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Chapter 74: The Colours Are Different

    Yang Yang didn’t know much about soul power, but he was aware that soul beasts’ soul power was not a safe thing.

It could very easily infect Lester people’s soul palace, causing soul power riots that were incurable.

    But he also knew that soul beasts’ and soul essence plants’ soul power were two extremes, water and fire were incompatible, so how could there be soul beast’s soul power in a fruit of a soul essence plant

    Yang Yang was still a little unconvinced: “Sister Jun, are you really sure”

    Zhang Jun raised her eyebrows: “Do you doubt the accuracy of the scientific research institute’s technology”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Zhang Jun took the isolation box re-applied with the soul lockstone coating and shoot it, “If it wasn’t for you, I would definitely think that someone disguised it as a soul essence plant to play with me.

——So, can you now tell me where this thing came from”

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and didn’t speak, it seemed that the test results were true, but he couldn’t tell Bean Sprout’s origins.

    Zhang Jun saw Yang Yang’s expression and understood that she wouldn’t get an answer.

If it was someone else, she could still use some means, but Yang Yang was now a member of the Donton family.


    Zhang Jun felt a little regretful and gave up the question: “Okay, if you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you, but can you give me this fruit I promise not to let other people know.”

    Yang Yang could still agree to this: “Okay.”

    Zhang Jun smiled: “Agreeing so easily, it seems that you still have a lot of this kind of fruit.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    After Zhang Jun smiled, her expression became serious again: “If this is the case, then I will remind you of one thing—— don’t let other people know about the existence of this fruit.”

    He now felt guilty of carrying jade*.

*懷璧其罪 to be guilty of carrying jade, meaning to be envied because of possessing something valuable.

    But Yang Yang still understood this principle, so he nodded obediently.

    Zhang Jun: “If one day you figure out that you want to share with the world existence of these fruits, remember to come to me first.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay.”

    Zhang Jun smiled: “That’s all.

You sit down and I’ll arrange it.”

    After speaking, Zhang Jun took the box and walked towards the other researcher in the room.

    As Zhang Jun left, Archibald dragged Yang Yang to sit down in the rest area.

    Archibald didn’t ask for origin of the fruit ——there were many mysteries in Yang Yang, he was aware from the beginning.

But as long as Yang Yang didn’t want to tell him, he wouldn’t ask.

    Archibald glanced at the time, “It’s a little late, we may not be able to go back to buy ingredients.”

    Yang Yang remembered this matter, opened the terminal, and said with a smile: “Then I won’t go back, let Mu Tou buy it, and we’ll go home in a while.”


    Archibald’s expression immediately became more cheerful, he shook the tip of his tail happily, glanced around again, and said, “I’ll go buy you a hot drink to pad your stomach first.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay.”

    When Archibald walked and Yang Yang was left alone, Yang Yang’s smile gradually faded.

    Although Bean Sprout’s existence didn’t get revealed, Yang Yang was more concerned about the fact that there was soul power in the fruit.

    To know the whole story, it was the easiest to ask the fruit.

    Yang Yang: 【Bean Sprouts, what’s the matter with soul beasts’ soul power in your fruits 】

    Bean Sprouts let out an “ah”, sounding surprised by this as well: 【Does the fruit I produce really store soul power of soul beasts 】

    Yang Yang: 【…………】

    Yang Yang: 【You don’t know the content of the fruits you yourself produced 】

    Bean Sprouts replied innocently: 【This is all the soul power I drew from the surroundings and and then condensed into reserve grains, just like how I told you.

    Yang Yang recalled that it was indeed what it said back then.


    A thought suddenly caused Yang Yang to shudder: 【Are you saying, you directly collected the soul power in the Soul Cube, and then produced the fruit, not transforming its soul power in the process of producing the fruit in any way 】

    Bean Sprouts sounded confused: 【Transform I don’t have that ability.

    Yang Yang didn’t care about its abilities, but upon hearing Bean Sprout’s words, the hairs on Yang Yang’s back stood on its ends.

    【So, the “sugar balls” you condense for my cub every day are the same as the fruits 】

    Bean Sprouts: 【Yeah, just missing the fruit peel.

    Otherwise, how could it be so productive by itself It would have long been squeezed into dry branches.

    Yang Yang closed his eyes, feeling that his blood was chilling cold.

After a few seconds, he calmed himself down a little and called Roth.

    【Roth, is there any abnormality in the child’s soul 】

    Roth’s voice sounded immediately: 【Master, don’t worry, I have been monitoring it constantly, the little master’s soul is very healthy and there is no abnormality.

    Yang Yang felt relieved when he heard the words, all his strength drained from him, his whole body slouched as he rested his hands on his knees and let out a breath slowly.

    “What’s wrong”

    Archibald came over with two cups of hot drinks, when he saw Yang Yang’s actions, he immediately squatted down worriedly, his tail dragging on the ground and swaying anxiously.

    Yang Yang looked to the side and smiled: “I’m hungry.”

    Archibald breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly handed over the hot drink in his hand: “There’s fruit milk here, you can drink it now and later we’ll go to find something to eat in the living area.”


    Yang Yang took the fruit milk and took a sip, making him warm all over.

    Archibald also sat next to Yang Yang, drinking the hot drink with an indifferent expression.

    After two seconds, Yang Yang paused while drinking the fruit milk, then lowered his head and glanced — Archibald’s tail came up from under the chair, wrapping around his ankle with the tip.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Showing off his tail length

    Yang Yang glanced helplessly at Archibald.

    Archibald drank the hot drink as if nothing had happened, with a straight face.

    Yang Yang laughed, shook his head and let him go, and then started talking to Roth in his mind.

    【Roth, analyze the soul power in the Soul Cube and compare it with the soul power of soul beasts.

    Roth: 【Master, I don’t have any data on the soul power of the soul beast, so I need to connect to the Internet… 】

    Yang Yang: 【You are allowed to connect to the Internet.

    Aw yeah!

    Roth silently cheered triumphantly in the Soul Cube, and then quickly connected to the Starnet.

    Three seconds later, Roth gave the answer: 【Master, according to the comparison of the existing data on StarNet, the soul power in the Soul Cube is indeed the soul power of soul beasts, but some of the data are quite different.

However this part of data has not been confirmed yet, or is still an unknown field in the research institute, so it’s impossible to confirm the difference.

    Yang Yang: 【Can you confirm that the soul power in the Soul Cube is harmless 】

    Roth: 【Of course! Not only is it harmless, but it is also easier to absorb than the soul power of soul essence plants.

It can be easily absorbed by anyone’s soul palace without distinguishing between additional properties.

    Although the soul power of a soul essence plant can be absorbed by humans, it was ultimately created within the plant itself, and would more or less carry the characteristics of the plant.

For some of the plants, it would be beneficial properties, but some would be closer to poison.

    Yang Yang’s heart was completely relieved.

    Thinking about it now, his own soul was also nurtured in the Soul Cube.

If it was harmful, he would have died in Zhou Hua’s house long ago.

    However, it was impossible for Yang Yang to not care at all that the soul power in the Soul Cube was the soul beasts’ soul power.

It’s only the point of concern may need to be changed.

    For example: what were the similarities and differences between soul power from Soul Cube and soul power of regular soul beasts.

    The first thing Yang Yang thought of was colour.

    There were three kinds of soul power colours he had been exposed to so far, one was the white colour of ordinary people, the other was the black of the Archibald’s diseased soul power and the dark grays of the soul corpse beast.

    The conclusion seemed obvious, but the base was too small, it would be too rash to draw such a conclusion so early.

    If only he could see more soul beast soul power, or diseased soul power…


    Yang Yang froze for a while, then smiled.

It was really the darkest under the lamp*, what could be better at complete data on different soul power than a scientific research institute

*真是燈下黑 meaning that something is most hidden when it’s the closest to you, as you don’t notice it because it’s so so obvious

    Just then, Zhang Jun came over with hands now empty, Zhang Jun smiled when she saw the hot drinks they were drinking.

    “It’s almost time.

Do you want to go to my house for dinner when Monta’s finished”

    Before Yang Yang could respond, Archibald decisively refused: “Me and Yang Yang have to go back to see how Amber redecorated the room, let Monta stay and accompany you to eat.”

    Zhang Jun: “…”

    For some reason, she heard in these unfriendly words the dislike from married people towards single dogs.

    Yang Yang put down the fruit milk and smiled: “Sister Jun, we won’t eat dinner, but can I visit some places”

    Zhang Jun looked over and said, “What do you want to see”

    Yang Yang: “The experimental sector of soul corpse beasts and similar.”

    Zhang Jun grasped the key point very keenly: “Why the soul corpses again Are you very interested in this”

    Yang Yang did not deny it, he pointed to his eyes: “Sister Jun, did you know that I can see the existence of soul power”

    Zhang Jun nodded, “Yes, soul power going out of control.

Grandpa mentioned it to me.

The form of soul power you see is different for everyone, which also makes me very curious.”

    Yang Yang : “Actually, in addition to the form of soul power, I only discovered yesterday that the colour of certain types of soul power are also different.”

    Zhang Jun was stunned: “What”

    Yang Yang: “The soul power of people and soul essence plants I had seen before were all white.

But the soul corpse beast I met yesterday, its soul power is black and gray.

    I thought it was caused by the difference in race, but you just said that the soul power of the fruit brought was also the soul power of the soul beast.

But in my eyes, its soul power was also white.

    So I have some doubts whether the different colours are based on individual variations or if they are related to the state of soul power.”

    Yang Yang: “Therefore, I want to see some more varied soul powers.”

    Zhang Jun smiled: “It’s interesting, let’s go then, to the experimental sector of the soul corpse beasts.”

    … …

    Visiting the soul beast corpses’ experimental sector was certainly not a pleasant experience.

    Conventional soul corpse beast experiments used animal corpses, which had to be remain from 3 to 90 days.

    Therefore, although the inside was well ventilated and disinfected, and Yang Yang still wore a mask and only looked through the each observation window, Yang Yang already felt suffocated after making a round.

    Zhang Jun didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

After Yang Yang observed it all, she couldn’t wait to ask: “How was it”

    Yang Yang looked like he was about to ascend: “Today’s dinner can be saved.”

    Zhang Jun: “…Who’s asking about this”

    Yang Yang sighed and said weakly: “The colours are different.”

    Zhang Jun immediately took out the record board: “How are they different”

    Yang Yang: “It may be related to the degree of transformation.

Some looked very much like light black mist.

Some of them were a bit thicker.

For the ones that were successfully transformed, their soul power was in a solid state of thick black, but the shape was not stable, and there were fog-like black particles that kept escaping.”

    Zhang Jun said strangely: “Was there no gray I remember you said that the unicorn’s corpse was black and gray.”

    “En, it didn’t have the same colour as that corpse.”

    Yang Yang was also pondering about this.

He originally thought that the black and gray colour was caused by unstable transformation, but now it didn’t seem to be the case.

    Zhang Jun’s eyes lit up, “So, the soul corpse beast that had the chip was the only special case.

And its speciality was obviously because of the chip.

If this guess is correct, then the black of the soul beast’s soul power and the white of the human’s soul power being are the opposite extremes, so what does the gray in the middle represent”

    The answer was obvious.


    Zhang Jun muttered to herself, then suddenly clapped her hands and looked at Yang Yang, “Go to the hospital with me, right now, this moment, immediately!”


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