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Chapter 2: Dirty!

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Everyone was speechless.

The world was silent. In the next second, a series of comments erupted.

[F*ck, F*ck, F*ck! Thats dirty!]

[Im dirty!]

[This, this, this... Could it be what Im thinking]

[I knew it! Shes always been that type of girl!]

[I didnt ask for this much information, should I even be watching]

[Su Feifei really does live up to her reputation... Shes the only one who would dare to say this!]

“But I remember that according to the timeline, Director Liu of that show... is the current director”

Sure enough, Director Liu was standing at the side, his face pale and his mouth agape.

Shen Ruoqings face turned red from the newly spread information.

“You! What nonsense are you spouting”

“What did I say” Su Feifei frowned.

She had indeed heard every sound.

It was noisy. Very, very noisy.

It was a fact that she had borrowed earplugs, but that Bo had not opened the door at all.

“No, its not like this!” Shen Ruoqing panicked. She did not expect Su Feifei to hear her that night!

Su Feifei glanced at her without any expression and continued to tease her.

“As for the concert tickets... Although you helped me get them for the sake of the hyaluronic acid promotion, Im still very grateful.”


[Hyaluronic acid Didnt Shen Ruoqing announce to the public that her mother had given birth to a beautiful woman and that she hated plastic surgery]

[I knew it. Look at her nose. Its so high!]

[No way. Do you guys believe Su Feifeis words Shes always been the one who f*cked others for fun. Shes extreme.]

[Thats true. Its not the first or second time that Su Feifeis words were full of lies. Her ravings are also very amazing.]

[Get out of the entertainment industry, you liar!]

[Stop attacking our Ruoqing!]

On the other side of the screen, Su Ling suddenly frowned and turned off the live broadcast.

What was going on Why did Su Feifei act so weirdly

In the past, Su Feifei wouldnt have been able to explain herself even if she had another mouth! Where did she learn to make bogus accusations

No, she had to inform the other side to speed up the progress. This time, she must make sure that Su Feifei would never return!

Director Liu looked at the bullet comments and felt both sad and happy. There was indeed traffic, but this was the first time he felt unwilling with this much attention...

They couldnt continue quarreling, it was all for his sake. He cleared his throat and picked up the loudspeaker.

“Quiet down!”

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The crowd immediately quieted down and turned to look at him.

“Im very happy that everyone has come to the show. This time, the number of people who signed up has increased, so the number of people who can enter the deserted island in the first batch has also increased. There are about a hundred people here!

“Everyone will be given a cell phone and you will be added to a group. You can call for help in times of crisis. Of course, you can also form an alliance and leave your phone numbers to contact each other. There are points on your phone that you can exchange for by doing missions, and the point leaderboard would be refreshed every night! You can use these points to exchange for food and daily necessities!

“Our economic system is also different from the previous season. The most obvious difference is the addition of an elimination system. You will play the role of savages in the jungle. In order to compete for territory, you can eliminate each other! As long as the mobile phone that is used to maintain their livelihood is snatched away, this person will be eliminated!”

As soon as he finished speaking, wails spread everywhere.

“You can still be eliminated by that! Doesnt that mean that men are born with an advantage”

“You will have a three-day protection period. You cant kill each other in these three days.” The director smiled and said, “In addition, many of our checkpoints are dominated by women. You can get the corresponding items to readily arm yourself.”

Even so, the surrounding people were still complaining about it. Some people had even started to discuss forming an alliance, and those who were familiar with each other automatically formed a team.

“Next, lets briefly introduce ourselves and talk about our strengths!” The director followed.

The live broadcast camera turned and landed on the number of players.

It started with a round-faced girl.

“My, my specialty is singing...”

Number two touched his shiny hair and said, “Im a model. I believe everyone in the industry has heard of my name, right I prefer music, I work out, and I advocate a nutritious life...”

The camera panned past them one by one.

Su Feifei was number 99.

When it was her turn, the screen was filled with countless curses again.

“Miss Su, whats your specialty”

The people around them laughed.

Specialty Su Feifei had a specialty Was she good at courting death

Shen Ruoqing could not help but lower her head and laugh.

She could not wait to see Su Feifei make a fool of herself! Everyone knew that Su Feifei had never learned anything since she was a child. She was also a well-known bad student in school! Did she have a specialty

In the next second, Su Feifei faced the camera and very seriously spat out two words.

“To kill.”

Everyone was speechless.

“K-Kill what”

Director Lius lips were trembling. A cold glance was given to him when he asked and that caused him to shake in fear.

She remained silent.

Whats so strange about that

For people like Shen Ruoqing, she could kill three people with one slash.

[Am I hearing things]

[Wait, are they allowed to talk nonsense]

[Did you guys notice that she was looking at our Ruowing when she said that What is she trying to do! Are you threatening our baby]

[This woman is too vicious!]

“Ah, this...” Director Liu choked and tried to smooth things over. “Lets cut the introductions and start!”

“Director, theres still one more person left!” Someone said weakly.

[Thats right. Su Feifei is number 99. What about the number 100]

[Its Bo! Its got to be! He hasnt appeared yet!]

[A god!]

[Wheres my honey pie!]

The directors eyes widened. Why did one of them speak up!

Back then, the director had used all his means to not let Bo join this series. However, no matter what he did, Bo insisted on coming! In the end, Bo managed to be the 100th person to join.

Now that he was here, that man refused to wake up when the director called for him. So the director decided to just let him be.

“Hes just come back from a job and is feeling a little dizzy, so he needs to rest. Anyway... Lets start first. It wont affect anything for now.” Director Liu said.

[My heart hurts!]

[I joined the live stream to see him! Why did I wait this long for nothing!]

[Did our lovely Bo join another program [How come I didnt know about this]

[Maybe its a private trip. Youve worked hard, Bo!]

[Bo, I love you!!!]

Comments about Bo instantly dominated the screen.

The director turned around and saw that everyone had automatically formed a team, leaving only Su Feifei standing in the same place.

The sun fell on her unkempt face, but she did not look as ridiculous as before. She stood alone, with the distant mountains and birds behind her, and for a moment, she looked a little aloof.

It was as if she did not belong to this world.

“Su Feifei!” Director Liu immediately called out, “You havent formed a team yet, so you can be in the same team as Bo! Youre in charge of waking him up, quickly!”

“What” Someone in the crowd immediately turned around. “What right does she have to be in the same group as Bo!”

“Director, this is not fair!”

Director Liu waved his hand, signaling for everyone to shut up.

What did they know How could this be a good job He was still feeling proud of himself for coming up with this idea. It felt good to punish Su Feifei for not keeping her mouth shut!


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