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Chapter 3: Robot Roth


As soon as Yang Yang woke up, a robotic housekeeper came over to his bed.

Although the robotic housekeeper was a humanoid, it doesn't have the appearance of a normal human being.

You can still see its iron sheet, and there's an antenna above its head.


The robotic housekeeper bent down slightly and told Yang Yang, "Hello Master Yang Yang I am the robotic housekeeper number 251.

Do you need any help"


Yang Yang showed a panicked expression and asked nervously, "Where's my uncle"


251: "Mr.

Zhou has an important meeting today.

Please tell me if you have any instructions."


Yang Yang was relieved then shook his head and said, "I don't need anything."


251 hummed a reply then stood back to the wall and remained silent.


Yang Yang glanced at it then as he sat on his bed, he looked around blankly and asked Roth in his mind, "Can you take control of 251"


Roth was ecstatic:【Yes, but Master needs to first open my transfer authority verbally so that I could occupy 251 and use its energy!】


Yang Yang: ...why do you sound so happy


Yang Yang said, "Authenticating transfer authority."


Roth:【Yes, Master.】


Then he went inside 251.


In the next second, Yang Yang saw 251's black eyes flashed with different colors, and then returned to black.

Its voice sounded exactly the same as Roth.


251:【Master, I have detected that this robot has a monitoring transmission device.

I have sent a signal report and attached a virus.

By the way, I hacked the protection system of the manor and took control of the security system.

Reporting to the Master, I detected that there are currently only two masters in the manor, Zhou Shu's wife Mu Shuyi, and her 7-year-old grandson Zhou Rongfeng.


I have blocked the monitoring cameras so you can walk freely in the manor.


By the way, I have also prepared simulation videos of you Master to deceive the monitoring system to avoid being noticed.

There are several modes of videos of you sleeping, sitting by the window and walking around the room.

Which one would you like to put, Master】


Yang Yang "..."


Why are you so skilled


Yang Yang glanced at 251 and said, "Don't use a fixed mode, just help me cover, and avoid suspicions."


251:【Okay, Master~】


Yang Yang "..."


Yang Yang got out of bed and looked around the room.

The decoration of this room is very good, all the supplies are available, the closet is filled with brand-new clothes.

Even the accessories are ready, and new handrails have been installed to the bathtub apparently taking into account of Yang Yang's current weak condition.


Needless to say.


However, it was too 'attentive'.


Yang Yang looked at his room and smiled.

"It seems that Zhou Hua intends to confine me."


251 is following behind him, wondering:【Master, what did you find out】


Yang Yang's fingers drew a circle in the air, saying, "I don't have any 'personal' item in this room.

Whether it's a diary, books, clothes I've worn before, or the previous things that the original owner used before his accident.

All of his traces were gone."


251's mechanical face made a shock expression:【Zhou Hua doesn't want you to remember the past.】


Yang Yang shook his head.

"This is one of the reasons but what he wanted more is that he should be in full control of me.

Knowing that I have amnesia, I'm just like a blank piece of paper now."


251 didn't quite understand:【Why would he do this】


Yang Yang shook his head.

"I don't know the reason but as I said before, I think he is trying to hide something."


After Yang Yang looked around the room, he went to the window and looked outside, his eyes lit up.

"Roth, let's go outside."


'Becken' is the clan name of Zhou Hua.

The ancestors of the Becken clan were ordinary people, but Zhou Hua made a name for himself.


Although Zhou Hua is just a 'commoner', the reputation of Becken Manor is quite good.


Yang Yang came downstairs and was attracted by the garden outside the house corridor.


There's a two-meter-high flower wall with different colors like red, yellow, white, and purple, and there were pearl-sized red fruits hanging down from the trees.

Colorful butterflies with transparent wings are flying around, like those you see in fairyland.


Yang Yang sighed, "I haven't seen such beautiful scenery for years."


The plants and animals in his past life have changed a lot.

There were mutated plants and beasts that he didn't know where they came from.

Maybe there were also places with beautiful sceneries with grass roots, carrion, and anything that has life, he's not just sure.


251 tilted his head then a light came from his eyes and a map of the entire manor projected in front of Yang Yang's sight.


251:【Master, there's a large fountain garden with a landscape orchard next to this garden.

There are edible fruits too.】


Yang Yang smiled.

"Let's go and see."


Yang Yang's interest is pique, but unfortunately this body of his is still weak.

Halfway through the journey Yang Yang could not move his legs.


Yang Yang sat down in front of the flower wall, he covered his stomach with one hand while his other hand supported him.

He turned his head to look at 251, "Roth, get me something to eat."


251:【 Yes, Master.

Reporting to the Master, someone is coming.

It is Zhou Hua's granddaughter Zhou Niya.

She'll arrive soon.】


As soon as 251's voice fell, Yang Yang heard a braking sound of a car coming from his behind followed by a gust of wind.


The car door opened and closed, and the sound of high heels hitting the ground can be heard making a da da da sound like a marching sound.




As soon as the high heels stopped, it changed its direction and took two steps towards Yang Yang.

Then a girl's voice sounded, "251 I remember you were put in the warehouse.

What are you doing here"


Due to the tall bushes of the flower wall, the sitting Yang Yang was completely blocked, thus Zhou Niya could not see him.


251 turned around.

It gave a gentleman's salute to Zhou Niya, and then answered:【Miss, I am taking care of Master Yang Yang at the orders of your grandfather, Mr.



Zhou Niya stomped her feet and raised her voice, "Little Uncle Is he here"


While speaking, Zhou Niya came over from the other side of the flower wall.



Yang Yang turned to look at his side.

This Zhou Niya looked like she's just in her twenties.

She was wearing a silk shirt and a fishtail skirt, which perfectly outlined all of her curves.

She also has good looks matched with a proud face.


"You really woke up."


Zhou Niya came over, pushed away 251 and stood in front of Yang Yang.

She looked down and told Yang Yang, "I heard Grandpa said you have amnesia.

Do you remember me"


Yang Yang shrugged, his hands clutching on his clothes tightly and said, "I know you.

Uncle showed me some pictures yesterday."


Zhou Niya laughed and asked again, "You really have amnesia"


Yang Yang looked up at her and nodded, "Yes, I forgot everything."


Zhou Niya raised the corners of her mouth.

She bent down and looked at Yang Yang, she said softly, "So, you also forgot why you got into a car accident"


Yang Yang froze and said, "Uncle said I made a mistake while driving."


Zhou Niya snorted and said, "That's not right.

After all, although you have a driver's license, it was your first time driving so you wouldn't dare to overspeed.

Were you anxious at that time Were you going somewhere"


Yang Yang looked at Zhou Niya innocently and hesitated.

"Uncle said the accident happened on my way to the Star Harbor Terminal."


Zhou Niya's smile became deeper then she said, "He didn't lie to you.

However, he must've not told you why you went to the Star Harbor Terminal."


Yang Yang's expression became even more dazed.


Zhou Niya lowered her voice and said, "It's because you wanted to escape your engagement."


Yang Yang was stunned.


Zhou Niya reached out her hand and patted Yang Yang's shoulder, and said, "Little Uncle, although Grandpa is good to you, he's also stubborn.

You have to remember that in this family, I am your only friend."


After speaking, Zhou Niya stood up, looked at the 251 and said, "Delete the scenes you have recorded just now."


251 nodded:【Yes, Miss.

Information deleted.】


Zhou Niya smiled with satisfaction then she glanced at Yang Yang, still smiling, "It's in late autumn.

Little Uncle has just been discharged from the hospital.

It's bad for you to get blown by the cold wind outside for a long time."


Having said that, she turned and left.


As soon as Zhou Niya left, Yang Yang tore off his timid facade.

He stood up, put his one hand on his chin and watched Zhou Niya's departing back while smiling.


251 chuckled and asked:【Why are you smiling, Master】


Yang Yang didn't answer, but said, "Roth, please search news about me on the Star Network and my personal social account records.

See if there's any news about my engagement."


【Okay, master.】


Three seconds later, the voice of 251 sounded again:【Master, your personal social account has been frozen and all the data has been cleared three and a half months ago, and no information about your engagement has been detected.

All news about you has just been 'The Bridal College Most Sought After Bride' selection and ranking as the 'most wanted female'...】


"That's enough." Yang Yang interrupted 251 and asked, "Is the freezing of my account done by Zhou Hua"


251:【Yes, Master.

Under the Empire's rules, terminal accounts and data can be retained even in the case of death, and a human application is required if the data is to be frozen.

At that time you were seriously ill, and Zhou Hua submitted the application on your behalf as your guardian.】


After talking, 251 was a little confused:【But you were in a coma at that time.

Why did Zhou Hua did that】


Yang Yang: “Because of the child.

Zhou Hua said that wanting a child was my last wish.

Since he allowed the hospital to give me an artificial conception, he used my so-called last wish as his convincing card.

He cleared all of my information.

It should be to eliminate the adverse factors of the original owner's will."


251 still cannot understand:【Is Master saying that the original owner's last wish was fabricated】


Yang Yang: "It's 80% possible.

However, if Zhou Hua really did manipulate my will, the egg in my stomach must have great value to Zhou Hua.

For example, the identity of its father."


251:【Master thinks that Zhou Hua intentionally let you conceive a child because he has a target motive】


Yang Yang: "Yes."


251:【 Who would that be Is it your fiance】


Yang Yang: "I'm not sure, but Zhou Hua did not mention anything about the engagement..."


Yang Yang couldn't figure it out, so he simply asked, "Roth, can you find out the other father of the child in my stomach"


251's eyes flashed a few times, and then rubbed his hands excitedly:【Sure, Master.

All artificial pregnancy information is registered in the fertility center, but the fertility center belongs to the subsystem of the national defense system.

To invade it, I will need more sources of energy.

Rest assured, I can steal from the manor's energy storehouse and it will only take a little time!】


Yang Yang: "..."


But why are you so happy



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