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Chapter 960 Mythology

The leader of the Candle Dragon Cult was a very contradictory weirdo.

On the one hand, he seemed to know everything in the Candle Dragon Cult.

Even if those followers had never seen him, they worshipped him like a god.

But on the other hand, apart from making stricter rules, he had never done anything else to manage the Candle Dragon Cult.

“A stern indulgence” was Lin Mengyas only comment to the leader of the Candle Dragon Cult.

To her surprise, such a person showed up in front of Shangguan Dongzhu, who was not so powerful back then, for a piece of Immortal Pill.

Besides, he was half old and half young.

What a strange disease! When Lin Mengya first met Qinghu, the man, who was in his 40s, also had a youthful face.

“Is the leader an ancient abnormal doctor”

Lin Mengya looked pale at this thought.

No matter how strong the enemy was, she had nothing to fear.

But an abnormal person… was always unpredictable.

“What are you thinking Why are you so absorbed”

As her body fell into a firm embrace, the man behind her sighed, seemingly a little surprised.

Lin Mengya turned around, got closer, and kissed the corner of the mans lips under his surprised gaze.

She looked at Long Tianyus deepened eyes with a smile.

However, it was not the right time to express some affection now.

Her heroic and wise emperor made her heart beat faster for him.

“Well, I really want to…”

The second half of his sentence was stuck in his throat, and he tightened his arms to hold his beloved.

Lin Mengya leaned on his shoulder comfortably while playing with the Immortal Pill in her hand.

In regards to what Shangguan Dongzhu had told her today, Lin Mengya told Long Tianyu everything honestly.

“Is the leader of the Candle Dragon Cult out of his mind”

Long Tianyu said while playing with a strand of Lin Mengyas black hair.

This was his real thought.

Lin Mengya nodded slightly.

It seemed that it was the closest to the correct answer.

“Do you think he is so attached to paradise city because he wants to live forever”

Although she was a medical student, she had a good knowledge of history.

From ancient times to today, countless emperors and practitioners had been pursuing the methods of immortality.

Even from a scientific perspective, immortality was an achievable hypothesis.

However, based on the current situation, it was probably an illusion.

After pondering for a moment, Long Tianyu carried Lin Mengya in his arms and walked to the side of the desk.

The layout of the room in Yixin Courtyard was almost the same as that in Liuxin Courtyard.

Knowing that she liked reading, especially some stories of the supernatural, Long Tianyu secretly collected many of them.

Long Tianyu let her nestle in his arms like a clingy kitten, but he still reached out to take a thin volume of books from the bookshelf and then spread them on the desk.

“What are these Hey, isnt it your handwriting”

Lin Mengya looked at these books before her curiously.

Long Tianyus handwriting was so nice that she could recognize it at a glance.

“Well, these are…”

It was rare for Long Tianyu to be ashamed to speak.

He brushed these books gently with his hands.

What could he say After being deceived by this little woman back then, he copied these books for her every time he missed her.

It seemed that this was the only way he could find a shred of peace.

He did not know how many nights he had spent copying these books in the candle lights.

Long Tianyu couldnt help but hold the woman in his arms tighter when he thought of that time when he was in great pain.

No matter what, he could not bear the pain of losing her again.

“Well, it was just that those incomplete books were too vague to read, so I copied a few of them in my spare time.”

Long Tianyu tried to mention it as lightly as possible, but his overly serious look had already exposed his real thoughts.

With just a quick glance, Lin Mengya could tell that it must have been the fool Long Tianyu who had copied these books that looked brand new.

She was so touched by what Long Tianyu had done for her.

Holding Long Tianyus slender and strong hand, she gently kissed him on it.

“We wont be separated by anyone or anything again.

Wait for me, Ill be back.”

She made a solemn vow of love.

Long Tianyu felt that her gentle words miraculously soothed all his uneasiness and anxiety.

“I trust you.”

He had no choice but to trust her.

“What would you like me to see Just to appreciate your handwriting Well, your handwriting is neat, vigorous, and forceful.

Pretty good!”

Long Tianyu could do nothing but dote on the mischievous girl in his arms.

He shook his head and put away the emotions that would make him weak.

He patted Lin Mengya on the head and then pointed earnestly to a page in the book.

“In thisThe Odd Story of the Gods, there is a passage recording the story of the Lieyun Empire.

When we went to Lieyun this time, didnt we read the story about a few gods and the paradise city Whats written here is a little different from that in Lieyun.”

It was something new.

Lin Mengya looked in the direction he was pointing.

As expected, there were a few pages of the thin book recording the legend of the King of Various Venomous Insects and the Witch Empress of Lieyun Empire.

If it were not for the extraordinary memory of Long Tianyu, this myth-like record would have been ignored.

Moreover, this “The Odd Story of the Gods” was a unique one.

Probably no more than three people in the world had read it.

The story was a little old-fashioned, but what surprised Lin Mengya was that in this story, the King of Various Venomous Insects and the Witch Empress were not a happy couple, but sworn enemies.

They were the leaders of their respective countries.

Every year, they led their respective armies to fight each other.

Once, they met on the battlefield.

As a result, they found each other so attractive that they fell in love at once.

Afterward, they went through millions of hardships and finally became husband and wife.

However, the book only mentioned that the Witch Empress was going to marry the King of Various Venomous Insects and nothing after.

According to the logic of general stories, the King of Various Venomous Insects and the Witch Empress would live a happy life together.

But after reading it, Lin Mengya got a feeling that something was wrong.

Holding her forehead, Lin Mengya looked at the book with a weird expression.

After a long time, she said in a low spirit.

“Is it possible that the Witch Empress did not marry the King of Various Venomous Insects in the end at all What do you think”

Long Tianyu was stunned for a moment before he answered her.

“I … dont think so.

Isnt the Xin family the descendants of the King of Various Venomous Insects and the Witch Empress If she didnt marry the King of Various Venomous Insects, would the Witch Empress in the story be different from the one who was worshipped by the Lieyun Empire However, thats not the part I wanted you to read.

Go on.”

Lin Mengya did not notice until then that at the end of the page, the record of the ending of the story was replaced by a little tale abruptly.

The little tale did not mention the Witch Empress.

It only said that the King of Various Venomous Insects had found a kind of medicine that could make him live forever.

However, it was for supernatural beings.

Once mortals took it without permission, they would become weirdos who were old in the morning and young at night.

No wonder Long Tianyu wanted her to read this little tale.

However, she was even more puzzled after reading it.

This little tale seemed to be abruptly inserted into the previous story.

It was not the end of the story, but an unimportant anecdote.

However, the symptoms of being old in the morning and young at night were very similar to the leaders, werent they

Lin Mengya rubbed her glabella.

She thought it didnt make sense.

“Are you trying to tell me that you suspect that the leader of the Candle Dragon Cult became like that because of this book”

Long Tianyu also found it hard to believe, but he sighed.

“I think my idea is childish and ridiculous, too.

However, Yaer, havent we experienced enough inconvincible things”

Lin Mengya wanted to refute but she couldnt.

In the past 20 years, her indestructible beliefs had been shattered into pieces.

Lin Mengya looked at the book, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

She could only complain in sorrow.

“How harmful the fake books are!”

Could it be that her opponent was a teenager who deeply believed in myths No, he was not a teenager.

He was an old man.

Lin Mengya felt a headache.

This kind of character set was even worse than an abnormal doctor.


So youd better read less of this kind of book in the future.”

Long Tianyu, who always had a different point of view from Lin Mengya on such matters, nodded with his thoughts.

Lin Mengya shook her head.

In any case, it was doomed that she and the leader were enemies.

“Forget it.

Lets talk about something else.

Where did you lock up Feng Zidie And Miss Tong, the girl by the side of Feng Zidie Have you found out any information about her”

When Feng Zidie was mentioned, Long Tianyus face turned extremely gloomy.

He deeply hated those who wanted to scheme against her beloved wife.

In particular, Feng Zidie had attempted to take Lin Mengyas life time and again, which was enough for her to die a hundred times.

“I just threw her into the prison.

As for the woman by her side, Qinghan said that she was indeed associated with the Candle Dragon Cult, but that she was not an in-house member.

In addition, the force behind her seems to have relations with the Xin family in Lieyun Empire.”

“It is the Xin family again”

Lin Mengya had always felt that everything about the Xin family was bizarre.

“Could it be the intermarriage among close relatives of the Xin Family caused various mad factors hidden in their genes

“But because of the Pool of Various Venomous Insects, the Xin family should have more restrictions than ordinary people in Lieyun.

“Why is this bizarre family showing up everywhere”

Then she said, “I wonder how Xiaoyu and Xiu are doing.

Its said that its easy to create sparkles of love when two people get along with each other alone.

I do hope that they will fall in deep love when they leave there.”

Lin Mengya narrowed her eyes, showing a strong interest in her pushing them to be a couple.

This time, Long Tianyu agreed and strongly supported his wifes behavior.

“Doesnt that brat think I can see his intention to my wife

“Trying to get closer to my wife, hed better give up the idea as soon as possible!”

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