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The doctor smiled and said, “You’re probably here to get some treatment for your child, am I right My name is Yanghan…” He paused slightly, but seeing that Lin Lan did not respond to the name, he continued, “I’m a surgeon here, let me send you two in.”


Lin Lan hurriedly declined, “It’s fine, I don’t want to bother you.

We can just go there by ourselves.”


Because both of their destinations were the same, Yang Han still accompanied the two into the hospital.

On the way, he learned about Xiaowang’s situation and introduced Lin Lan to a senior doctor with the surname Liu, who could attend to ophthalmology and pediatric problems.


At this time, the hospital did not specifically cater to autism.

At most, issues like that would be handled by the pediatric section.


Lin Lan thanked him once more before she left with Xiaowang.


Yanghan, “Do you not think that I seem a bit familiar to you”


Lin Lan glanced at him, wondering if this person was just being funny.

If one was just interested in her, normally people would say, “I think you look good,” so she was confused as to why he said something like that.


As that train of thought flashed through her mind, she found it slightly ironic.

She was a village woman with a child after all, but to have this kind of luck… It’s best to just forget it.


What else was there to do but to forget about it


She walked to the door of the senior doctor’s office.

As she looked back, her eyes met with Yanghan’s smiling orbs.


She couldn’t help but feel slightly excited as she quickly led Xiaowang to open the doors.


The person who welcomed them was an old doctor who had a white beard and grey hair.

There were a pair of reading glasses on the bridge of his nose, but the legs of his glasses were broken as they were tied with a rope.


First and foremost, he had a look at the boy’s condition and asked him a few things.

Then, he directed a lot of questions to her and spoke a lot of technical terms.

Lin Lan couldn’t understand it and she didn’t bother to ask how any of them originated either.


At any rate, when the original owner was pregnant, she had to fight with a ‘vixen’ during a certain village meeting.

As a result, she had a physical conflict with the woman, which caused a specific injury to her stomach and resulted in premature delivery— that was why Xiaowang suffered eye injuries.


She guessed that there was congestion that affected his blood pressures and eye nerves.


The old doctor said that he could opt to wear a pair of glasses as he prescribed some eye drops for the child.


Lin Lan wondered if he could have an operation to just solve the issue.

“Doctor, you can issue a CT scan for him.”


The old doctor looked at her from his reading glasses, “I’ll say, sister-in-law, how do you even know of the existence of CT scans We don’t have this thing yet,” He heard the youngsters mention that only foreigners knew of such a thing, yet a sister-in-law from the countryside could unexpectedly name it.


Lin Lan immediately pretended to be silly and smiled, “Oh no, I only heard the doctor in my village say that there was such a scan.”


The old doctor smiled and said, “X-rays can’t be taken in our small county, so we would have to go to the province.

But I also understand the logic behind it.

A broken bone could be scanned, but for the child’s sickness, it’s not something that a CT scan is able to solve.”

Lin Lan was neither a doctor nor did she understand this. Let’s just listen to him and try using some eye drops.


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