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Chapter 24: Caught You

After posting the first Weibo, Yang Yang immediately posted another long Weibo, describing his online dating process with the Duke of Donton and his experience.

Among them, he rewrote the story of “Darling took me away from ZH’s house”.

The names of people in the long Weibo were all replaced by abbreviations, but the vest* was very thin, the kind that would fall off automatically with just a few clicks.

After writing, Yang Yang also added the the Duke of Donton tag.

Youtu claims to have 50 billion users, and there were over 20 billion users under the Duke of Donton topic, and the screen scrolling speed in the topic was naturally fast.

However Yang Yang took a selfie with a snake-like face, and found a way.

Only a few minutes after Weibo was posted, the comments grew by leaps and bounds.

And among these comments, the one that was most commonly liked was: The photo of the original poster actually was not P*! ! !

           *P, meaning Photoshopped

The second was: Where did the new fan come from Isn’t it illegal to abuse a noble family’s crest Reported, no need for thanks.

The third is: amnesia, online dating, car accidents, artificial insemination, vegetative state… I’m embarrassed to scold a middle schooler.

Yang Yang calmly scrolled through the comments, and further down, there was only one common point of the comments left: Fight him**.

What is “If you don’t post photos, I can give you coins…”

What is “OP is strange and unique.”

What “Does OP has a misunderstanding about the aesthetics of the Duke of Donton”

Because of the StarNet Law law, everyone was quite civilized, but the focus was still shifted to his appearance.

Yang Yang looked at these comments and laughed happily.

Roth: 【…】

Are you so happy getting scolded

After reading the comments, Yang Yang clicked on the Duke of Donton topic.

While watching the popular posts, he said to Roth: “Roth, build a model for me based on this photo.

All of the photos posted on this account later should look like this.”

Roth: 【…Okay, master.

After two seconds, Roth couldn’t hold back, and asked: 【Master, what are you going to do with this】

Yang Yang: “Give myself a way out.”

Roth was puzzled.

Yang Yang explained: “Me and the Duke are going to divorce and break up sooner or later.

If I expose myself now, I’m afraid that I will be torn apart by his fans after the breakup.”

【So that’s it!】

Roth suddenly realized.

          But then he felt something was wrong.

Roth: 【… But the master, there is no need to use this kind of face.

Even AI can’t stand it anymore.

Yang Yang quit the Youtu account with a straight face: “This way, there will be exposure, and with exposure, the fact I severed ties with Zhou Hua will be widely known, and Zhou Hua won’t be able to deny it.”

Rotter immediately admired:【Master is so thoughtful!】

Yang Yang raised his brows: “Of course.”

Roth: 【But shouldn’t master tell the Duke in advance If we act first report later, the Duke of Donton will be angry when he finds out.】

Yang Yang excitedly said: “Yes ah, at that time you must remember to take a picture of him angry, a short video would be better.”

Roth: 【……】

Master, do you know what ”playing with fire” means

Yang Yang didn’t know, and even wanted to pour barrels of oil into the fire.

So Yang Yang rubbed his hands and stood up again: “It’s almost time to have a lunch, let’s go to the restaurant.”

Roth: 【…】

He started to understood that this cheerful tone often meant trouble*.


moth, see last note, making trouble etc

In the restaurant.

Yang Yang glanced around and did not see Archibald, so he asked, “Aunt Gu, Uncle He, where’s the Duke”

He Shu and Gu Lita were still preparing lunch.

Hearing this, they looked back and froze in place stunned.

Gu Lita was speechless, “What’s the thing on your eyes”

Yang Yang touched his eyes, the cloth with lace crochet flower pattern was tied firmly on them.

Since the cloth was white, when he looked at people through the gaps, even if it was Gu Lita, there was no horrible nematodes visions.

Yang Yang said proudly: “I took off a piece of cloth from the small table and made it.

The effect is not bad, I dare to look at people.”

He Shu was hesitant: “This method is very good, it’s just…”

Yang Yang was born with a beauty that transcends the gender, even though he gained some meat these days, but he still looked thin and his skin was pale.

He usually gave a feeling of sick beauty.

Now, his eyes were blindfolded, adding a sense of fragility, not to mention, he was blindfolded with a lace crocheted flowers blindfold, the coiled flower vines spread on his face, revealing a little of his black pupils.

How to say it.

Gu Lita hit the nail on the head: “It’s pretty attractive.”

Yang Yang was taken aback.

He only remembered the after-effects on his vision when he went out, so he pulled something at random.

He didn’t expect such an effect.

Yang Yang touched his face and grinned: “As long as it looks good.—Where’s the Duke”

Gu Lita: “He just went to the command cabin, he will come over after dinner.

What are you looking for him for”

Yang Yang: “Discuss the script with him.

Then I’ll go find him first.”

Gu Lita understood the meaning of “script”, smiled and said, “Go, discuss it and give me spoilers later.

Yang Yang responded, and then went towards the command cabin.

Yang Yang has never been to the command cabin these days, but fortunately, this starship was for home use, and the layout is simple.

No matter how bad it was, there were always many soldiers around.

Yang Yang was standing at the fork of the road.

Just as Roth was about to scan the map, he saw a little white man approaching him.

——It was the one with the white skin from before.

Yang Yang hurriedly greeted: “Comrade Xiaobai*, do me a favour, where’s the way to the command cabin”


meaning little white

The guard: “…”

Who is Xiaobai

The guards approached and looked at the blindfold covering Yang Yang’s eyes, and asked in astonishment, “Are you hurt”

Yang Yang bowed his head shyly, twisted his body, and smiled bashfully: ” No, it’s the Duke who likes me to dress like this.”

The guard: “…”

Seems to have learned something terrible.

Monta, who happened to walk by and heard these words: “…”


Monta gave a light cough, signalling his existence.

The guards hurriedly saluted, Yang Yang looked back and smiled: “You’re here, popping candy.”

Popping candy

The guard gave Monta a horrified look: “…”

Monta: “…”

He could understand Byrd’s mood a bit now.

Monta looked at Yang Yang and then at the guards, not knowing which one to speak to first, and finally waved to the guard to go first.

After the guard left, Monta looked at Yang Yang, “What are you doing here”

Yang Yang was serious for a second, “I’m looking for the Duke.”

Monta looked at his expression and wanted to ask about “popping candy”, but the words got stuck before he said anything, and in the end he just clicked his tongue, then turned around and led the way.

”Okay, come with me.”

After a few steps, Monta stopped in front of a door, and knocked twice before opening the door and walking in.

This was a lounge.

In the room, Archibald was sitting on a chair, and a light screen was floating half a meter away.

On the light screen was a man somewhat similar to Archibald.

Yang Yang recognized that it was Ashburn, Archibald’s brother, and he was very popular on the Star Network as well—well, ever since Archibald became a star in the military, the Dontons had been very popular on the Starnet.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Archibald turned his head, his gaze fell directly on Yang Yang’s eyes.

Archibald: “…”

Although he could guess what that piece of cloth was for, this look… forget it.

Archibald did not hang up the video, and asked them: ” Is there something”

Yang Yang stood still at the door and nodded: “Yes, but you seem to be busy.

I will come again later”

”This is Yang Yang, right.”

As soon as Yang Yang finished speaking, Ashburn spoke.

Ashburn’s appearance was more similar to He Shu, without the sharp aura of Archibald, gentle and elegant, it made people feel a sense of closeness when he smiled.

He glanced at Yang Yang, a little surprised: “What’s wrong with your eyes”

Yang Yang didn’t make up stories this time***, and briefly talked about his current situation.

After hearing this, Ashburn laughed: “Your luck is really,—forget it, I’m pretty much done talking to Byrd, you* can talk.”

*plural, respectful you

After saying that, Ashburn’s video has disconnected.

The screen quickly folded into a line and then disappeared.

After the light screen disappeared, Yang Yang immediately lost his lovely, well-behaved appearance, then walked to the sofa and sat down without greeting Archibald.

Archibald: “…”

Forget it, did he still expect him to report to him There’s no way.

Yang Yang couldn’t see Archibald’s expression right now, so he just glanced at Archibald’s tail, and judged that the Duke’s current mood was calm.

So Yang Yang went straight to the subject.

Yang Yang: “I want to know how far you are going to make trouble for Zhou Hua.”

Archibald raised his eyebrows: “What do you mean”

Yang Yang took it for granted: “I’m very good at arranging the script.”

Archibald: “…………”

Two seconds later, Archibald asked: “What’s your script like”

Yang Yang: “Leaving Zhou Hua’s face, but making him unlucky, and letting him be scolded by the entire network.”

Archibald didn’t hesitate this time: “The kind where all of the Starnet scolds.

—But don’t let it affect aunt.”

It’s not that he was soft-hearted, but didn’t want his father to feel uncomfortable when he saw it.

Yang Yang nodded quickly: “Okay.”

Looking at Yang Yang’s expression, Archibald knew that Zhou Hua won’t have a good fruit to eat****.

Although Yang Yang was usually hateful when he became angry with him, it felt pretty good to watch Yang Yang calculate against others like this.

Archibald’s face remained silent, only the tip of his tail swayed slightly.

But Yang Yang didn’t pay attention to this either, because he saw Archibald’s “cotton silk” float up.

Just like a spider web hanging on a branch, it was blown by the wind and turned into a moon.

One of them didn’t stuck to the rest, and was blown away, swaying up and down* in the air, all the way to Yang Yang.

*悠揚- melodiously, like song going up and down

Yang Yang lowered his head and glanced at it, reached out his hand and caught it.*

*like the chapter title

And just as he grabbed the “cotton thread”, Archibald suddenly jumped up with his whole body, and then Yang Yang saw all the floating “cotton thread” wrapping back again, forming a cotton candy ball.

”What did you do!”

Archibald’s tail scales exploded, and his voice was strangely hoarse.

If Yang Yang could see Archibald’s expression, he would see that Archibald’s ears were a little red, and his face was unnatural, and the light in his eyes seemed to be able to devour people.

Yang Yang looked confused, and was startled by the sudden change: “I, what did I do.”

Archibald took a few deep breaths, and in the end didn’t continue to argue with Yang Yang, only got up and strode out.

It felt a little like running away.

Yang Yang: “”

What has he done

Monta also looked baffled, looked around, and finally decided to go to Archibald’s place to buy melons***.

After both of them left, Yang Yang was still confused so he had to ask Roth: 【Roth, what just happened】

Roth was silent for two seconds before he said in a strange tone:【Master, I think, you may not lost control of your dislocated soul power, but may be out of control of your Soul Cube.

Yang Yang:【ah 】


The author has something to say:

Monta: I always feel that Yang Yang caught something extraordinary.

(Heiheihei.jpg* )


*vest, a secret identity, wearing a vest means hiding your true identity~

**懟他, internet slang meaning, hit him, fight him, scold him, refute him, basically calling everyone to fight that man.


run a train () 跑火車, meaning, to speak without basis, make up stories etc

****冇好果子吃了 → There is a saying, “If you don’t do it well, you won’t have good fruits to eat”, which means that you have to be obedient and do things well, otherwise you will be punished.

That also means the one that has bad fruit to eat won’t end well.

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that a crying child has milk to drink, and if you don’t do it well, will have have fruits that went bad from lying around for a long time.

*****eat melons, buy melons, a slang for listening to gossip and digging for juicy information.


Bamboo has something to say!

There’s a HUGE amount of notes for this novel so I started putting them between paragraphs… Tell me your opinions, ah, I think for short notes it’s the best solution. Also wanted to sketch sickly beauty Yang Yang today but I spent 20 minutes trying to upload the memes…and also I am sick haha.

Next chapter, just wait!


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