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Chapter 758: Passing by, not intentional (1)

When Lin Chujiu jumped, she was ready to hit a tree trunk or fall from mid-air, but… …

None of what she expected happened!

After she jumped down, she fell into a hard but warm embrace.

The person who was holding her was very good at light kung fu, almost without any pause, he swayed in mid-air and successfully landed on another big tree.

“Tarzan the Ape” Lin Chujiu opened her eyes, staring at the person in front of him.

The sky was very dark, but people can still see a thing or two clearly if they were close.

Therefore, when Demon Lords half-hideous grimace fell into her eyes, Lin Chujiu was so frightened that she screamed, “Ah… ghost!”

In the deserted forest, a man suddenly appeared with a ghost face in front of her, so what if it was not a ghost

“Shut up!” The high-pitched voice shook Demon Lords eardrums with pain.

“Demon, Demon Lord” Lin Chujiu was very sensitive to voices, and she had heard Demon Lords voice before.

When she first heard it, she thought it was Xiao Tianyao, although their voices were different, they felt very similar.

“Mmm.” After confirming that Lin Chujiu was standing firmly, Demon Lord let go of Lin Chujiu in a very gentlemanly manner, as if he disliked having physical contact with Lin Chujiu.

God knows, he couldnt bear to let go of her at all.

Lin Chujiu didnt deal with Demon Lord many times, but she also knew that he was not easy to mess with, so she moved carefully to increase the distance between the two sides: “Demon Lord, why are you here” This place, wasnt that easy to come in, right After she came in, she couldnt find the way out for a long time.

God knows it wasnt because she doesnt want to go out at all, but that she cant find a way out.

If there was a way, who wants to stay in the deep mountains and old forests Even if she wants to stay away from Xiao Tianyao, she will not choose to live in seclusion in the mountains and forests, she must find a place with people.

Otherwise, if a person stays in the deep mountains and old forests for a long time, he will become a beastman!

“Passing by!” He would never tell Lin Chujiu that he came here especially to find her.

“Passing by Demon Lord, why did you pass by here” You cant even find a ghost in such a ghostly place, why he was here

Moreover, by coincidence, she appeared just when she was in trouble.

Was this passing by Dont bully her for reading less!

“Are you questioning this lord” Demon Lord cast Lin Chujiu a sideways glance.

Although the sky was dark and Lin Chujiu couldnt see clearly, she could feel the malice from the depths of hell.

“No, no, I dare not.

If you say passing by, you are passing by.

As long as you are happy.” Just think that she doesnt read much, so she was easy to deceive.

“Why, dont you believe me” His sharp eyes swept toward Lin Chujiu.

If Lin Chujiu dared to say no, he will destroy Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu shook her head in fright, “No, no, I believe, I believe you just passed by, and you happened to save me.

Demon Lord, thank you for saving my life.

The saving grace cannot be unrewarded, in the future, if Demon Lord finds me useful, you can speak directly.” Lin Chujiu said casually but regretted it after she finished speaking.

What if he wants her to do something, but she cant do it

But without waiting for her to make amends, Demon Lord said: “You know how to repay kindness, you have a heart.

Have you counted how many times this lord saved you”

“Uh… three times!” If it counts this time.

Well, this time it has to be counted, if not for Demon Lords timely action, she might have hit a tree.

The pain was not significant, but if you faint, she would become food for wild boars.

“Remember, you owe me three life-saving graces.” Demon Lord was not polite at all, “Now, your chance to repay the debt of gratitude has come.

I am running around all day long and need a place to rest.

Find a place for me to rest.”

“I…” Where would she find a resting place for Demon Lord

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