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Father Wolf led the hunting team to Su Ming's side, but it was not in a hurry to check the Moonlit Grass. Instead, it first carefully checked Su Ming's condition. After confirming that he was not injured, it turned around and walked away.

Su Hui also arrived beside Su Ming and was sorry for being late. It had just seen that Su Ming's situation was very critical. If it had waited a little longer for the wolves to arrive, Su Ming's life might have been in danger.

It was also its fault. Along the way, Su Hui had spent some time explaining the situation to Father Wolf and the others. Therefore, it arrived a little later than planned.

Su Ming smiled and shook his head, indicating that he did not care. He also touched Su Hui's head comfortingly.

It was his decision to stay here. It was no wonder. Staying behind was a dangerous matter to begin with. This had nothing to do with whether Su Hui could arrive early.

Seeing that Brother Su Ming did not blame him, Su Hui also enjoyed closing his eyes and letting Su Ming stroke his head.

A moment later, Su Ming stopped what he was doing and brought Su Hui to the Moonlit Grass.

The two wolf brothers and Father Wolf had long been observing. They were still relatively cautious and did not eat it first before the Su Ming brothers arrived, even though this kind of plant seemed to emit an alluring fragrance.

Su Ming arrived beside them and explained to the wolves.

After hearing that this plant could increase one's strength, the three wolves' eyes lit up and they were excited. Even Father Wolf was the same.

Over the years, the various functions of its body had long reached their peak and no longer increased. Recently, they seemed to have begun to fluctuate, but the growth was abnormally slow.

At this moment, a mutated plant that could instantly increase one's strength appeared. How could they not be excited

Immediately, Father Wolf no longer had any scruples. He lowered his head and ate. The two wolf brothers stood at the side and stared fixedly at the Moonlit Grass, but they did not dare to eat.

According to the strict hierarchy of the wolf pack, any food should be eaten by high-level wolves first.

Therefore, although the two wolf brothers were craving it, they still had to endure it. Only after Father Wolf finished eating could it be their turn.

After swallowing the sixth Moonlit Grass, Father Wolf stopped. It could sense that the previous increase in its physical strength had disappeared.

Perhaps this was the upper limit of its body that its third son had told it. Father Wolf knew that it was useless if it continued to eat. It immediately got up and left, leaving the Moonlit Grass to the two wolf brothers.

The two wolves, who were drooling, hurriedly leaned over and enjoyed it impatiently.

Under the eating of the three wolves, they finally ate more than ten Moonlit Grass in this area, not leaving a single one behind.

Sensing the increase in their physical strength, the three wolves also nodded in satisfaction. Then, they discussed the disposal of the northern mountain goat's corpse.

The wolves stood in front of this corpse and pondered if there was any poison left in its body.

After all, according to what had happened to Su Ming and the others previously, this northern mountain goat's long horns could release a large amount of poisonous mist. It was very difficult for the wolf not to imagine that there was no poison left in this guy's body.

As the leader of the wolves, Father Wolf took the initiative to approach the front of the corpse and bent down to investigate carefully.

It carefully observed every corner of the northern mountain goat and did not let go of any part of its body. From time to time, it would smell the air above it with its nose.

In the end, it was confirmed that other than the remaining poison in the other party's horns, there was nothing wrong with the other party's body.

Father Wolf told this information to the wolves so that they did not have to worry.

In that case, although the hunting team had not found any traces of the deer herd today, their harvest was still not bad.

Not only had they hunted a special northern mountain goat, but every member had also eaten the Moonlit Grass and their strength had increased a lot.

It was getting late and it was time to return to the cave.

Under the lead of Father Wolf, the team picked up the corpse of the northern mountain goat and walked in the direction they had returned.

During this period, Father Wolf also told Su Ming, who had not returned to the gathering place, why it could not find the deer group today.

First, it was the team of Father Wolf and Big Brother. They relied on their smell to find signs of living beings in the central area.

In the beginning, it was rather smooth. However, when they followed the smell to a certain forest, the smell seemed to have been cut off by someone and stopped.

Looking at the dense forest in front of them, the two wolves gave up on entering and returned to the gathering place to wait for news from the other wolves.

There were two reasons why they did not enter the forest. The first was that they were not very powerful. There might be other unknown dangers in the forest. It was better for them to wait until all the members of the hunting team arrived to search together.

Secondly, there was still a lot of food and resources in the cave. The wolf pack did not need to worry about lack of food for the time being, so they were not in a hurry to find the deer group.

Not long after Father Wolf's team returned to the gathering place, Second Brother and Su Yi's team also returned in time.

Compared to Father Wolf and the others, they still had some gains. Su Yi's team did not find anything at all. Not to mention the deer herd, they did not even encounter a single small animal. When the sun set, they still did not find anything.

It was only when Su Yi remembered its father's orders that it hurriedly brought Second Brother back. Otherwise, with Second Brother's character, it would have continued to search.

The last team was Su Ming's team. Although they did not encounter any traces of the deer herd, they found the northern mountain goat and the Moonlit Grass. This also prevented the hunting team from returning empty-handed.

Father Wolf originally wanted to wait for all the wolves to return before exploring that strange forest together. However, in order to rush to Su Ming's location, this plan was put on hold.

Father Wolf did not care at all. Since it could not do it today, it will do it tomorrow.

In any case, the hunting team had also hunted a northern mountain goat today. Coupled with the food storage in the cave, the wolves would not be hungry for the entire week.

After deciding on the plan, Father Wolf also informed all the members of its plan to come and search again tomorrow.

No wolves had any objections to this. After all, this was the decision of the leader. Moreover, they had to resolve the problem of losing their hunting ground.

The previous hunting spot of the wolf pack had probably long been occupied by the brown bears. Even if it was not occupied, it had probably been destroyed by the battle between the brown bear and the golden eagle. It would be a long time before any herbivores returned to that area.

As the wolves discussed, the hunting team successfully returned to the cave.

The sky was already completely dark. Soon, the moon would rise.

The wolves placed the corpse of the northern mountain goat alone to prevent the long horns on its head from staining the other food.

Su Ming looked at this pair of long horns and was somewhat conflicted. How should he and the others deal with it

Father Wolf said that Su Ming was the one who had hunted the northern mountain goat, he could handle the spoils of war however he wanted to.

However, the gray wolf did not have hands either and was unable to use this horn at all. This thing was more or less useless. It was tasteless and a pity to abandon it.

For the time being, he did not have any ideas about how to use the long horn. Su Ming could only ask Father Wolf to come and remove it from the northern mountain goat's head.

Otherwise, it would not be good if someone lowered their head and accidentally rubbed against the horn when they ate it later.

Therefore, just in case, cutting it off first was the best choice.

Father Wolf raised the silver claw in his hand and carefully cut it off. He did not destroy the fur on the head or the integrity of the long horn.

This was its child's first spoils of war. It did not want to accidentally break it.

Su Ming carefully received it. After confirming that the poisonous mist above was very weak, he placed the long horn on a relatively high haystack and warned Mother Wolf and the others not to let the little wolves come into contact with this thing.


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