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Chapter 66: Fruited

    Yang Yang didn’t know when he fell asleep, his last memory was lying on Archibald’s bed, Archibald’s palm was on his stomach, the quilt was super soft, Archibald’s palm emitting such warmth…

    when he opened his eyes again, he was already lying in the Soul Cube.

    Yang Yang looked at the void, his head had sobered up slowly, then he felt a little regretful.

——he didn’t get to touch Archibald’s chest muscles.

    Forget it, there will be opportunities in the future.

    Yang Yang stretched, and just as he sat up a fluorescent ball fell down right before his eyes.

Yang Yang quickly caught it halfway, and he held it with up in his hand to weight it.

    “Yi, have you grown again So fast”

    The current size of the fluorescent ball made it so that Yang Yang couldn’t wrap one hand around it completely, it felt very good.

    Hearing Yang Yang’s words, the fluorescent ball flashed proudly.

Then suddenly, it puffed up with a bunch of soft fur, tiny hairs being short threads made from soul power.

    —Look, my new skill!

    Yang Yang: “…”

    What was this skill for

    The fluorescent ball didn’t get Yang Yang’s doubts, and it couldn’t wait to start showing the next skill: the soft fur on its body disappeared, a ball of soul power slowly emerged from the lower half of its spherical body, and then as if kneading dough, it elongated into a thin long strip.

    —Look, a tail!

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly laughed: “You like your little daddy so much”

    The fluorescent ball flashed wildly — Like, like very much!

    Yang Yang rubbed the fluorescent ball with his thumb, and praised: “Then try to grow up and come out quickly.”

    The fluorescent ball bounced twice in Yang Yang’s palm, it’s short bald tail stood up like Archibald’s, the ball exuding an air of confidence.

    —I’ll be fast! come out immediately!

    Yang Yang was amused, but thinking about the growth rate of the fluorescent ball, this “immediately” was really rocket-like speed compared with the average female body gestation time.

    However, the time for breaking the shell had to be counted as well.

Period before breaking the shell was not like the gestation period, when every day there would be “sugar balls” from Archibald, Soul Cube and Bean Sprout opening a small restaurant for it.

Even if the breaking shell period was shortened, it could be estimated it would not be too outrageously so.

    But he didn’t say anything as to not quench the fluorescent ball’s enthusiasm.

    At this moment, Roth’s voice suddenly sounded, sounding all listless and low-spirited.

    “Master, a plant on the Soul Cube’s planting surface has yielded crops, and it’s in the Bean Sprout’s grid.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback: “Crops”

    Roth: “It has fruited.”

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows, what was this situation

    So Yang Yang stood up and put the fluorescent ball on top of his head: “Alright, let’s go and take a look.”

    The four sides of the Soul Cube were four identical spaces, but the world in each grid was very different.

    Yang Yang found the grid where Bean Sprout grew, and glanced down with the probe, his vision passed through a cloud and mist, overlooking a small world with mountains and clear waters.

    In the middle of this world, on the top of a hill, was Bean Sprout’s “throne”.

    Yang Yang held the fluorescent ball and jumped down from the gate at the entrance, landing perfectly in front of the Bean Sprout’s throne.

    Bean Sprout who was busy receiving the “Essence of the Sun and Moon” was startled, and the cluster of small red fruits that had just grown on the top of its branches trembled.

    Yang Yang looked at the bunch of fruits in surprise: “It really yielded fruit.

It looks like a ginseng baby, can this be eaten”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    If I say you can’t eat it, will you not touch the fruit

    Yang Yang: “Hehe.”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Bean Sprout felt bitter in its heart and immediately burst into tears.

The general content of its accusations was as follows —— I was tricked by you to sign a contract and I still have to gather my soul power to feed your cub every day.

Now that I have finally managed to grow fruit after hard work you still covet my fruit…

    Upon hearing it, not only did Yang Yang lack the slightest sympathy, but he even felt puzzled: “Did you think I let you in to enjoy the happiness”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Yang Yan: “You’re not on a lost side here either, after all, you don’t even have the ability to protect yourself, it’s still alright that you fell into my hands.

If you fell into hands of the science research institute, I am afraid that you could only follow in the footsteps of your predecessors: slow dispersing with time.

Right here you actually have the chance to bear fruit here, because the soul power is so abundant.

    ——So is this fruit edible”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    What can it do Of course it can only give in.

    Bean Sprout’s leaves and its head drooped down, sounding as listless as Roth.

    “I don’t know.

It’s just concentrated stored soul power.

I tried it, and I can’t get into other grids except this one, so worried that the soul power in this cell would overflow, I thought of storing some first.

    It originally planned to bear fruit and store some of it in the trunk.

How come it was suddenly reported by Roth — it started bearing fruit the day before yesterday, but Roth didn’t say anything back then.

Why suddenly report it today It didn’t provoke Roth either!

    Roth, who had subtly noticed this resentment, was in a happy mood — since it can’t connect to the Internet, you also won’t be having excess soul power to eat.

    Bean Sprout: What does that have to do with me! !

    Yang Yang didn’t know what the two of them were communicating, so he smiled when he heard the words: “You are quite prepared for a rainy day.”

    After speaking, Yang Yang suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up: “Since it’s condensated soul power, does that mean it doesn’t have an immature stage, and it can be picked directly without waiting for it to ripen”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Gangster! You’re simply a gangster!

    The Gangster Yang heard Bean Sprout’s thoughts and grinned: “You said so, then I’m welcome to do it.”

    So Yang Yang stretched out his sinful hand and picked the largest and brightest in colour fruit from the cluster of five fruits on Bean Sprout’s head.

    Bean sprouts: “…”


    Yang Yang glanced at the fruit in his hand, it was the size of a soybean, very hard, soul power couldn’t be sensed from outside, but he could see the high-density soul power filling inside.

    Yang Yang had something to be happy about.

    He had already tested it when he sowed the seeds before.

The soul power in Soul Cube could be said to be inexhaustible, but once Yang Yang left Soul Cube, he couldn’t use Soul Cube’s soul power in the real world.

    But now, Bean Sprout managed to store the soul power from Soul Cube and produce fruit.

If this fruit could be used outside…

    Yang Yang was full of expectations, he put the fruit on the storage surface in a precious place, and showed a kind smile filed with expectations towards Bean Sprout: “There will be no shortage of soul power here, you can eat more and bear more fruit.”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Wait, does that mean that you two, will both steal from me everyday, the younger one wants a candy ball everyday and the older one wants my fruit everyday

    Bean Sprout couldn’t believe it, was he still human Wouldn’t his conscience hurt exploiting such a small seedling

    Yang Yang said that he would not, and he even felt good.

    Yang Yang got up and couldn’t wait to go out and try Bean Sprout’s fruit, so he said goodbye to the fluorescent ball and left Soul Cube.

    The sky was already brightening, showing bluish white like fishbelly, the light of the dawn slowly dispelled the darkness in the room through the curtains.

    Yang Yang slept sweetly under the quilt in Archibald’s room, but Archibald next to him had already woken up — or rather, he hadn’t slept at all that night.

    Last night, he agreed to “sleep together”, as proposed by Yang Yang.

He knew that nothing would actually happen, but he vaguely expected that Yang Yang wanted to tease him.

    But it also made him feel as sweet as candy.

    Archibald was feeling both nervous and excited.

    But when he looked up, Yang Yang fell asleep on his own.

    Archibald: “…”

    At that moment, Archibald admitted that he did have the urge to turn Yang Yang upside down and spank — the kind of spanking play that would make Yang Yangregret deeply*.

*original said something about “hitting until waa waa (crying sounds) if I understood correctly, but it did not translate nicely

    But in the end, Archibald just resigned himself to covering Yang Yang with a quilt, and watched the sleeping Yang Yang helplessly.

    However, when he looked at him, Archibald couldn’t take his eyes away.

    Yang Yang was very well-behaved and quiet in his sleep, completely different from him during the day.

    After falling asleep, Yang Yang’s face showed some light pink, the collar of his pajamas was loose, revealing small half of the shoulders, his fair skin seemed like a creamy white jade in the moonlight.

    On the huge bed and covered with the fluffy quilt Yang Yang looked extremely tiny, like a treasure he hid in his lair.

    Archibald’s heart instantly surged with a sense of satisfaction, the comfort of his desires being soothed.

    But it was not enough.

    Archibald watched for a while by the bed, then crept into the bed and lay beside Yang Yang.

    ——They were covered with the same quilt, and the temperature of both of them passed through the quilt, the breath that belongs to them was also mixing in the air, making two things blend as one without a difference.

    This close distance made Archibald’s blood rush faster.

Then the longing that had been suppressed before resurfaced again, along with the questions that he had had during the day.

    ——How would other parts of Yang Yang feel to touch, would they be soft

    As soon as the idea came up, it instantly filled him with crazy yearning.

    Until almost dawn, the wild thoughts overwhelmed Archibald’s sanity and principles.

    Archibald stretched out his hand, his slender and powerful fingers gently landed on the small half of the shoulder exposed by Yang Yang.

    Smooth, soft, warm, with delicate bones.

    Archibald’s fingertips trembled, then became hot.

    His eyes moved to Yang Yang’s face again, and his fingers fell on Yang Yang’s forehead, eyebrows, bridge of nose, cheeks, lips…

    The forehead was slightly cool, hardness of the skull could be faintly perceived through thin skin; the eyebrows were a bit prickling, not as fluffy and soft; the bridge of nose was straight, but it was not a straight line as he imagined; the cheeks were soft, but also resilient and elastic; the lips were the softest, lower lip slightly opened when pressed lightly, revealing a little white tooth.

    Archibald took a deep breath, his palms were sweating a bit, but he was not satisfied.

    Clothes… can’t move, they haven’t received the certificate yet.

    But he remembered that Yang Yang was not wearing socks.

    Archibald felt a little guilty because of doing bad things, but there was also the simulation from doing something forbidden.

    He didn’t move Yang Yang’s quilt, and even helped Yang Yang straighten the open collar.

    It was only then, that the tail under the quilt slowly stretched out to Yang Yang’s side, and the tip of his tail ran along Yang Yang’s trouser legs, all the way to Yang Yang’s exposed ankle.

    The tail was not as tactile as the fingers, nor could it perceive as much as the fingers.

    Archibald only felt that Yang Yang’s ankles were very thin, the soles of the feet were softer than he thought, and the toes… when the tip of the tail gently flicked them the round toes curled up, when the tip of the tail left, the toes naturally straightened back.

    Archibald raised the corners of his lips, very happy as if he had found a new toy.

    But he didn’t play for a long time before Yang Yang hummed and slowly opened his eyes.

    Archibald froze, and his tail shrank back immediately.

    Yang Yang had just woken up, so his body was slow to react and his head was muddled.

But seeing Archibald, Yang Yang unconsciously showed a smile, rolled sideways, hugged Archibald, and his voice resounded against Archibald’s chest.

    “Morning, Duke.”

    He rubbed his head twice, feeling the thickness of Archibald’s chest muscles through the thin cloth.

    Hee hee hee.

    Archibald held his breath suddenly, he felt as if a small trusting animal had entered his arms, thoughtlessly and affectionately.

Archibald looked down but only saw Yang Yang’s messy bed hair.

    He then remembered, he has not touched the hair yet.

    With a thought, Archibald’s hand moved.

It was soft, fluffy, dry and smooth, felt good to rub.

    Archibald’s heartbeat accelerated slightly, he was afraid that Yang Yang would hear his heartbeat, so after rubbing Yang Yang’s hair, he immediately let go of Yang Yang, and he said as he was getting out of bed to wash up: “Let’s get up, we’ll set off after breakfast.”

    Yang Yang laid on the bed, replied with “okay”, and then sat up dazedly.

    After two seconds, Yang Yang’s expression gradually became sober, and then his eyes widened slightly.


    Yang Yang raised his hand and touched his head, not quite sure — had Archibald rubbed his head just now That kind of head-touching that is between couples

    emmm… Forget it, with the black hole of Lord Duke’s emotional intelligence, he should not hold big expectations.

    However, he can teach Archibald about this aspect, —he was still very knowledgable in theoretical knowledge, such as the process of falling in love, holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.~


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: Worry not Duke, I will teach you!

Byrd: I have taught myself to skip grades.

Yang: ……….


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