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She could see that the old lady only agreed on the family to split and not the household registration book.

The book that recorded the intakes of grain, oil, and non-staple food were still going to be returned to the old lady, which would mean that Lin Lan wouldn’t be able to fully make decisions for her family.


Having a household registration book would also record the work points that they earned for themselves.

The autumn harvest would also be sent to their own house instead of being merged with the family.


If Han Qingsong said something like, ‘let’s talk about this later,’ she was going to settle this issue herself!


Unexpectedly, Han Qingsong nodded again, “Let’s talk after dinner.”


Lin Lan, he’s being this obedient


Did his heart turn cold towards his mother because of how the old lady treated him Thinking about the plot, he was initially mistreated by his wife, whereas in the present, he was mistreated by his own mother.


This is kind of funny, Lin Lan wanted to laugh at Old Lady Han’s misfortune.


Lin Lan looked outside and noticed that Dawang hadn’t returned yet, so when she asked of his whereabouts, Sanwang said that his brother was running around with Zhuzi after bringing the pot home.


Sanwang had never been magnanimous when it came to covering for his eldest brother.


Lin Lan said to Han Qingsong, “It’s a problem for Dawang to be outside all day.

Should we discuss with the Secretary Head and the principal to send a few of our children to school”


After he started to attend classes, Dawang wouldn’t be able to go out that frequently and Sanwang wouldn’t have the time to soak in water all day as well.


As soon as she spoke about that, Sanwang instantly started to cry hysterically, hating the idea of it to the bone.


Han Qingsong saw that the child was not very interested in going to school.

Back then, she said it was crazy for someone to go to school when they could be at home.

But now that her viewpoints have changed abruptly, the children might not be able to accept it in such a short time span.


He said, “We’ll figure things out as we go, let’s eat first.”


Although Han Qingsong didn’t talk much and wasn’t good at joking as he was usually quite serious, he did not ever want to dampen his children’s happiness.

Instead, he wanted to focus on the fact that they separated their families and Lin Lan’s efforts, so he shifted their attention back onto the food.


“The flatbreads that mother makes are more delicious and I feel a lot happier compared to eating the time we ate during the New Year’s!” Sanwang bared his big white teeth with joy.


Maisui laughed at him, “Do you think it’s more fragrant than the dumplings”


Sanwang opened his five fingers and exaggerated, “Of course! I could only eat five dumplings! How could anything be more fragrant than mother’s handmade flatbreads and scrambled eggs with chives”


Erwang pointed to his face, “You can vanquish the entire family’s portion of sauce by yourself, it’s no wonder grandmother doesn’t give you a lot.”


Sanwang always had sauce all over his face after eating, which was why his grandmother decided not to give him any of it after finding it futile despite telling him to change his eating habits.


Xiaowang raised the flatbread in his hand to dip the sauce that was on Sanwang’s face.


Lin Lan quickly pulled him, “That’s dirty, eat it from the bowl.”


“Mother, why do you still think I’m dirty I wash everyday to the point where lice wouldn’t even crawl on me.

There’s practically no one cleaner than I am in the entire village.”


At this time, the two little ducks shook their backsides and quacked by the door of the main room, poking their heads in.


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