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Chapter 15: Subo Pot Ship

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Su Feifei finally remembered who this person was.

Wasnt this Shen Ruoqings lover

As expected of the person who fell for Shen Ruoqing. His jabs were not bad at all. He just had some training from Ruoqing.

Xiao He rolled his eyes at Renbo and was about to say something when Su Feifei raised her hand and pulled him back.

“Xiao He, forget it.” She said lightly, “Dont be bothered by small things in life.”

“Thats right!” Xiao He immediately agreed. “Do you know what these types of people are called Illiterate!”

When Renbo heard that his face changed and he shouted, “What did you just say”

He walked over from the exchange point and squinted his eyes. The 1.9-meter tall man stood in front of Su Feifei, casting a shadow in front of her.

Su Feifei sneered.

“Did you not get what he said” She shook the grass in her hand, her eyes slowly raising up to look straight into Renbos eyes, “I said, I wont compare myself with a clear id*ot, did you hear me clearly this time”

[F*ck, f*ck, theyre fighting!!]

[Why are you fighting so intensely so early in the morning]

[I was a little sleepy, but Im awake now! Fight! Fight!]

Renbos face was red with anger, and his chest heaved up and down, only after a long while did he blurt out, “What else do you know besides pleasing men Even if he had so many points yesterday, didnt he still exchange them for a bunch of useless things in the end Are you jealous that I used these herbs to exchange for points Thats true isnt it” He scoffed coldly. “After all, mine is the long-term path to survival. I won it fair and square!”

“Yes, good for you.” Su Feifei nodded.

Renbo was speechless.

His punch landed on cotton.

Shouldnt she have fought with him in the normal way With another retort Why was she praising him instead

He couldnt do anything about this.

While he was still in a daze, Su Feifei got up and didnt bother to talk to him any further.

Renbo was anxious and immediately took a step forward to pull her. However, before his fingers could touch Su Feifei, he was suddenly pulled back.

Turning his head, Renbo saw a pair of cold and mocking eyes. His pupils were very light and amber in color. His entire persona didnt fit in with the image of the deserted island as he looked noble and elegant. The coldness he exuded made Renbo frozen in his spot.

“Lets chat.” Bo Silin only tugged at the corner of his shirt before letting go immediately. He lowered his head and slowly wiped his face with a disinfectant paper towel.

[Bo, you grabbed Su Feifei just now but you didnt wipe your hands]

[Did you forget to do it Dont worry, its forgivable if its only once or twice!]

[Ill never admit that my baby Bo has a double standard!]

Renbo was stunned by that behavior.

Bo Silin threw the disinfectant tissue away and looked at him.

“Just now, you said that the man she was trying to please, was it me” He asked.

It seemed to be a normal question, but there was a lot of hidden meaning in it.

Renbo trembled from that sudden attack!

In an instant, the best actor shot his first bullet! It was rumored that he was a black and white person. Everyone in the industry knew that those who had offended Bo Silin would not do anything to him in front of him, but would definitely want to stab him in the back.

It was the kind where whenever someone was unhappy with him, he would come back and stab them after a year!

Therefore, there was an unspoken rule in the industry. It didnt matter if he offended the director. He could just give the director some money and find some connections to cool the situation down. At most, the director just had to grit their teeth in suspension.

However, to offend Bo Silin That was just asking for a free funeral.

Renbos lips started to tremble.

“I-I... I didnt mean it that way...”

“Oh really” Bo Silin smiled, but there was a hidden knife in his smile. “I think thats what I heard.”

“I only meant...”

“It seems that your words can be easily misunderstood.”

Su Feifei was also attracted by the commotion and turned around to look.

Renbo trembled like a leaf.

“No bro, I just...”

“Bro Were that close”

Renbos entire body was drenched in sweat! He should not have spoken so hastily just now and mentioned Bo Silin!

“Bo, Im sorry! I really didnt mean it!”

“I dont need an apology.” As Bo Silin spoke, he glanced in Su Feifeis direction.

Su Feifei, who received his gaze, was speechless.

Why was he looking at her

Also, why was Renbo shaking like that

Was Bo Silin really that scary

Her soldier was not that simple after all.

Renbo immediately understood what Bo Silin meant.

He turned around and rushed to Su Feifei. He was very unwilling, but when he thought about the dark and cold eyes behind him, he could only clench his teeth and say, “Im sorry! It was my fault that I spoke like that just now!”

[What! Is Bo standing up for Feifei]

[Dont ask if its true or not. Its already very obvious, okay]

[It must be because theyre teammates!]

[Although this couple is strange, I cant stand the main character!]

[Impossible, impossible, impossible! I dont believe it!]

[Bo, open your eyes and look! Im not against you dating! Look at whats on the other side! Lets at least find a partner in the world of the living, okay]

[This isnt something that Bo would do for fun, right Im guessing that it must be because he received those bath products. This is a return gift! I must be!]

On the other hand, Su Feifei didnt have much of a reaction to Renbos apology and just nodded.

Renbo gritted his teeth and turned around as his whole demeanor turned cold.

This time, Bo Silin must have returned the favor by helping Su Feifei.

Su Feifei wouldnt be so lucky next time!

As soon as he left, Bo Silin raised his eyebrows and glanced at Su Feifei.

This woman should be grateful to him, right

She was clumsy with her words. If he hadnt stepped in, wouldnt she have been bullied to death

The next second, Su Feifei came over. Under the sun, her skin was fair and shiny, and even her messy hair looked naturally done.

Bo Silin was ready for the praises. When this woman thanked him, he would reluctantly accept it. The gift she had given him last night was indeed very much to his liking.

Then, he heard Su Feifei speak.

“Tell me, what reward do you want” Su Feifei said, “I can afford it.”

This tone actually had a hint of doting.

Bo Silin was speechless.

A reward… Did she think that he was expecting a reward

“Its fine. Dont be shy and speak boldly. Ill pamper my own soldiers.” Su Feifei smiled as if the world was in her hands.

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Bo Silins face darkened.

Xiao He bit his handkerchief from behind and looked on with eager eyes.

What was happening!

Bo, just sacrifice your ego for a second. When we get out of here, Ill give you a months leave!

[Hahahahahaha, I can afford it]

[Ill pamper my own soldiers]

[What the h*ll is a soldier Su Feifei had been repeating this from the beginning! Is she role-playing]

[Its like Bo joined a cult]

[Everyone! Ive already thought of the name for the couple. Theyll be called Subo Pot! Su Feifei will take care of the food, and Bo will take care of the food.]

[No way, why do you have to be a couple]

[Are you sick Arent you afraid of getting a stomachache]


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