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In the territory of the Fire Country, a few Ninjas were rushing through a forest.

This kind of forest was very common in the Fire Country, and more than two-thirds of the Fire Country was covered in vegetation.

Xiao Ying, is Kakashi\'s situation stable

The team stopped in the forest to rest for a moment, a total of seven people, and these seven people were the two special Ninja teams Konoha sent to support the Sand Village.

At this time, Kai and Xiao Li carried a simple stretcher with Kakashi tied to it.

Although Kai saved Kakashi in Su Xiao\'s hands, Kakashi\'s injuries were too serious.

The two stab wounds on his chest were enough to kill him.

The excessive consumption of chakra was the most serious of those energy thorns.

Although it had been a few hours, the shadow thorns still had not dissipated.

The blue steel shadow energy and the blade light produced the shadow thorns.

The blue steel shadow energy could not hold on for so long, but the blade light could.

It was impossible to take out the shadow thorn in Kakashi\'s body.

The shadow thorn was like a flower blooming from Kakashi\'s body.

The center point of more than a dozen energy thorns was in Kakashi\'s chest.

Unless Kakashi was cut open, it was impossible to take it out.

At this time, Kakashi had already fallen into a semi-conscious state, and a large amount of blood loss caused his face to be pale.

Xiao Ying, Teacher Kakashi...

Naruto had an ashamed expression on his face.

Kakashi would not have done this if he had been too reckless.

Sakura, Sakura!

Naruto called out to Sakura a few times before returning to her senses.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that Sakura\'s complexion was not very good.

However, as a medical ninja, she had to be calm.


How is Teacher Kakashi

He\'s alright...

Sakura did not continue.

Kakashi was likely to die.

Those energy thorns were too difficult to take out.

Not only could they not be taken out, but they would also release strange energy when they dissipated, constantly devouring the remaining chakra in Kakashi\'s body.

This was a small amount of green steel shadow energy.

Not only did it destroy the chakra in Kakashi\'s body, but it also greatly hindered Sakura\'s healing ninjutsu.

Let\'s return to Konoha as soon as possible.

Maybe the master has a way.

I can only guarantee that teacher Kakashi won\'t die from excessive bleeding on the road.

Xiao Ying\'s words made Naruto and Kai\'s faces a bit ugly.

Damn it, who injured Teacher Kakashi to such an extent

Naruto gritted his teeth.

A ninja who used a ninja blade.

His name is Byakuya.

Other information is unknown.

Just as Kai opened his mouth, Kakashi let out a dry cough.

The green light on Sakura\'s hand flashed to treat Kakashi.

From now on, Teacher Kakashi...

might not be able to continue being a ninja.

Xiao Ying said this heavy news.

Naruto was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

He remembered a face in his mind.

It was a man holding a long sword, sitting on a boulder and smoking.

The team continued to travel.

If Kakashi died on the road, then Su Xiao would be rich.

Kakashi was a very important character in the plot.


In a small village in the Kingdom of River.

Su Xiao sat in front of a small river with hot sweat all over his body.

He had just done daily exercise, and he mainly practiced the sword.

Deidara had left long ago and went to find Kakuzu with broken hands and feet.

Su Xiao sat in front of the small river and looked at the rushing river and the swimming fish upstream in front of him.

He was considering whether to find the violators or trade the blood eye with Obito first.

After weighing the pros and cons, Su Xiao decided to find the violators first.

He had a hunting mission that had not been completed before.

Although the mission was not punished, it did not mean there was no price.

The reincarnation paradise forcibly recruited him.

That experience made him remember it deeply.

He could not directly participate in the battle.

He could only act as the judge on the edge of the battlefield.

Looking at the infighting of those idiots contractors, that kind of feeling was extremely deceptive.

If he did not finally enter the deep sea with the world coordinates, he would stay in the world of parasitic beasts forever.

Su Xiao did not want to experience this kind of situation a second time, so the hunting mission must be completed.


Su Xiao shouted.

He did not know where Bobowang went to play.

A few minutes later, Bobowang, with grass on his head, returned with a frightening wildcat in his mouth.

Why are you holding it in your mouth

Hearing Su Xiao\'s words, Bobowang put down the frightened wild cat.

His eyes seemed to say: Master, it looks down on me.

Su Xiao understood what Bobowang meant.

It\'s fine.

It can\'t look at me.

Cats are magical animals.

No matter if you are poor or rich, it looks down on you...

Bobowang was a little depressed.

After hesitating, he still did not bite the wild cat to death.

Besides looking down on other creatures, this wild cat was pretty good-looking.

Let\'s go.

Do you still want to be a Japanese cat

Bobowang raised his nose, which meant that Bobo was not interested in it.

Su Xiao rode Bobowang straight to the border of the country of fire, leaving the frightened wild cat.

After Su Xiao left, the wild cat curled up into a ball, licked its claws, and the ignorance of the beast in its eyes disappeared, revealing the light of wisdom.

Oh Is this contractor who joined Akatsuki His breath is so horrible that he almost found me.

Before, it was strange.

How could a strange species like husky exist in the Naruto world

The wild cat lay lazily on the grass, its tail repeatedly raised, looking like lazy cancer.

Forget it.

It has nothing to do with me.

Since you haven\'t found me, pretend you have never seen me before.

I can\'t afford to offend such a ferocious guy.

The body of the wild cat gradually became bigger, and in an instant, it became a plump beauty with golden hair and beast ears.

Hey, you made me drool.

I hate dogs.

While speaking, the cat girl jumped into the river.

The cat girl was a worker.

She was not weak but did not like to fight.

Her biggest hobby was to become a cat and wander around in the derivative world.


Night, the border of the country of fire, near a large wooden bridge.

Su Xiao yawned.

He had been squatting near the bridge for three days.

He did not even see a ghost, let alone the traces of the violators.

He suspected that what Black Zetsu provided was false information.

After all, that guy had no integrity.

If it is false information, I will kill that old bastard.

Su Xiao held a red apple in his hand and bit it.

The juice exploded in his mouth.

The night wind blew the low trees nearby and rustled.

The forest at night was not quiet.

Si Si ---

A strange sound came.

Su Xiao stopped chewing and listened to the sound nearby.

A snake crawled out of the forest not far away.

Su Xiao picked up the apple and took a big bite.

If you have the guts, come out.

If you don\'t have the guts, get out.

Hearing Su Xiao\'s words, Bobowang, who was lying near him, raised his head and stared at the forest not far away.

Pa, pa, pa, pa.

A crisp clapping sound rang out as a figure emerged from the forest.

This person wore round-rimmed glasses, and his gray hair was tied up.

It\'s no wonder Lord White Night could detect my aura.

Medicine Master Dudou walked out of the forest with a faint smile, his low attitude.

What\'s the matter

The pocket that appeared to represent the big snake pill was nearby.

Didn\'t Lord Byakuya come to see me in place of Lord Scorpion Although the time was a few days earlier.


Dou was a little surprised.

Su Xiao was in the same team as Scorpion, so it was normal to have this kind of misunderstanding.


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