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"Rid, are you all right We're already in Bardia territory.

Just a little  longer time."

..'....Yes, Father.

I feel a little less shaken now that we are in Bardia."

The journey from Renalute back to Bardia was still very tough.

The reason for this is clear after going to Renalute.

Because of the lack of trade and distribution, there is probably no budget to spend on improvements.

However, even if there was a budget, I still have some doubts about whether it would be technically possible to maintain the system.

The interstate distribution channels may be a problem that will affect my future.

I will come up with a good idea when I get back to my mansion.

With this thought, I continued to fight against my sickness.

Eeeeee ......

'Hey, Rid.

We're at the mansion.'

".... Oh, Father, I'm sorry.


"Don't worry about it.

You seem to get sick easily.

It would have been easier for you to sleep.

Get out of the carriage and get some air."

I did as my father told me and got out of the carriage.

As I was stretching my body, I noticed a figure approaching me at a run.

I was so excited to see someone approaching me.

"Mel, I'm back!"

Mel came running and jumped into my arms with all her strength.

Mel was smiling in my arms, with "ehehe".

There was a maid who came after Mel.

It was Danae.

"Meldie-sama, it's dangerous to run so fast.


Ah⁉ Rid-sama, welcome back."


I'm back."

I'm glad to see her .

Danae and Meldie seem to be all right.

The house seems to be in good condition.

"Hey, brother , where are souvenirs"

"What I'm unloading now, so I hope you can wait until tomorrow."


Mel seemed to think that she would get her souvenirs right away, and she looked dissatisfied.

At that moment, I heard a scream from the carriage behind us,

I quickly turned around to the carriage where I heard the scream, hugging Mel.

Father, Capella, Deanna, Rubens, and the other knights who were nearby also took a stance.

And then, coming out of the back of the carriage, tottering, were demons that looked familiar.

They made a cute "nnnn~" sound.

Two of them, about the size of a cat, slowly and cautiously approached me.

Seeing them, I involuntarily called out to them.

"Why did you guys⁉ follow me"

 "What ...... Rid, did you bring them here"

'No, that' s not how come they are .......'

Father is staring at me, looking very furious.

The people here were very frightened of the two monsters, perhaps because there are no monsters in the Bardia territory.

In the midst of all this, there was a person in my arms whose eyes sparkled with interest in them.


'Ni-chan, are these your souvenirs"

"What ⁉ No, they are not souvenirs indeed.

They are clever monsters that we got to know a little bit in Renalute.

They probably understand our language, so I don't think they are dangerous.


Mel slipped out of my hold and approached them.

I was very nervous , but Mel didn't care, she held out her hands to them and talked to them.

" My name is Meldie.

Nice to meet you."

The two monsters seemed to be smiling at her, and she seemed to be smiling back at them.

Mel's face lights up when she sees this gesture.

"Ni-chan, give them to me, please."


I let out a startled cry, but Mel seemed to be serious, looking at me with a gaze stronger than ever before.

But it was not me but my father who answered Mel.

'No, is dangerous, Meldie, they may be small, but they are still wild."

'Yes They're fine, See, they're not scary, "

As Mel patted the two monsters on the head, they became even smaller than cat-size, and then kitten-size.

Then, the black cat climbed up Meldie's hand and landed on her shoulder.

A little cat perched on top of Meldy's head.

"Mel, are you sure it's not too heavy"

Yes, it's not heavy at all.


Mel, to my surprise, began to spin around on the spot with her arms outstretched, happily giggling.

The monster kittens were running around on Mel's arms as if they were playing with her.

Everyone present, including my father and I, rolled their eyes at the sight.

When Mel noticed us, she stopped running around, looked at me and my father with a strong gaze, and said,

"I'll take care of them, I promise!"

She was a child, ......

who is usually afraid of monsters, but she's a mysterious child, ............."

Hearing Mel's words, Father glanced at me and then muttered.


Is he trying to say that all of father's children are "wonder children"

A little rude, I thought, but I looked at Mel.

Perhaps now that this has happened, Mel will never crack.

I won't say who, but I have a feeling that his temperament in that area is very much like someone else's.

I think my father knows Mel's character.

He had a very troubled expression on his face.

I tugged on his hand and began to whisper in a quiet voice.

"Father, I can see from their actions that they probably, but definitely, understand what we are saying.

And I don't think they can stand up to us.

They are not Mel's squire, but I think they would be perfect for escorting her."

"Mmm, but no matter how hard you try, monsters are ......"

Father had a very troubled look on his face, but I folded it up and said, "

"They are very smart.

Even if we get rid of them, I think they will eventually come back.

And if Mel were to keep them in secret, it would be very difficult to manage them, wouldn't it Oh, and ......."

'And what's with the ......'"

"Is it okay for Mel to hate you, Father, ......"

My words made him look at Mel.

Mel is looking at us with strong eyes, but her eyes are a little moist, as if she is somewhat anxious.

He sighed with resignation and turned to Mel and gently told him.



Meldy, do what you want.

Rid, that's fine with you, too, right"

"Huh Yes, I'm fine with it.

I don't mind."

"Really⁉ Thank you, Father, brother ".

Mel looked so happy and hugged me and my father.

Mel hugged me and my father with a very happy face.

After Mel hugged us, she put the two monsters on the ground and gave a cute coughing sound.


Cookie-"" and -Biscuit is ".

both father and brother are are good with that

Huh" "Huh I fine with them, but why are they named that way"

"Well, you know.

I took it from the name of a favorite candy.


and then I just kind of went with it."

And so, Meldie has a new squire A new squire or escort Cookie" and "Biscuit" were created as Meldie's new squires or escorts.


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