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"Welcome back.

Master Rainer, Master Rid".


Is everything all right Garn."

When I enter the mansion, Garn welcomes me.

The maids were busy with the unloading of the luggage in the mansion.

Garn nodded at Father's words.

'Yes, sir.

Nothing unusual has happened.

There was nothing out of the ordinary."

'I see.

I guess we can rest at least for the time being.


Father was a bit relieved when he heard from Garn that Mother's health had stabilized.

After the conversation between the two had calmed down, I spoke to Garn.

"Garn, I'm home.

By the way, is Sandra at Mother's right now'

"Yes, she is.

I heard that she is staying in her room today until the two of them come back, while checking on the condition of Lady Nanalee."

You work fast.

In fact, after receiving the "lute grass" from Nikiak  in Renalute, I sent a letter and medicinal herbs to Sandra.

It contains information I heard from Nikique and advice on how to prescribe it.

I thought she would be able to handle it right away, so I consulted with my father in advance and got his approval.

My father and I looked at each other and nodded, then immediately went to mother's room.

At that time, I told Garn that I wanted to talk to him later.

I also briefly explained that the monster Mel had with her was safe, and followed my father.

Garn asked, "Is there monster ......" He tilted his head.

He was angry with me, and those two animals had shrunk to hand-held size, so they should be fine.

As soon as Father and I left, I thought I heard the panicked voices of everyone in the house, including Garn.

When we arrived at mother's room, we knocked and entered after receiving an answer.

Sandra and mother were the only two people in room.

"Honey, welcome back."

'"Oh, Nanalee, I'm home.

I heard you're feeling all right."

'you haven't changed at all, are you Yes, I'm fine."

Mother smiled smugly at Father.

Early on, the two of them began to create their own world.

Sandra, seeing this, said to us here, clearing her throat.


Reiner -sama, Rid-sama, welcome back."


Sandra, did you feel the same"


I did not find anything unusual either.

I have prepared a new medicine for Nanalee today based on the information and herbs Rid provided to me the other day.

I would like to give you both an explanation and have Nanalee take it, if that is alright with you"

My father and I nodded and listened to Sandra's explanation.

Mother had already heard Sandra's explanation and was convinced.

The basic premise is that we have made it as a pill-type medicine, but we are not sure if it is effective at this point.

And why it is effective is also unclear at this point.

In Renalute, we can only rely on the circumstantial information that Nikique has obtained.

"However, there is always the possibility that something may happen.

I would appreciate it if you would be mindful of this."

"I understand.

I will drink it first."

Father took the pill Sandra was showing him and immediately put it in his mouth.

Naturally, we all rolled our eyes at his action.


".⁉ Why are you taking it"


We need to see how it works , don't we Besides, the medicine Sandra made is safe."

' Rainer, ......"

The father, who had been given a glass of water despite my mother and I's concern, seemed to have nothing in particular to say.


There seems to be no problem.

Nannalee, if something happens to you, you are not alone.

Drink .

it's safe .

.".....Now, you area ."

Mother took the pill from Sandra and swallowed it, showing a little embarrassment.

However, no change occurred.

Sandra looked at mother and spoke to her.

How do you feel Do you feel any change"


No, I don't see any particular change."


I don't know yet, but it may not work unless you take it continuously."

The three nodded in agreement to my words.

If it were a game, it would be worked immediately after drinking.

But this world is real.

I don't think the disease can be cured so easily.

But I think we are definitely moving forward, one step at a time.

Mother smiled and said, "

'Thanks to all of you, I've made it this far, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

I'm still going to do my best."

"I won't leave you alone this time.

Let me be with you this time."

Father's usual strict tone seemed to fade away in front of Mother.

Afterwards, as a result of our discussion, it was decided that Mother would continue taking this new medication.

It was decided that Sandra would observe and see if she would recover.

After some discussion, I coughed and then spoke to my mother, who had something to give me.


mother, this is a different topic , but I have received a letter addressed to you from Queen Liesel of Renalute, Lady Eltia, and Princess Fara.

Please read them when you have a time ."

"Oh, my.

It is amazing to receive so many letters from people related to the royal family.


Mother was surprised at the number of letters she received, and as if remembering, she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye.

"I know, Rid, you've been to see the bride-to-be, haven't you Can you tell me about it"



I'm a little embarrassed."

I explained that I was in Renaloute, embarrassed by my mother's words.

Mother showed me various expressions of joy, anger, sadness, surprise, happiness, and a little anger.

Sandra and Father also watched us with smiles on their faces.

I wish this kind of time could continue forever.

With this in mind, I continued my conversation with my mother.


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