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Chapter 4: The Egg's Father


When Yang Yang thought about it, he remembered the video he saw on the news before.

After the soul beasts died, they turned into blue stones and were collected.


251 Connected the last line then rubbed his hands:【Master, I'll start now!】


Yang Yang looked at 251: "...oh."


251 was sitting cross-legged and was motionless.


Roth is fighting in a star battle with the Star Network, but Yang Yang couldn't see it.

All he could see was 251 sitting in front of him.


251's eyes first began to change colors, so fast as if there were countless data flowing, then 251 let out a beep, and the energy on the ground disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

251's skull suddenly popped open and with a whoosh~ Then there was a burst of white steam.


Yang Yang: "..."


It looks a little gross.


A minute later, 251's skull returned to its original position and its eyes returned to black.

All the energy on the ground has been used up, and even the tube in 251's belly is only a little thicker than a finger.


But Roth was happy.


251 did not clean up the mess.

First it opened its belly, then stared at Yang Yang and said:【Master, I've found it.

And I left a back door in the incubation center, so it will be convenient for me to enter again later.

This time, my energy is not enough, so I failed to enter their main defense system.】


Yang Yang: "..."


What do you want to do in the main defense system


Yang Yang looked up and rubbed his aching head, then asked him, "Tell me who the other dad is."


251:【It is the Duke of Doton, Archibald.】


Yang Yang froze, thinking he heard it wrong, "Who"


251:【The Duke of Doton, Archibald.】


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang: "Was it man-made or voluntary"


251: 【It was man-made.

Archibald did not apply for artificial inoculation.

His genetic fluids were extracted from the sample he passed for his whole physical examination.

Someone mixed it into the matching system of the inoculation center, and then manually injected into Master's body.】


Yang Yang frowned.

This is not simple.


Zhou Hua worked so hard just to get him pregnant with the Duke of Doton's child.

What was his purpose


251 was curious:【Master, is the Duke of Doton your fiance】


Yang Yang shook his head, "I don't know, but it is easier to find the truth from Zhou Niya about my marriage agreement.

The Duke of Doton obviously doesn't know about the artificial conception."


But why did Zhou Hua do this kind of thing to the Doton family, and why can't he wait to invite the Duke of Doton to come to his manor for a banquet


Was it possible that Zhou Hua intended to tell the Duke of Doton "First Nephew, I would like to present your baby to you"


That's looking for death.


Yang Yang frowned.

After only two days of observation, he knew that Zhou Hua was an unscrupulous and shrewd businessman, and he would definitely not do such a stupid thing.


Therefore, Zhou Hua must be planning something.


No matter what Zhou Hua is planning, he is an important 'chess piece' to Zhou Hua.


If he doesn't want to become his(ZH) chess piece, he quickly needs to move out.


There will be a banquet in three days, and he's running out of time.


Yang Yang thought about it and said to 251, "Roth, give me the family information of the Duke of Doton.

The more detailed, the better."


251 While packing his belly, he nodded:【Okay, Master.】


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