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Chapter 11: Heartfelt

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[What the f*ck]

[What the h*ll is the meaning of this!]

[May I ask who is chasing the werewolf Is it Su Feifei]

[Mom is asking me why Im kneeling and watching the live broadcast in pain…]

[Im lost whats happening!]

[How many times does she want to cause drama in a day]

[Im just saying that if my heart isnt good, Ill really be scared to death by whatever she has planned.]

[Thank you for the show!]

[What is she doing Why dont you ask her if you dont understand]

When the camera captured this scene, the entire production team was in an uproar.

“No, this is actually against the rules, right”

The Assistant Director blurted out. Director Liu frowned and stared at the monitor for a long time before he slowly said, “Its because of our negligence. We didnt say that we cant tear the werewolfs name tag.”

Most importantly, they didnt expect that someone would really tear the werewolfs name tag as self defense!

Everyone was silent.

[Does that mean that Su Feifei is really hunting the werewolf]

[Then, the consecutive eliminations just now, could it be...]

[Su Feifei was eliminating them instead!]

[Actually, this is considered taking advantage of a loophole in the rules. I suggest that the Festival Group punish them severely for doing so. Its best to kick them out of the program so that therewont be any more upsets like these!]

[Help, I want to see whats going on!!!!]

[Someone also broke the rules last year, right However, they only took advantage of a small loophole. Su Feifei, on the other hand, directly eliminated the staff, excellent!]

[I beg you not to eliminate Su Feifei!]

[I want to see how many more weird things she can do!]

[Ah, right, right, right. Im not watching this show without her!]

The comments set off an unprecedented debate. The directors mouth twitched as he looked at the screen in front of him.


By the river, the werewolf had already picked up the walkie-talkie on his chest and said, “Someone, help! Im by the river!”

At the same time, the walkie-talkies in front of all the werewolves chests rang.

The werewolves looked at each other and immediately moved, running to the river.

Su Feifei naturally heard this and smiled. There was a hint of gentleness in her smile. “Just in time. I was still worried about not being able to find them.”

Bo Silin and Xiao He were speechless.

“Bo, shes so scary...” Xiao He hid behind Bo Silin.

The werewolf had already run to the river and there was no way to retreat. Just as he was panicking, the werewolf glanced and saw Bo Silin and Xiao He.

There was no other way… They could only take Bo and Xiao He as hostages!

Su Feifei cared about the people in her team. As long as the werewolf caught them, Su Feifei would definitely surrender! Otherwise, the werewolves would all be annihilated tonight!

With this in mind, the werewolf stepped forward.

However, before he could reach out, a figure appeared in front of him like a ghost.

Feifei didnt give the werewolf a chance to react. She kicked the werewolf into the river.

Bang! Bang!

The surrounding mist dispersed, and under the moonlight, the figure that bounced up spread out in the air in an incredible arc. She stepped on the trees by the river and jumped under the dancing shadows. Her body bent and unfolded, and every line was full of vitality and purpose.

Bo Silin turned his head and saw this scene. Suddenly, he felt that all the sounds around him had disappeared in an instant.

Two words suddenly appeared in his mind.

That face was still expressionless, but every movement was clean and neat, without any sloppiness. Determination could be seen on her tense body, and there was a toughness in her bones, making people unable to look away.

It was undeniable that the scene was breathtaking.

He had seen many beautiful figures wearing perfume and high heels walking around the building. He had also seen women swaying in nightclubs. They advocated exquisiteness and extravagance. They changed the flowers in the office every day, wearing different clothes with different shoes. They wrapped themselves up like a gift waiting to be picked and then waited for people to call them beautiful.

He knew that according to the standards of the secular world, that was the definition of beautiful.

However, he never knew that a woman could be so beautiful when she kicked someone.

His thoughts were jolted back by the screams.

“Ah!” The werewolf who was kicked into the water cried out. Instantly, water splashed everywhere. A few seconds later, only ripples were left on the lakes surface.

The other werewolves trembling voice came from the receiver.

“W-werewolf number eight has b-been… eliminated!”

Bo Silin didnt look away and continued to stare at Su Feifei.

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Upon hearing this, the werewolves who had just arrived looked at each other and immediately ran toward Su Feifei and her group.

“Its her! Lets get her!”

The werewolves formed a group of their own.

Su Feifeis face darkened as she charged at Bo Silin, who was being chased by more of them.

“Eh” Xiao He was stunned.

Su Feifei stepped forward, grabbed Bo Silin and Xiao He with one hand, and jumped!

“Feifei, y-you... Ah!”

[What is this woman doing]

[Thats a tropical river. We dont know if there are any dangerous creatures in it!!]

[If you want to die, dont drag others down with you!]

[Theres definitely something wrong with this womans mental state!!!]


[Shes crazy!]

On the other side, a huge splash was made.

As it had just rained, the river stream was still moving very fast. Su Feifei struggled to find balance and looked to the left. Bo Silin had already disappeared!

Su Feifeis heart sank. She took a deep breath and went into the water to look for Bo Silin. Bo Silin choked on the water but couldnt float up, so he was trying his best to grapple onto something.

She pushed with all her might and slid to Bo Silins side.

Su Feifei raised her hand and slapped him. However, it was useless.

He was already starting to lose consciousness.

She frowned and thought for a moment. Then, she wrapped her arms around the mans waist and pulled him into her arms. She lowered her head and covered his lips with hers.

The person under him suddenly moved.

She was very skilled at transferring air and after she forced air into his lungs, Bo Silin immediately opened his eyes!

Under the ripples of the water, light and shadow bobbed up and down. He saw her enlarged facial features, thick eyelashes, and a pair of dark eyes.

Bo Silin was quick-witted and struggled a little, trying to push her away. However, Su Feifei pressed the back of his head hard and rubbed his lips instead.

It was more like... Kissing.

It was so soft.

Su Feifei glared at him fiercely, and the shocked expression was clearly written on her face!

At the same time, a drone was suspended above the river.

Xiao He and the rest were anxiously looking for them.

Su Feifei swam upstream while helping Bo Silin.

Bo Silin felt the heat and sweetness on his lips. He was about to break out of the water and he could hear the drones sound. However, for some reason, he didnt push her away and instead let Su Feifei do what she wanted.

However, Su Feifei let go the moment she jumped out of the water.

“Bo! Feifei!” Xiao He shouted out in excitement.

The two people on the river were particularly stunning. The mans skin was white and fragile, while the woman held the man, her eyes firm and sharp.

Everyone was speechless.

It was too f*cking beautiful!

[Ill just say this... Im directly putting the faces of the male and female protagonists as them for my next novel!]

[Im begging them to make a drama!!!]

[Why does Su Feifei look so good when her hair is wet]

[Su Feifei is already pretty, but why did she overdo her makeup Why did she have to put on such messy makeup Did you forget that her clothes were on the hot search last time]

[Ill be honest with you. Her bare face has defeated 90% of the faces in the entertainment industry...]

[No, dont you think that the male and female scripts are reversed Why is our Baby Bo being carried out]

Su Feifei swam to the shore and Bo Silin weakly leaned into her arms. She flicked his arm away and passed Bo Silin to Xiao He.

Xiao He reached out to take him. Bo Silin stood up straight in a second and started to tidy his clothes slowly.

Xiao He was speechless.

He retracted his hand in embarrassment and asked in confusion, “Bo, why is your mouth bleeding”


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