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Chapter 58: In Love!

  In the conference room of the garrison base, people from all units gathered all together.

    The topic of discussion was the regular annual winter camp for freshmen in the military academy, but this year was slightly different — there were boys from age 12 to 16 from scout class, most of which were sent by nobles, hoping to “hone” their temperament.

    In short: Bear child* class.

*bear children is usually used to describe spoiled uncontrollable children always running around and making trouble.

    This was not the first time it occurred, but it was the first time that they had been sent to the Old Emperor Star.

    ——Wasn’t it good fun!

    Everyone here was gearing up and discussing how to educate the bear children.

The entire conference room was filled with a strong atmosphere of old men who don’t know how to respect themselves.

    Only Archibald sat there, not saying a word.

    It was ten o’clock.

    Archibald looked down at the clock display on the terminal, frowning slightly.

    Yang Yang’s porridge shop has been open for five days, and the business has been getting better and better.

More often that not, the porridge could be sold out in just a little more than an hour.

Right now it was almost time.

After selling the porridge, Yang Yang had more than an hour to rest, and then he went to buy soul essence plants in the afternoon, and then waited he’d wait for him to pick him up.

    Nothing seemed to change, except for Monta.

    Thinking of Monta, the frown between Archibald’s eyebrows deepened a little.

    He was not blind, and he could see the closeness of Monta to Yang Yang these days.

At first, he didn’t think anything was wrong, moreover the child still loved his soul power and was not affected by Monta.

    until two days ago.

    Archibald received a notice from the military asking him to help forward the winter camp’s promotional Weibo on Youtu.

As soon as he logs in, there will be hot searches on the page, and the one that took the lead was “Cute Sheep limit up*, there are pictures to prove truth”.

*term originating from stocks, again, stocks are a term used in shipping where each stocks are a certain cp.

Stocks rising means more ship content and stocks falling means it’s less likely etc.

    Archibald still knew something about CP, such as his and Monta’s “Qi Meng”.

So after seeing the “Cute Sheep”*, Archibald immediately guessed who the two protagonists were.

*Meng Yang, Qi is a character from Archibald’s chinese name, so Qi Meng is ship between Archibald and Monta

    Archibald was a little unhappy at the time, but he also knew that this was all the imagination of netizens looking at pictures and making up stories.

——Until he entered the hot search and watched the interactive photos and short videos of “Cute Sheep”.

    Archibald: “…”

    What was this

    Archibald’s brain crashed at once, too many emotions flooded into it in an instant, and then the following thought process occurred:


Are the photos and videos fake ——Then he denied this.


Is the interaction in the video for the popularity of the store ——But their eyes and voice tone don’t seem to be misinterpreted by netizens.


So they really like each other ——No, Monta is the one proactive.


Yang Yang said that he likes women.

——But from his current actions, he isn’t without a good impression of Monta.


Monta once said, “it doesn’t have to be a woman, man with a female constitution is good too”.


Yang Yang has the female body.

    Well, the truth is out.

    Archibald: “…….”

    At that moment, in Archibald’s heart, fire ignited without warning, fire called anger.

As for his anger, Archibald was not surprised.

    Because he had known before that he did have a desire for monopoly on Yang Yang.

    The desire for monopoly originated from his child, and then through the “love the house and its crow”the feeling also covered Yang Yang.

    But Archibald also knew that such a desire for exclusiveness couldn’t be declared, especially when it comes to emotional issues — if Monta really likes Yang Yang, and Yang Yang was also tempted by Monta, then they can be together even before ending the agreement.

    The connection between him and Yang Yang was only the egg in Yang Yang’s belly.

    And after the child is born, Yang Yang may come together with Monta, and then become pregnant with Monta’s child…

    Archibald: “…”

    Reason began to go offline.jpg

    But Archibald was a person with extremely strong self-control.

Years of illness have raised this self-control to an abnormal level.

The more extreme the situation, the more he can withstand pressure.

    So the second after he felt his anger, Archibald began to wake up.

    He first tried to convince himself — look, Yang Yang and me are just in an agreement, Yang Yang doesn’t seem to desire to be the wife of the Donton family, otherwise there would be no “Soul Pierces Through Your Heart”; secondly, the child was still close to me, even after sucking enough soul power last night, he still hugged my soul power and didn’t let go, sticky and acting spoiled towards me, so there is no need to worry about the child admitting wrong father.

    These were all good reasons without flaws, but he couldn’t convince himself.

    Thus the idea of it originating from his desire of exclusivity over his child, could not stand.

    Then, there were only two kinds left, one for friends and one for lovers.

    Archibald’s growing up experience was very simple, his circle of friends was small, and they were ones he had known since childhood.

So he didn’t know what it would be like to meet a friend again, a friend who made him angry but reluctant to beat him.

    ——Would it be like those children* in kindergarten who made a beloved friend and naively forbid others to get close, nor allow their friend to get close to others

*in raws it’s actually in slang lit.

meaning little beans.

    As for lovers, Archibald was even more inexperienced.

But he knew what’s said about lovers, nor would he want his lover to get close to others.

    So, Archibald decided to observe for two days.

    In the past two days, Archibald had been hanging on Youtu whenever he had nothing to do, he even specially registered a trumpet account to follow the “Cute Sheep” topic, specifically spying on it.

    But in the past two days, apart from the accumulation of anger and the fact that “I want to get away from him Monta” has become “I want to beat Monta”, there was no decisive conclusion.

    Time jumped forward another moment, Archibald glanced at the still-buzzing conference room, then logged into his trumpet account in a private mode, and entered into the “Cute Sheep” topic.

    Ever since Monta has been following Yang Yang like a conjoined twin in the past few days, there was new food to eat every day in the topic of “Cute Sheep”.

    Today’s topic was still the live broadcast of the young Internet celebrity girl.

    Archibald turned the volume down to the minimum, took out a small disc with a light screen (soul-sensing earphone), put it behind his ear, and entered the live stream channel.

    In the video, Yang Yang just hung up the sold out sign, and many customers in front of the store made regretful voices.

    Archibald looked at the whining crowd and hooked the corner of his mouth, with some pride.

    Then Archibald heard someone tell Yang Yang to sell the portion “reserved for the Duke”.

    Archibald narrowed his eyes, but unfortunately he couldn’t see who it was from this angle.

    Then, Monta smiled and leaned against the window with an ambiguous face.

From the perspective of the live broadcast, he seemed to be leaning on Yang Yang’s shoulder.

The live broadcast barrage suddenly covered the sky and blocked the screen.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald closed the barrage angrily.

    However, because the enthusiasm of the crowd was too high just now, the picture was stuck for a few seconds.

After it was smooth again, it just caught up with Yang Yang’s “Major, don’t make trouble.”

    Archibald: “…”


    The meeting recording board in Archibald’s hand cracked, dying without a whole body.

    There was silence in the conference room.


    A middle-aged man sitting at the front of the round table coughed lightly, then looked at Archibald: “Colonel Byrd, do you have any comments”

    Archibald turned off the live broadcast and slowly raised his head, his face looking as if he wanted to hit someone.

    Middle-aged man: “…”

    Archibald restrained his emotions, lowered his eyelids and said: “None, sorry Lieutenant General Rong Tan, I am going out to make a phone call.”

    Rong Tan nodded: “Go ahead.”

    Archibald left the conference room, where silence remained.

After a while, someone said: “Old Rong, go take a look, I think Byrd doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.”

    “Yeah, look at this record board, it’s broken into several pieces.”

    “We still expect Byrd to mobilise the winter camp and give speeches, Old Rong, go and take a look.”

    Rong Tan was speechless: “Why don’t you go”

    Everyone said in unison: “I’m afraid of being beaten to death.”

    Rong Tan: “… “

    Indeed very promising.

    In the end, Rong Tan stood up and followed out of the conference room.


    Archibald called Yang Yang, he didn’t know what to say, he just wanted to break the ambiguous atmosphere between Yang Yang and Monta that he saw in the live broadcast.

    The phone rang five times before it was connected.

Archibald opened a video call, but it was dark on the Yang Yang side.

    Archibald’s anger index rose by another star.

    “Why don’t you start the video.”

    Yang Yang’s voice was smiling: “Second Young Master, I am in the store, there are too many people.”

    The tone was too polite and different from the “Major, don’t make trouble” just now!

    Archibald gritted his teeth and said: “I’m coming over for dinner at noon.”

    Yang Yang seemed surprised to hear this, and hesitated for a second before saying, “Okay, Second Young Master.

But there’s no more porridge, is just ordinary food alright”

    Archibald: “Yes.”

    Yang Yang: “Does Second Young Master have any other orders”

    Archibald paused for a while, and couldn’t think of any other reason, so he could only let out a muffled: “None.

    Yang Yang: “Goodbye, Second Young Master.

    Yang Yang hung up the communication without hesitation, and breathed a sigh of relief: “He didn’t find it.—Roth, hurry up, change the background of all the photos uploaded on Starnet!”

    Roth: “Okay, master!”

    And here, Archibald was stunned for a moment when he saw that he was hung up — Yang Yang hung up on him, and ended the call without waiting for him to say “goodbye”

    Why In such a hurry to speak to Monta

    Archibald: “…”

    Stop and don’t think about it.

    After calming down a little, Archibald turned around and saw Rong Tan standing behind him.

    Archibald: “…Lieutenant General Rong Tan, is there something wrong”    

    Rong Tan smiled: “Let’s leave Lieutenant General title first.

Byrd, tell Uncle Rong, has something made you unhappy”

    Rong Tan was one of the Archibald father’s confidants and also Rong Hui father, he watched Archibald grow up.

    Archibald shook his head: “No.”

    He didn’t have the habit of pouring out these troubles to his elders — of course, the main reason was that he felt too embarrassed to do so.

    Rong Tan smiled: “Okay, if you don’t want to say it, then I’ll guess, is it a matter related to feelings”

    Archibald was taken aback and looked at Rong Tan.

    Rong Tan: “…”

    He just said casually, did he really hit the bucket

    Big news!

    Rong Tan regained his energy in an instant, and his smile became more and more amiable: “Whose child do you like Do you want Uncle Rong to give you ideas I’m not boasting, the matter of Gu Lita and Wasseren becoming true pair could also be attributed to me.”

    Archibald paused, then asked: “Why does Uncle Rong think it’s a matter of feelings”

    I guessed.

    But now I’m sure.

    Rong Tan smiled and said: “Oh, I can tell that at a glance.

I can also see that you were both arguing.

Your tone just now was not very good, you shouldn’t do it like this.

There are many things that need to be changed when two people get along, you can’t be too impatient.”

    Archibald frowned slightly: “Did I speak in a bad tone just now”

    Rong Tan: “In any case, it wasn’t good.

Let me tell you, to a woman — is the other party a woman “

    Probably because of the conditioned reflex of replying to the superior in the army, Archibald replied subconsciously: “Male, female bo—.”

    Speaking of this, Archibald suddenly reacted, and his voice stopped abruptly.

    But enough was enough.

    Rong Tan: “Oooooh!”

    Archibald: “…”

    To avoid more misunderstandings, Archibald sighed and could only confess: “I am not in a relationship with him.”

    Rong Tan was taken aback for a moment, his calf-protection* temperament immediately went online: “Hey, isn’t our Byrd not good enough, why doesn’t he fall in love with you”

*protecting the younger and smaller like cow protecting its calf

    Archibald: “…”

    This was also one of the reasons he doesn’t want to talk about personal problems with his elders.

    Archibald: “It’s not his fault, it’s me who haven’t figured it out yet.”

    Rong Tan wondered: “Why are you still bothered about this Do you want to have a child with him If you think about it you like him.

Can you bear him having children with others If you can’t bear it, you like him.”

    Archibald thought in his mind that he and Yang Yang already had children, but if there were more, it wouldn’t be bad, and Yang Yang’s room could be divided into the children room.

    Then thinking about it again, the picture of Yang Yang and Monta having a child…

    Archibald: “…”

    An astonishing killing intent poured out of his heart.

    Rong Tan saw the change in Archibald’s expression, and he knew what happened in his head, so he hurriedly added firewood: “Byrd, love is such a thing, when you start thinking whether it is love or not, it is.”

    Archibald was startled, this sentence was like a hammer, setting the doubts that had been shaking his heart the past two days.

    Archibald felt that the anger in his heart disappeared instantly, everything became brighter, and there was even a little smile on his face.

    He looked at Rong Tan and said, “Uncle Rong, if there is nothing else to discuss at the meeting, I will go first.”

    Rong Tan waved with a “good luck*” expression: “Go ahead.”

*jiayou, as not everyone may know meaning of this it literally means “add oil” and is used as an encouragement.

    Archibald said nothing, turned and left.

    And as soon as Archibald left, Rong Tan immediately opened the terminal, poked into a group called “Old Father Had His Heart Broken Today” and shouted: Big news! Byrd is in love! !


The author has something to say:

Monta: Want to start a sticky journey of love like this I tell you, it’s impossible! I, Monta the Catalyst will never allow a ton of melons to pass me!

Byrd: As it happens, I also have something to do with you.

(smile of kindness.jpg)

Monta: …….


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