish”

Su Feifei raised her hand to her mouth and hissed.

“Watch and learn.”

Bo Silin heeded her orders because he knew that this woman was like a lunatic when it came to food.


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