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Han Qingsong’s allowances were sent once every three months.

However, it wasn’t personally sent by him as all payments were entrusted to the army’s logistics for unified processing.

These two days were the arrival dates for the remittance of the second quarter.

First, it would go to the county town and afterwards, the postman would send the remittance list to the house.

Because of the lack of staff, the postman would take at least three days to send the order to the house.

Lin Lan wanted to make the most out of this time difference.

She would go to the county town tomorrow to obtain the remittance list first and take out the money beforehand just like the old lady Han.

When Han Qingsong provided the remittances early on, the recipient was written in the name of the old man Han.

But the old lady Han would take the referral letter and the old man Han’s personal seal to withdraw the money.

Later, the original owner gave birth to Xiaowang.

In the past few years, she had been causing trouble annually, insisting that Han Qingsong had to remit the money to her.

The old lady Han naturally refused to agree, so Han Qingsong simply allowed Lin Lan’s name to be written on it as well.

Both names were capable of withdrawing the money, it’s just that the original owner never had a chance to do so.

Lin Lan waited for Xiaowang to finish eating before she led him out for a walk to digest the food.

In the alley, she met a boy in the village who would always be playing with Sanwang.

She quickly asked him, “Xiao Niu, where is Sanwang”

Xiao Niu was taken aback by her presence.

Not daring to look at her, he dashed away, “The Southern River.”

Lin Lan carried Xiaowang on her back and headed to the southside of the village.

On the way, many villagers that passed by were silently and sneakily taking glances at her direction.

“She’s fine now Didn’t she die after spewing white foam from her mouth”

“Don’t speak of nonsense, it’s probably just water mixed inside the empty medicine bottle.”

“Hey, do you think Han Qingsong really wants to divorce her”

“Shhh, she’s here.”

Lin Lan walked by with Xiaowang on her back and glanced at the woman who was gossiping about her divorce.

She was considered one of the former enemies of the original owner.

She mimicked the expression and tone of the original owner, “I wouldn’t marry you even if I get divorced.”

“You!” The woman was so angry.

Lin Lan left leisurely.

“Is she possessed”

Why don’t you continue Before that, the original owner would definitely be retaliating angrily as she jumped around in rage.

People who had nothing better to do often liked to irk her to see her funny and enraged exclamations.

Lin Lan came to the Southern River as she carried Xiaowang.

There, she saw the little brat Sanwang swimming around in the river like a happy duck.

Stupid brat, you even forgot about eating.

“Sanwang, come up here!” Lin Lan called him.

Sanwang heard his mother’s voice but he dived into the water like a fish.

He proceeded to remain submerged underwater for a long time.


Lin Lan was startled to see that, “Han Wangmin, get out of there quickly!”

People who came out of their houses to find cicada larvaes heard her yell and they knew that the Shrewish Wife was at it again.

However, they did gather round to watch the scene unfold, be it consciously or subconsciously.

Sanwang was reluctant to leave, but in the end he was afraid that Lin Lan would get angry, so he reluctantly swam over and climbed ashore with a dazed look, “Mother, why are you here”


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