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'Everyone pause your work, His Majesty Elias is coming ".

Hearing my voice, everyone stopped working, panicked, and dropped to their knees and hung their heads.

He said he would come to see us off, but didn't he have to come while we were working

At this time, two unusual visitors were mixed in with the carriage that was loading the goods, but no one noticed that, including me, who was hanging my head.

"Sorry to bother you while you're working.

Everyone, please raise your heads and continue your work.

We are here to say goodbye to Mister Rid."

When Elias finished, everyone looked up fearfully and began to go back to their work.

" .

I'm sorry to bother you at this busy time, but I've been busy with various things in conjunction with your return to home .

I came to see you off early."

"I thank you, Your Majesty Elias, for taking the trouble to see us off.

I will call my father now."

I finished and went to call my father, but Elias stopped me.

Elias smiled, looked at me and said,

" I'll go to see Reiner.

My daughter is a little sad to hear of your leaving ".

."....⁉ Father, please don't say such a thing in a crowded place ......‼."


I was laughing dryly as I watched the exchange between Elias and Fara.

"Master Rid!"

I turned around to see Lacis.

. I looked at him closely and saw that he was holding a letter in his hand.

He held out the letter to me.


please give this to Tia."

"Yeah, , ......."

I let out a tired, disgusted look and voice.

Lacis looked at me suspiciously and said

, "......

don't you have to look so disgusted If you marry Farra, I will become your i law . My future brother wishes it for me.

Please, brother."

I think he said he would not approve of any of this at first.

In the first place, don't use my brother as a passerby.

I swallowed the words I was about to say and reluctantly accepted his letter.

It might be cruel to him, but I would send him back a letter saying that there was no one who called Tia.

Then, Fara also presented me with a letter.

"I'm sorry ......, did you not like the letter, Master Rid"

"What⁉ Not at all.

I'm very happy to receive letters from you, ......, but five letters is a lot.

Is there some kind of order in which you read the letters ......"

I had a slightly surprised look on my face because there were five letters in total that I received from Farah.

When she saw my face, she laughed and s

Please look carefully at the sender and the addressee.

There are three letters from me: one to Rid, one to Meldie, and one to Nanalee.

The other two are from my mother and Queen Liesel to Nanalee.

"Oh, really.

Mel and mother will be pleased.

Thank you, Fara.

Thank you, Eltia, and Queen Liesel, I will be sure to give them letters .

Thank you so much."

I thanked Fara, then turned my body toward Eltia and Liesel and bowed to them along with my thanks.

The two replied to my words with a smile and a smile.

Fara, who was watching the situation from the side, blushed a little and said as if to add


well, I would appreciate it if you could open the letter from me .

after you return to the territory."

'Oh ......


I'll be looking forward to it.

I'll write to you when I get back to the estate."

"Thank you .......

I look forward to it."

While Farah and I were having a pleasant conversation, a slightly spiky voice came from behind me.


Rid , don't you see a big difference between me and Fara in the way we respond to letters"

I turned around and there was Lacis with a stagnant air.

Apparently, he was in a bad mood because my attitude toward him and Fara was totally different.

I thought , Of course that's not surprising.

I was enjoying the conversation while quieting him down.

At this point, I looked at Capella and saw that he was bowing to Eltia and Liesel.

They both seemed a little surprised to see Capella here.

I sensed that he was acquainted with both of them.

"⁉ Are you listening to me""

"What" I had been so preoccupied with Capella that I had not heard what Lacis had said at all, and I had offended him again.

After a while, my father came to us.

"Rid, the preparations are finished.

Are you ready , too"

"Yes, Father, I am ready

I nodded in reply to his words.

It was time to say goodbye to Renaloute.

I approached and spoke softly to tell Fara goodbye for the last time.

"Then, Fara.

The next time I come back, I will not come to see you as I did this time."

" What do you mean"

"Well, Fara.

I'm coming to 'pick you up' next time.

Look forward to it.

.".....⁉ Yes, , ......."

The next time I come back, I will not come to see you as I did this time.

I went over to her and spoke softly, "...... What do you mean

Fara said softly, "Well, Fara.

I'm coming to 'pick you up' next time.

Look forward to it.

......⁉ Yes, yes, ......."

Fara blushed at my words and moved her ears up and down.

'Where do such words come from, Master Rid, ......

it's terrifying.

You absolutely must not say that kind of thing to any woman other than the Princess Fara, must you"

'Eh Umm, yes.


I'm not sure.

Deanna let out a sigh, "Huh.

In the end, I"

After that, Father and I left Renalute for our own territory in a carriage.

We were accompanied by a group from the Christie Trading Company.

Thus ended my visit to the country of Renalute.

But there is still so much more to do.

When I return to my own Bardia territory, I will immediately start working on the next problem.

That's what I thought as I left the castle in Renalute.

"Rid ......"

Fara was seeing off the carriage he was riding in to the end, even after Elias, Eltia, and the others had left the place.

At that moment, a soft, gentle voice called out from behind.

'No, Mister Rid has returned home with a big gold star in this country, hasn't he"

"......Master .

Zack,......, do you mean Norris Or are you referring to the matches held"

It was Zack  Riverton, who is related to Eltia.

Asuna also noticed that it was him, so she did not interrupt his words.

Fara was curious about Zack's words.

"What did he mean by "big gold star"

'What did Lord Lid raise the great gold star ......, don't you know, Princess Farrah'


Farah did not understand what Zack was trying to say and tilted her head a little while making a grim face.

Zack smiled at Fara and told her softly,

"The big gold star of Lord Rid will be ......

the 'love affair' of Princess Fara."


Fara blushed at Zack's words and then silently turned her head down.

Zack smiled kindly when he saw how Farah blushed.

Then he left the place as if he was satisfied.

As Zack left, Farah looked up and gazed again at the path Rid was leaving.


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