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Chapter 18: Devil Woman

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After that, Su Feifei left without looking back.

Bo Silin was left standing in the wind.

[Im dead.]

[Did she just kill a snake just now]

[Is it really okay for her to be so skilled]


[Subo Pot! Subo Pot! Their love keeps me full!]

[I dont care! I dont care! Ill accept this marriage!]

[Im convinced. Please act cute for us okay Ill let Bo go happily!]

[Mommy loves you!]

[Didnt anyone notice that Su Feifei just killed the snake and touched our baby Bo]

[Didnt anyone notice that after he was touched, he didnt use disinfectant on himself]

Bo Silin turned back and sniffed the remaining smell of blood in the air. His shoulder seemed to still be warm from her encouraging pat.

Those refreshing words still reverberated in his ears — I didnt dote on you for nothing. He pursed his lips, and after a while, a smile appeared in his eyes.

It seemed... Interesting.

When Su Feifei returned with the herb basket, the snake meat in her hand was also swinging back and forth.

The commenters felt their scalps go numb, saying that this woman was a devil.

At this moment, a group of people had gathered at the exchange point. It was noon, and only Su Feifei had gone out to pick herbs. Everyone was listless.

There was still an hour to go before the exchange point closed.

“Hey, youre back” Someone suddenly said.

Xiao He immediately stood up and waved at Su Feifei with a smile. “Feifei, Bo! Here, here!”

He didnt know how dangerously close Su Feifei was to dying just now. He was stunned when he saw the things in Su Feifeis hands.

What was the meaning of all this

The next second, Su Feifei threw the snake meat directly into Xiao Hes hands.

“Wash it clean and stew it tonight.”

Xiao He was stunned for two seconds, then he jumped up and shouted.

“Oh my gosh! A snake! A snake!”

Su Feifei slapped him and put him on silent mode. Xiao He glanced at her coldly and immediately stood up straight.

“Here! I dont want it.” He said reflexively.

After being trained by Su Feifei for the past two days, Xiao He finally did the horse stance perfectly. He was ten thousand times more efficient than the military training instructors.

“Whats the fuss about This is a rare good thing. Eat it once and I guarantee youll love it.” Su Feifei said.

Xiao He trembled and did not dare to move.

“Then, did you... Did you pick the herbs”


Renbo laughed out loud when he heard their conversation.

Picking herbs Su Feifei It was simply the funniest joke head heard in the past two days!

Su Feifei didnt even bother with him and placed the basket on the table.

“Check it.” She said concisely.

The staff member, who had been drowsy from the sun, immediately woke up. He raised his eyes and carefully examined the medicinal herbs Su Feifei had brought back under the dazzling sunlight.

At this time, the camera gave a close-up of what Su Feifei had brought back. There were only two mushrooms.

[Shes here, shes here. Su Feifei is back with her herbal medicine.]

[So Renbo picked a lot of mushrooms and you only picked a few]

[Shes forcefully using a few mushrooms to exchange for points, right]

[Im dying of laughter. Didnt she say that she would pick up herds instead of trash]

[Su Feifei deserves to die. Get lost.]

The worker held the item in his hand and compared it with the mushroom that Su Feifei had brought over. Everyone started whispering to each other.

“This staff member is really responsible.”

“For a herb thats nothing, youve flipped through your watch for so long.”

“Stop talking and let them do their thing!”

Everyones attention returned to the exchange counter.

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The staff member said something into the walkie-talkie, and the few of them looked at each other.

“Im sorry, but well have to ask the director about this.” The staff member said, then walked to the main control room on the mountain.

[Is it so trashy that it cant even be exchanged for a single point]

[Im dying of laughter!]

[Su Feifei really knows how to make fun of herself well.]

Renbo walked over and sized Su Feifei up, “So, what did you pick”

“Lingzhi,” Su Feifei replied indifferently.


The audience started chattering again.

Renbos mouth twitched after his shock.

Was this woman crazy When did Lingzhi be commonly found

Putting aside the fact that there were no conditions for Lingzhi to grow here, he had already walked around the edge of the deserted island and taken most of the valuable things. Su Feifei could only pick up what he had left, but now she was shamelessly boasting that she had found Lingzhi!

[This is awesome, Ill sh*t myself if its actually Lingzhi.]

[Im going to take a look. My mom just bought a whole bag of dried Lingzhi yesterday.]

[Lets go! Lets stew Lingzhi tonight!]

Renbos lips curled up, his smile mocking, “That thing Lingzhi can be exchanged for a lot of points! Unlike me, I can only exchange for more than a hundred points with some junk.”

He heavily emphasized the word only and anyone could hear the sarcasm in his tone. There were so many people present, but no one stood up for Su Feifei. Most of them felt that she deserved it.

“Hey, isnt that the director on the other side of the hill” Someone suddenly said.

Everyone was waiting to watch a good show as they all looked at the hillside.

Director Liu rushed down with a large group of people, his face serious. Walking to the counter, Director Liu picked up a magnifying glass and carefully observed the mushroom stem.

After putting down the magnifying glass, Director Liu let each of the staff members smell the mushrooms. In the end, he unwillingly placed the mushrooms on the scale and weighed them.

“Two of them together, five silver.” The staff member in charge of the calculations had a complicated expression on his face.

“Distribute the points to her account,” Director Liu gritted his teeth and said.

Everyone, including Renbo, pricked up their ears.

What Su Feifeis weeds could be used as points

Renbo stepped forward.

He wanted to hear it more than anyone else.

[Did the director send one point as a token of appreciation.]

[It should be more than that since she almost risked her life, right]

Su Feifei took out her phone and glanced at it. She nodded in satisfaction and turned around to leave.

Renbo walked up and smiled, “So, how many points did you get Im telling you, the director team is a mess. Im only able to get a hundred points even if I work myself to death, what about you Two mushrooms, how many points”

Su Feifei didnt even look at Renbo and corrected him, “Two Lingzhi. Not much.”

“How much is not much” Renbo stood in front of Su Feifei and said, “It cant be that you dont want to say because you dont have much, right Just say it, dont be shy. We wont say anything about you. Were all family.”

[Im dying of laughter. Su Feifei is feeling guilty now.]

[The annual drama from Renbo. The marketing team should take note of his skill.

[If the marketing team had the ability to make up stories, it would have been rich a long time ago.]

In Su Feifeis long silence, Renbos puffed out his chest in victory.

This woman must be saying this because she doesnt have many points! She had to slap him in the face like this for bullying his Ruoqing! If the slap didnt land on her own body, she wouldnt know true pain!

The people present were discussing and whispering to each other. Without a doubt, it was definitely not something good. From the moment Su Feifei came to this island, they had all kinds of prejudices against her.

“It really wasnt much...”

Su Feifei was calm and her voice wasnt loud, but Renbo and the people around could hear her.

“It was only five hundred points.”

“I told you, its okay, everyone is...” Renbos smile suddenly froze, the words of comfort he was prepared to say were stuck in his throat, and his eyes opened wide.

Wait, how much did she just say she had


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