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Chapter 16: Passionate Recruitment

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The Su family.

Su Ling snuggled up to her father, and her coquettish tone was well controlled.

“Dad, look at Feifei!

“Its fine if she goes out and embarrasses herself, but shes trying to hook up with the best actor Bo! If we let this go, we dont know what will happen!”

Her father frowned slightly and nodded. It was a little too much, wasnt it

“What do you think”

Su Ling lowered her head, and a sinister look appeared in her eyes.

The Su family was the sponsor of the werewolf battle that happened, so they could naturally provide some chosen people to join the werewolf team.

Su Ling had arranged one special person on a team. This persons original intention was to kill Su Feifei, but he was killed by Su Feifei in one move.

They were all trash!

Since Su Feifei had changed so much, she had to do it herself.

“Dad, tell the director to put more funds in and let me in. If we delay for a few more days, who knows what kind of trouble she will cause!”

“Sure,” he said after a while, narrowing his eyes.

On a deserted island, Su Feifei went to the directors team and borrowed a microphone.

There was a broadcast in the center of the resting point that could be heard by everyone on the island.

The staff member was dumbfounded. “What do you want”

Su Feifei didnt answer, instead, she turned around, walked up to the podium, and patted the microphone.

There was no one at the rest point. Everyone was picking herbs outside, and only a few people were resting.

The remaining people looked at Su Feifei.

[What is Su Feifei up to this time]

[Trouble brews whenever youre ugly…]

[Can you not be so brainless and criticize her while youre watching a show Its okay to say that Su Feifei is brainless, but isnt it too much to say that shes not good-looking]

[Ah Su Feifei is also as hot as her fans]

[Ah Youre starting to brainlessly protect your idol]

The screen was in a chaotic battle.

Everyone at the scene was also dumbfounded.

Su Feifei cleared her throat into the microphone and said in a clear voice, “Su Feifeis group is recruiting!”

The people who were looking for medicinal herbs all over the island stopped what they were doing.

What the heck


Who was she recruiting

Then, the clear voice continued.

“This group is recruiting strong men. The work mainly includes cutting trees, building houses, providing tools, and the remuneration is three meals a day. If you are interested, please contact Xiao He. Everyone is welcome to sign up and achieve a win-win situation!”

Su Feifeis recruitment notice was as concise as she usually was, and she left after she finished.

Most of the people who heard this slowly had a question mark appear above their faces.

Are the meals enough for everyone

No, when did this Su Feifeis brain get damaged No, her brain had always been abnormal!

From the time they fought the werewolves until now, she had not been normal!

Not to mention building a wooden house, how many tools could she provide, let alone food Two people Three people Wasnt this just pure fantasy

Su Feifei didnt care so much and returned to the camp.

Xiao He looked at Su Feifei worriedly. “Feifei, are you sure someone will come”

“A brave man came out under the heavy reward.” Su Feifei said simply and sat down to do her own things.

Now that they were short of food, it was the most advantageous situation for her to control the deserted island.

As for the wooden house... It had to be built. In the future, her team would grow stronger, and there would be more and more people under her.

She couldnt let her soldiers live in tents all the time, especially for… Su Feifei glanced at Bo Silin, who was distributing tree bark under the shade of a tree. Especially this one, he was hard to raise.

Bo Silin, who was glanced at from the corner of his eyes for no reason looked at her with a tilted head.

It was as if he was asking if she needed anything.

On the other side, Xiao He let out a long sigh. “What are we going to do now”

“Well wait,” Su Feifei sat down.

Perhaps it was because Su Feifei had done so many incredible things before, but the results were amazing, Xiao He had already subconsciously thought that Su Feifei was going to use some surprise move to win.

He didnt expect that Su Feifei could only wait here quietly. From the morning sun to the sunset, no one came to apply for the job.

“It doesnt seem like this will work…” Xiao He said disappointedly.

As soon as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly appeared on the side.

Xiao Hes eyes lit up and he quickly walked over.

“Miss, are you here for the interview”

The little girl stepped back and Xiao He immediately pulled her back to the camp.

“Lets go! Lets take care of your food!”

[Im dying of laughter! Whats there to take care of Hahahaha!]

[What has Xiao He become after being enslaved by Su Feifei]

[Absolute within absolute, Xiao He is really miserable]

[Its as if Ive entered a multi-level marketing organization, and Im bent on being a social animal for Su Feifei.]

The girl tried to avoid him, but in the end, he still pulled her in front of Su Feifei.

Xiao He quickly sat in front of the girl and said with a warm smile, “You look unfamiliar. Do you know which group this is”

The girl nodded her head honestly.

Xiao He continued, “Its good that you know. Were family now that youre here! Let me introduce myself first. Im Xiao He, this is captain Feifei, one of the leaders of the team, and this Bo. You should know him. What about you”

The girl quickly glanced at Bo Silin, her face flushed and she hid further away as she whispered.

“Im Tiantian.”

“Hi, Tiantian.” Xiao He nodded.

She did look very sweet.

The atmosphere turned awkward for a moment.

“That...” The girls hand was half-raised. “Are you providing food Tonight… ”

Xiao Hes stomach started to growl at the right time.

“Yes, yes!” Xiao He smacked his head and looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei stood up and walked over to Tiantian.

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Tiantian immediately took a step back in horror and placed her hands on her chest.

“Since youre here, you can have your meal.” Su Feifei stood up, boiled some wild vegetables into a soup, and handed it to her. “Lets deal with it today.”

Deal with it

Tiantian, who had been munching on bread for two days, instantly burst into tears.

This is hot soup! How could this be considered being dealt with

Her good impression of Su Feifei instantly rose, and she wasnt so afraid of her anymore.

On the first day, when she saw Su Feifei kick Bo Silins stool, she was so scared that she flinched. However, now, it seemed... It didnt seem that scary.

Tiantian felt her stomach warm up after drinking it.

She moved her tent here and officially joined Su Feifeis team.

It was dawn.

The exchange points began to work as scheduled.

This time, Renbo was at the front of the line with a pile of herbs.

The staff members counted the items in a hurry, and every one revealed envious looks.

“As expected of you. This kind of herb is like a weed to us, but its easy for others to get it.”

“Indeed. I havent seen the tattered tents in the past few days, but theyve been replaced with new ones. I dont have to worry about food and clothes anymore.”

“Now, look at us.” The person who spoke laughed bitterly.

After Renbo exchanged for the herbs, he took a look at Su Feifei and waved his phone. A huge number of points appeared on the screen.

He deliberately glanced at Su Feifei, his pride overflowing in his words.

[Im dying of laughter. Is he trying to provoke her]

[Bo was obviously biased last time, I guess Renbo isnt done with whatever he has planned.]

[Fight! Fight!]

[I dont think Feifei will fight with her great personality…]

[Su Feifei has fans now. What has the world turned into]


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