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Hearing what she said, Lin Lan felt that she was also quite a normal person.

She wasn’t the snobbish kind of character that would continuously lie as she merely confessed the truth with one push.


“This elder sister is a sincere person.

We believe you, so let’s talk about it.”


The salesman took a deep breath and had to take out the cloth that she was quietly collecting, wanting to resell them at a high price in partnership with others.


She had just been tricked and because she was still unskilled, she was deceived by Lin Lan.


Soon, everyone lined up to start tearing the cloth.

Lin Lan had a lot of cloth tickets.

First, she tore off the cloth tickets that were about to expire in the near future.

She would get a few more feet of fabric afterwards.


After all, there was not much cloth left and others were still lining up, so there should be a limit.


When the cloth was torn, it became even more chaotic.

The girl with big braids was not very good at accounting, which led to the opinions of the members who were even worse at accounting as they insisted that they have given more than she should have.


Lin Lan saw that the big braid was savagely scolding the customers and at the same time sweating profusely, so she casually helped to settle the account.

This would refrain from a fight breaking out from those members who couldn’t settle the account and liked to entangle themselves in situations that would never end.


Everyone didn’t know her, but because she dared to challenge the salesperson before, they were all rather willing to listen to her as they believed her.


An old lady said that she didn’t know how to settle accounts and she didn’t trust the salesperson, so she asked Lin Lan to do the maths.


After Lin Lan calculated it for her, she smiled and said, “Big Sister, I believe in you and I believe what you say.”


Lin Lan laughed so embarrassingly, Auntie, you are my Auntie! Please don’t call me a big sister!


Behind the counter on the opposite east side, an old cadre stood there at some point.

He had an outfit that sported four pockets, with a pen in his left breast pocket as he looked at the cloth selling counter with relish.


He watched the situation unfold before talking to the salesperson next to him.

He smiled and said, “This woman has both the brains and the temper; she is a businessman.”


“President, what do you mean” The salesman sensed something sensitively.


The old boss shook his head, “It’s nothing, work hard and serve the people.”


Lin Lan tugged at three feet’s worth of cloth.

She didn’t buy any cotton, so she was a little worried.


She looked at the time and wanted to go to the butcher to buy some meat, but as soon as she got out of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative, the old lady pulled onto Lin Lan’s sleeve, “Big Sister, I have my own cloth, do you want it”


Lin Lan immediately pulled the old lady to hide in the corner, “Big…Sister, how much do you want”


 With the earnest eyes of the old lady, Lin Lan was somehow embarrassed to call her auntie.


In fact, after 63 years, the lives of the members have improved.

Cotton and cloth were not that rare as it was the tension in the old Han family that caused the nervousness due to her frequent spendings on Jinbao and Jinyu.

The local cultivation of cotton was not as strict as it used to be either, so some people planted cotton at the ditch along the river.

After harvesting cotton, they could weave cloth as they liked.


“You can just call me Big Sister Liu.

Our place grows a lot of cotton with good water and soil as we can harvest wherever we grow.

The soil there at least, is much richer than your mountains.”


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