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Chapter 9: How About A Deal


The moment Yang Yang walked away from Zhou Hua's side, he had a bad premonition, so he immediately reacted.


He looked at Yang Yang, his eyes lost its previous love and sternly walked up and warned, "Yang Yang, don't make a fool of yourself."


Yang Yang looked up with his pair of apricot eyes and innocently stared at Zhou Hua, his cheerful mode from a moment ago had disappeared then he shrink, "I, I won't.

If Uncle don't want me to go, then I won't go."


Zhou Hua's brows frowned slightly, just now his hunch didn't came true.


Zhou Hua laughed, "I'm just worried that your body is still too weak and will cause trouble to our guests."


"What trouble"


Gu Lita reached out and put her arm around Yang Yang's shoulders like a mother hen protecting her chick, she clamped Yang Yang under her arms.

Then said with sympathy, "This child catches my attention, Mr.

Zhou rest assured that if he got tired I will send him back.



Zhou Hua didn't refuse anymore, but pointed at 251 that was quietly standing at the side and said, "How can I let my guest worry about it 251 has Yang Yang's full set of nursing procedures and it will take good care of Yang Yang."


Gu Lita raised an eyebrow—this meant that he wants to monitor them.


Although she was a little unhappy, it didn't bother her.

If she wants to do something, this robot can't stop her.


"Then let's find a quiet place."


Gu Lita said while pulling Yang Yang away.


The rest and Archibald naturally followed them, they also couldn't figure out what Gu Lita was trying to do.


Zhou Hua stood in his place and watched them leave, he asked Mu Shuyi, "Do you think Yang Yang was being intentional just now"


Mu Shuyi's eyes were still gentle.

She shook her head slightly, "It doesn't look like it, maybe after being detained for a couple of days he felt bored.

It's rare to see him being lively today and this child's mood had just returned.

You also knew what he was like before, although he changed after his amnesia, but after all, he is still himself you can’t change him back in a short time."


Zhou Hua kept silent and asked, "Where's Niya"


Mu Shuyi "I'll let Sa Yi (Zhou Hua's daughter-in-law) look for her, rest assured that she won't even watch Byrd's awarding ceremony.

This time, Niya promised not to lose her temper."


Zhou Hua snorted softly.

"Finally she understands.

Byrd was also her senior, that girl always say what's on her mind and wasn't afraid of shame!


Forget it, there are a lot of young talents here tonight.

She should pay more attention to her manners.

Since she's already an adult, the earlier I see her comes down, the earlier my heart can rest."


Mu Shuyi laughed "I know, you can rest assured."


Zhou Hua comfortly patted Mu Shuyi's hand and pulled her towards the crowd.



Although the venue for the celebration banquet was large, the guests were scattered and it was not easy to find a place completely void of people.


Fortunately, their group of five exuded a strong imposing manner that people immediately ran seeing them approaching.

Now the conference hall was empty.


The five people found a place to sit, Major Monta was the first who can't hold back.

He first looked at Yang Yang before asking Gu Lita, "Mom, didn't Zhou Hua just said that he has amnesia and can't you see that he's like a fool, what can you talk to him ah"


Yang Yang "..."


Yang Yang glanced at Major Monta, very good, boy, I will remember you.


Gu Lita smacked her son's head, "Shut up." Then she walked to Yang Yang and sat down, she softly smiled "Don't take it to heart, he always need a beating once he opened his little mouth."




Yang Yang smiled and nodded, then looked at the Duke of Doton like he seems to have something to say.


Yang Yang's eyes were so obvious that even Major Monta received the signal.

Monta saw that the fun wasn't that much and immediately elbowed Archibald's arm.


Archibald remained motionless, but slightly frowned.


Yang Yang was happy in his heart [Now he hates me even more.]


Roth:【...Why did you deliberately provoke the Duke of Doton】


Yang Yang [It's fun.]


Roth:【 】


【Are you not afraid that you would be misunderstood because of your "act"】


Yang Yang shyly withdraw his gaze from Archibald then said to Roth, [Transfer to 251 and be on standby, just let Zhou Hua see from his monitor that we're getting along harmoniously.

Then edit a footage clip from the video that you captured earlier and from what I'm about to do now, then make it looked like I'm exchanging flirty glances with Duke of Doton while he pampers me.

Save a copy at a candid angle, after my signal you send one to Zhou Niya.

By the way, set up an automatic destruction mode, don't leave a tail.]


Roth became aggressive【...What are you trying to do, Master】


Yang Yang [Forcing a marriage.]


Roth【... ! !】


Yang Yang [Oh right! If you dare used 251 to talk to Archibald, I will lock you down for one year in a small black house.]


Roth:【...OK, Master.



Yang Yang [...]


Where did this emoji come from


Gu Lita was also fascinated.

Looking at Yang Yang's eyes, she immediately smiled, "Yang Yang likes Byrd"


Yang Yang nodded shyly, his voice sounded like honey, "En~"




Gu Lita smiled twice as much and said, "That's good, how about you answer Aunt's questions, in exchange Aunt will give you Byrd's terminal number"


Yang Yang suddenly looked up, stared at Archibald with a surprised look and asked softly, "Really"


Archibald glanced at Gu Lita and finally nodded expressionlessly "En."


Yang Yang flushed with excitement and nodded shyly, "Alright~"




Roth felt it had withstood what it shouldn't have, such as its Master's neuropathy.


In fact Yang Yang also didn't want to do this, so he only asked Roth a few words [Roth are the materials enough]


Roth:【It's enough Master】


【Anyway, even if it's not enough you can change it again yourself】


Yang Yang [Are you trying to defy me]



Roth:【 ! !】


Roth:【I didn't! (cute.jpg)】


Yang Yang [...]


Gu Lita pursed her lips and looked at Yang Yang then asked, "Well, my first question is, do you know about your parents"


Yang Yang was surprised why would Gu Lita ask this, he only think that Gu Lita was just testing him.


Yang Yang's face was still blushing, but the smile on the corners of his mouth gradually faded and he reminded, "I have lost my memory."


Gu Lita "Zhou Hua didn't tell you"


Yang Yang "No."


Gu Lita was silent for two seconds, then Yang Yang didn't know when did his hand got pricked with a blood collection device.

Then Lita looked at Yang Yang and gently said, "The second thing, can you give your Aunt this drop of blood I promise I won't do anything bad."


Yang Yang looked at Gu Lita, the blush on his face faded and the smile on the corners of his mouth became unclear.


Instead of reaching out his hand, he crossed his legs, leaned over and supported his chin with his hand, then asked Gulita, "What does Aunt want to do with my blood"


His look changed, his temperament also became different from the one he showed earlier, but none of the four people could tell which one was his true face, so they instantly became alert.


Gu Lita raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, "You didn't lost your memory"


Yang Yang chuckled "I really have amnesia."


Gu Lita understood, "So you were acting"


Yang Yang "You can say that."


Gu Lita "Oh Then why did you stop acting"


She pointed to 251 and reminded Yang Yang, "Zhou Hua's still watching."


Yang Yang shrugged.

"Maybe because he's not watching.



251 bowed and made a gentleman's salute, with a calm tone "I'm here, Master.

The monitoring cameras are all under control."


Gu Lita was really surprised then she became interested "You have a lot of secrets, kid."


Yang Yang glanced at the blood collection device in Gu Lita's hand, "Likewise."


Gu Lita "So you deliberately meet us, what are your intentions"


Yang Yang put down his leg and straightened his back, showing a solemn look, then said, "First of all, I affirm that I'm not an enemy, nor malicious.

ㅡI'm here to fulfill my agreement with the Duke of Doton."


Archibald froze and then suddenly recalled something, his eyes became dangerous, "You're the one who sent the e-mail."


His tone wasn't good, but it's expectedㅡYang Yang hacked into his terminal, stole his information and threatened him with a child.

Even Yang Yang won't like such a thing to happened to him.


Yang Yang turned a blind eye to Archibald's coldness, he solemnly looked at the other person and admitted frankly, "It was me."


Archibald's eyes narrowed and the tip of his pointed tail was already bent and was on attack position.


But Yang Yang wasn't afraid and then he threw out a second sentence, "The child thing was true."




The fruit in Monta's mouth dropped and Archibald's tail froze.

T/N: when did monta went to get a fruit


He Shu and Gu Lita simultaneously looked at Yang Yang's stomach.


Gu Lita tapped the bracelet on her wrist and a light-screen list popped up on the bracelet.

She clicked on one of them and then a strange instrument was in her hand.


There are 3 different specifications of 13 cubic meters space storage on the market.

The larger the space and to customized it cost a lot.


This was the first time Yang Yang has seen a real space storage device.

It turned out that you can play with the list of items ah.


Gu Lita held that thing and reached out to Yang Yang "Do you mind if I check"


Yang Yang knew that Gu Lita was a doctor, he had also expected this, so he nodded generously, "No problem."


Gu Lita took that instrument and let it stayed on Yang Yang's belly for a few seconds, then she took back her instrument and looked at the result then her face suddenly changed.


Gu Lita looked at Archibald then back to He Shu again, saying "Three months."






Monta broke the silence but he didn't dare to scream and now he can't understand the plot, he was just simply astonished by the fact that "Someone is pregnant with Archibald's child".


But Archibald still didn't believe it.

He snorted softly and asked, "What evidence do you have that the child is mine"


Yang Yang "Didn't I already sent you the evidence"


Archibald was unmoved, "That only proves my information was leaked, but it doesn't prove that the child was mine."


Yang Yang laughed, "I have something to say, but before that, first I want to propose my conditions."


Archibald was not surprised "Speak."


Yang Yang stared at him, his smile was getting more weird, his eyes seemed to be looking at something very cute and interesting, but after he saw Archibald's wrinkled brows he opened his mouth .


"It's nothing, I just want to take Duke Doton's 'first time'."


Archibald "..."


And Shu " "


Monta "What the **!!!"


Gu Lita "Oh~"




Who am I, where am I, what did I heard



The author has something to say: Roth's Master.

I feel like you're playing with the Duke of Doton.

Is this just my illusion


Yang Yang "Hee Hee~"




Byrd "..."


T/N: please don't blame my poor engrish, also I'm fat and lazy.


I just keep laughing while translating this webnovel.


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