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Chapter 10: Elimination

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[Tsk, tsk, tsk. Didnt she say that theyll share the joys and sorrows Why, is she defecting now]

[Dont you think she looks like a traitor when she runs away]

[Amazing. They claim to be on the same team, but in the face of disaster, she abandons her teammates and runs.]

[I knew it. Shes only really good with her words. I thought Su Feifei had changed for the better, but I was blind!]

However, no one noticed that as soon as Su Feifei left, the werewolves behind her also took a large number of them with them.

At this moment, the central radio broadcast sounded.

“Islanders number five has been eliminated!” The central broadcast of the deserted island rang out.

“Islanders number right has been eliminated!”

“There are fifteen minutes to the end of the game!”

Many of the people who were running stopped and looked at each other in shock.

[Holy sh*t, theyre really getting eliminated. Why is it so exciting]

[This plot is spicy!]

[So many people were eliminated in just 15 minutes On average, one will be eliminated every two minutes.]

[Why act brave Wouldnt they be able to eliminate as many people as they wish to after today]

[Whether Su Feifei can be eliminated or not depends on this game! Go werewolves!]

[Eliminate Su Feifei and end it once and for all!]

As the comments struggled, the scene changed to one of suffering.

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Xiao He stopped, panting. He looked up and was instantly excited.

“Bo, look! Theres a river up ahead!” Xiao He said, “The Festival Groups said that the werewolves are afraid of water! Were safe!”

The Festival Group had added a few additional points after announcing the rules, and Xiao He had memorized them all.

Bo Silin nodded slightly. He was still as calm and composed after running, without any change, and he was not even panting.

[My baby Bo is even more beautiful now that the moonlight has been enhanced.]

[Let Su Feifei come over and take a look. Our baby exercises all year round, okay!]

[She even dared to say that he was weak!]

“I wonder how shes doing…” Xiao He said worriedly.

Xiao He started to worry about Su Feifei after his own safety was taken care of.

The scene of Su Feifei running away flashed across Bo Silins mind.

He had just seen five werewolves chasing Su Feifei.

Rather than saying that this rule was used to increase the fun of watching, it was better to say that this rule was used to target Su Feifei only. It was one werewolf against three people, but when it came to Su Feifei, it was completely the opposite.

“Dont worry,” Bo Silin said,” She will definitely be eliminated tonight.”

“Ah Why” Xiao He asked in surprise.

Bo Silin did not answer.

[Bo has always been a good judge of character. I think he has an idea of sorts.]

[Su Feifei was chased by four or five werewolves just now. How could she not die]

[It would be weird if she was alive.]

[Thats right. Those thin arms and legs are just asking to be eliminated!]

“Waas, she being chased by that many werewolves just now” Xiao He patted his head and finally reacted. “Lets go find her! She cut her hand while she was picking herbs for you today! The werewolves followed her as soon as turned in the other direction. Did she help us draw the werewolves away!”

The scene of Su Feifei pressing him down and insisting on applying medicine suddenly appeared in Bo Silins mind.

So those wounds were really from helping him pick herbs

The unique sound of the broadcast exploded in the entire field.

Everyone instantly held their breath.

Another person was eliminated!

“Were finished, were finished!” Xiao He wailed, “It must be her! Feifei, weve let you down! If something happens to you, our team will lose its backbone!”

In just one day, he had already tacitly acknowledged Su Feifei as his leader.

[Tsk, I hope its Su Feifei!]

[Thats right. Get out, you vixen.]

[Im annoyed just by looking at her.]

[Actually, Su Feifei isnt that bad. It seems like she did lead them away just now...]

Amidst the discussion, the broadcasters voice could be heard.

With a little trembling and doubt, he shouted the number of elimination under everyones anticipation.

“W-werewolf number five has been eliminated!”

The originally noisy island was silent for a few seconds.

For a moment, no one made a sound.

“A werewolf was eliminated”

“Who is it I didnt hear wrong, did I Did he just say werewolf It wasnt a guest”

Following that, the crowd reacted and burst into an uproar.

“What the f*ck Werewolves can also be eliminated How”

[This is awesome. Whats going on]

[Which werewolf tripped and left the live broadcast room]

[Whats going on]

[Dont tell me the staff was too tired and committed suicide, hahahahaha!]

[Director, you should be more accurate!]

“Werewolf Bo, did you hear them say werewolves” Xiao He said with uncertainty.

Bo Silin nodded but suddenly raised his hand.

“Yes.” He said in a low voice.

Xiao He followed Bo Silins line of sight and looked around at the speakers.

The broadcast sounded again. This time, the broadcasters voice trembled even more.

“Werewolf number nine is eliminated!”

“Werewolf number eleven is eliminated!”

“Werewolf number two eliminated!”

“W-werewolf number thirty-three has been eliminated!”

As soon as he said this, the screen in the live broadcast room instantly filled with comments!

[What the f*ck!!]

[Holy sh*t balls!]

[What What is this]

Xiao Hes eyes widened and he turned around in horror. “Bo, this...”

Just as he was thinking, a wolfs howl came from afar.

Xiao He turned around and saw a few werewolves charging toward him and Bo Silin under the moonlight!

“F*ck! Bo, the werewolves are here, lets jump!” Xiao He was shocked and wanted to pull Bo Silin away.

Bo Silin, however, stood in front of him, motionless. Xiao He turned around in confusion. The werewolf was getting closer and closer to them.

“This water is dirty.” Bo Silin frowned slightly.

Xiao He was speechless.

[Bo hahahaha.]

[I dont care, beauty is justice!]

[Bo is not willing to jump into the river. He would rather send himself to the werewolfs door and be killed]

[My sweetie, run! Who cares if its clean or not!]

Xiao He wanted to cry but had no tears.

You cant act up now!

This was great. It was not easy to get Bo to go on a variety show, but the werewolf would cut his throat and it would be ruined again. He didnt know how the company was going to scold him because Xiao He always received the backlash instead of him!

Soon, the werewolves were approaching.

Xiao He didnt know whether to run or not.

“Bo, lets go. Hes coming!”

Bo Silin stood firmly on the spot, not moving.

“Bo Silin!” Xiao He was almost torn to pieces.

[Is Bos obsession with cleanliness that serious Im sorry, I actually think its a little cute ...]

[I think this variety show is going to fail again. When will I be able to see my baby Bo next time]

[The werewolf is coming!] [Ling Ling, run!]

Xiao He gritted his teeth and was ready to use force. He reached out to grab Bo Silin.

However, the next second, he heard a heart-wrenching roar.


This shout was sincere and fascinating.

Xiao Hes body trembled.

Who was it

Were there still people being hunted down

He turned around and saw that the werewolf had already taken off his mask. He was running and howling as he ran. His head was covered in sweat, and his cheeks were swollen!

Xiao He was stunned, and so were the comments.

[This is a werewolf]

[This werewolf is calling for help]

[Whats going on]

The following scene gave a perfect answer to these questions.

There was another person behind the werewolf.

This person was also running wildly, but her face was expressionless and cold…

It was Su Feifei!


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