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Chapter 14: Double Standard

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[F*ck, my sweet baby Bo is laughing!!]

[Baby Bo dont be bewitched by a bad woman!]

[Its just a small trick. This woman has more tricks up her sleeve.]

[It seems shes changing the tides!]

[Bad woman!! Curse you! Kick her out!]

Xiao He stood at the back, his whole body shivering, expecting the storm before the calm.

Alright, he had already thought of tomorrows hot search. It would definitely be something about Bo Silin smiling or kicking Su Feifei out of the entertainment industry.

It might even affect Bo Silins reputation, causing Bo Silins Weibo to be attacked for the first time in his career...

Xiao He closed his eyes in resignation, but suddenly, there was something cold in his hand.

He opened his eyes and was stunned.

It was ointment for treating scratches and a few band-aids.

Xiao He pointed at himself in disbelief and said, “This is for me”

Su Feifei nodded. “Yes. Your hand is grazed.”

Xiao He was stunned. It was his first time being taken care of by someone, and he was at a loss. After he came back to his senses, he remembered that Su Feifei had asked him to pick the leaves today and he injured himself doing so.

Su Feifei noticed the wound that he himself didnt notice. He had thought that only Bo got things, but he did not expect Feifei to still think of him!

Tears welled up in Xiao Hes eyes, and he immediately rushed up to Su Feifei and gave her a bear hug.

“Feifei! Youre too good to me! Ill be your number one fan from now on!”

Su Feifei was suddenly hugged and she didnt know whether to push him away or not. She didnt move and her ears suspiciously turned red.

“You... Dont get too ahead of yourself.” She gritted her teeth and said.

Just as Xiao He was about to continue speaking, he suddenly felt a chill run down his back.

He turned around and saw Bo Silin staring at him with a faint grim smile.

He immediately let go of Su Feifei as if he had been electrocuted.

Woah! That was scary…

Su Feifeis stiff body finally relaxed and she turned to leave.

It was evening when they arrived at the camp. Su Feifei took out the sparks she had stored and started a fire again.

Bo Silin looked at Su Feifei. The sky quickly darkened, and the fire in front of them illuminated the surroundings.

Su Feifei was focused on cooking the rabbit in front of the fire. The warm red light fell evenly on Su Feifeis snow-white skin, making it look even whiter and more beautiful.

“Here.” Su Feifei handed the roasted rabbit leg to Bo Silin. “In the future, wash up first and fill your stomach.”

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[Take your dirty hands away from my baby!]

[Bo hates to eat things of unknown origin!]

On the other side, Bo Silin took a look and his movements paused.

“What are you doing Take it.” Su Feifei ordered.

After that, his well-defined hands reached over and took the roasted rabbit. Xiao He was shocked. He could only shift his gaze and even his breathing became lighter.

Did he accept it

Did he really accept it

From the corner of her eye, Bo Silin even started to dig into the roasted rabbit. Su Feifei squinted her eyes and turned her head in satisfaction to prepare a rabbits leg for Xiao H.

[What the f*ck!! What the actual flying f*ck!!]

[Didnt you answer it before]

[Whats going on Bo, youre playing with double standards!]

After Xiao He was given the rabbit leg, Su Feifei ate the middle part.

That night, although the tent was burned down, there was still a sleeping bag that was in good condition. The three of them took turns to keep watch and rest, and the night passed quickly.

The next day, Su Feifei was woken up by something.

Director Liu seemed to be reading out something outside. Xiao He had woken up earlier than them and had obviously been listening for a while.

Su Feifei came out of the tent and said in a hoarse voice, “What are they doing over there”

“Good morning, captain.” Xiao He immediately smiled and greeted him. “Director Liu said that there are a lot of Chinese herbal resources on this Island. The guests can exchange Chinese herbal medicines for points. Every day, the exchange point will be opened for a limited time. Because it was suddenly announced to everyone, there are only two hours left before the exchange point closes. Everyone is making a fuss.”

Su Feifei gave a short reply to show that she understood.

Inside, Director Liu was surrounded by the guests that kept complaining.

“Why would you tell us when there are only two hours left Whats the meaning of that”

“Yesterdays werewolf killing was the same as well. Even if the Festival Group did it for the shows effect, it was too much.”

“You should at least tell us in advance, right”

Just as everyone was grumbling, Renbo had already carried a huge pile of herbs to the exchange point, saying loudly, “Please help me exchange points for it.”

Everyone turned around and looked at Renbo.

He was holding a handful of herbs in his hand, and another pile was on the counter, which was full. It was evident that he had received the news early in the morning and immediately set off to pick them up.

[I heard that Ren is from a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, right]

[The production team has finally invited some interesting people.]

[Thats right, its more interesting this way. Chinese medicine for the win!]

[Awesome. If we can get points by picking herbs, we can suppress Su Feifei. Otherwise, our baby Bo will be dependent on her!]

On the other side, Bo Silin also woke up.

He was holding a toothbrush in his hand, and there was still some white toothpaste foam at the side of his mouth. The towels in his hands were damp, and there he exuded rich and clean with his demeanor.

Everyone turned to look at Bo Silin and sighed, “Hes so handsome!”

“I also want to join Su Feifeis group...”

“Come on, it was a coincidence yesterday that she won big. Can it really be a coincidence every day”

“Thats true, we cant just rely on dog sh*t luck every day. ”

“But Im still so envious!!!”

[Ill be honest with you. I feel very extravagant when Im using an electric toothbrush and a facial cleanser.]

[I love this kind of segment where celebrities suffer. Lets do more hahahahaha!]

[Thinking about how my idol can only eat bread to pass the day…]

[Isnt that so A bowl of wild vegetable soup and theyre so happy. Can you crowdfund them and send them some milk tea]

Su Feifei heard those envious words and turned to look at Bo Silin.

Bo Silin was already standing beside her, his long figure casting a shadow under the early morning sun.

He lowered his eyes, and his shoulders were covered with a towel that showed off his wealth. His amber eyes were focused on the Chinese medicine on the counter.

Su Feifei sensed his gaze and followed it.

Herbal medicine

What was there to see

“Do you want it” She asked.

Bo Silin paused and turned to look at her.

“Dont worry, well have one too.” Su Feifei said, “Ill pick them for you later.”


[Whats with this overbearing tone]

[Why did she say it like that!!]

[Stop acting, its disgusting!]

Director Liu picked up the microphone with a smile and said, “Everyone, rather than complaining, why dont we act now Look at Renbo, isnt he a good example”

“Easy peasy,” Renbo said loudly, “The director is right, this rule is for everyone to survive on this Island, unlike some people who only know how to find loopholes in the rules.”

It was very obvious as to who this loophole person he was talking about.

Su Feifei didnt react to the sudden cue.

“That tall guy over there, my captain didnt offend you or anything, did she” Xiao He asked indignantly.

“No, she didnt,” Renbo smiled, “I just feel that its not good to break the director teams rules. Also, this rule cant be solved by sheer force. I know that she wont mind me being blunt, right”


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